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Soul Genesis Matrix
A Reading, Activation & Transmission Session
with Simeon Chi'Ra

Soul ReGenesis Session
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View Soul Genesis Matrix Crystal Templates done for
Simeon Chi'Ra | Karen Ani'Ra

This session is a reading, a conscious activation, and a powerful transmission that is specific to your Soul's journey through life on Earth as YOU.

ONLY $197.00 - 3 Days Only

There is also a transmission regarding your Ma'Prema'TA (Mother) and Ja'Adna'TA (Father) crystals that were programmed by your soul.

What you relate to as the human YOU is the miraculous result of your Soul's Genesis Matrix within Ma'Prema'TA and Ja'Adna'TA forming the consciousness intent and mission for your current incarnation!

For each incarnational ray the Soul projects into human life, a very specific consciousness weave is chosen and created AS a life purpose and mission.

Each lifetime the Soul experiences is unique and is guided by the miraculous Genesis Matrix that Soul created for that flow of incarnated life on our planet (or any other).

This unique Soul Genesis Matrix and the consciousness weave it represents is directly related to the Soul's purpose and mission for that incarnation.

This transmission diverges from the more popular notions of Soul Purpose and Mission which attempt to identify what you should be doing in terms of wordly form and activity.

What I am referring to as 'Soul,' in most cases, is not concerned about such matters. The Soul is about pure love energy and expressing that energy as consciousness within patterns.

Soul as Master of Consciousness and RealityOur Soul is here to develop specific facets of the hologram of human consciousness on Earth through its experience as a human being expressing its love nature.

It desires to do so for the entire collective of humanity because it is Pure Love. This is who YOU and I really are!

What you choose to engage or do in life to develop this consciousness matters not... and it is definitely a much more pleasant journey if you truly enjoy what you choose to do!

Your Soul will, however, take advantage of everything you choose to become involved with to develop the consciousness it intends to according to its Genesis Matrix!

Therefore, if you ever thought that you were spiritually lost, or somehow wasted time in your life doing meaningless things, this transmission will definitely help you shift your perception so you can heal and change that!

Your human conscious mind and being may think/feel that way, but the ultimate truth is that you are right where you need to be at all times, and your Soul is always right on top of matters bringing its purpose for incarnation to fruition!

This is also not about karma and lessons. All of that understanding has value. However, there is much, MUCH more to it than that!

Understanding HOW this is true for you specifically is critically important to being able to accept WHAT IS, so you can flow through life confident that you are in fact on track. Doing that results in an entirely different experience of life.

The Soul is Love as a Pure State of Being.This requires being aware of what is going on at the Soul level of intention for your incarnation. This then empowers you to move into a path of joy and accept that this is the most graceful way to flow through life as Pure Soul Love energy.

Many approaches will try to put you into a box and tell you that you are this or that limiting thing. That is not the context this transmission takes place within, it is very expansive and all the ceilings have been completely blown off!

This transmission will help you to relate to your incarnation and your human vehicle from the place of who you really are... which as Pure Soul Love is WAY beyond anything ANY system that we have on Earth can ever define!

The human YOU is but a vehicle for your Soul. It was created through an act of Soul Genesis as a unique Consciousness Matrix for love expression.

This Soul Genesis Matrix is meant to be a vehicle equipped with a specific set of tools for developing various aspects of love-consciousness in the flow of life on Earth through YOU!

Soul LoveThis human vehicle and its associated tools, however, do not define the REAL YOU of PURE SOUL LOVE.

Much of the pain and suffering on Earth is due to mistaking our Soul's human vehicle and its tools for who we are. In other words, we become identified with the limited vehicle, the Soul's Genesis Matrix.

This would be like manifesting a Volkswagon car to get you where you need to go and then thinking you are the Volkswagon. Seems ludicrous in this simple analogy, but the fact of the matter is that this is what us humans on Earth have been unconsciously doing for a very long time!

I know, I was doing this too at one time! It is very painful too, because you are always trying to get free but you can never really get there. For all the effort, muss and fuss not much ever really happens...

UNTIL... you finally expand your awareness, and you can do this by becoming more aware of your Soul's Genesis Matrix. You are thereby empowered to re-orient how you relate to your human vehicle and its associated tools.

You then understand, and can relate to the limited human self as something YOU AS A SOUL created for a specific purpose within the realms of limitation. This purpose is always about consciousness expressing love first and foremost.

If you understand the specific aspects of consciousness your Soul Genesis Matrix is designed to develop naturally then you can consciously align to what your human vehicle is meant to do more easfully and gracefully.

This transmission provides you with a direct transmission of higher consciousness energy meant to re-align you to who you really are as PURE SOUL LOVE.

Soul-Self embracing and loving limited human self.Then you can relate to your human self from well beyond its limitations WITH LOVE and understanding regarding what the vehicle it represents is meant to do.

To the degree we can achieve this we then can also accept the limitations of the human vehicle and stop struggling with them. Understanding what our human limitations are really about makes this a LOT easier too!

Paradoxically, this is when these limitations start to transform all by themselves!

And if they don't, we are just fine anyway because we are experiencing Pure Love despite them!

In this Soul Genesis Matrix transmission:

  • You will come to know the essential purpose in consciousness your soul incarnated for in this lifetime.
  • You will learn about your Ma'Prema'TA (Mother) and Ja'Adna'TA (Father) crystals and your Soul's programming within them.
  • You will be quickened to understand how your Soul Purpose is being fulfilled in your life regardless of what you are doing.
  • You will come to know which primary aspects of consciousness you are "Self-Created" to succeed in developing to their utmost potential for self and planet.
  • You will be empowered to relate to your human self from a more loving and liberating Soul Perspective.
  • You will understand how YOUR unique human bio-energy system works so you can better align your intentions/actions with the Law of YOUR OWN Being.
  • You will understand how to better listen to the still small voice of your own Soul -- we each have a specific way our Soul intends for this to work.
  • You will learn the ONE thing that you must master to have successful relationships with people, money and life itself.
  • You will learn about the ONE core problem in consciousness you are here to resolve.
  • You will learn what shifts in consciousness are most important to your health and wellbeing.
  • You will better understand what your inner strengths are so they can be drawn upon to meet your challenges with your True Power.
  • You will come to know the REAL YOU at a whole new level!
  • You will get a Soul Genesis Matrix Crystal Template to refer to and meditate with - to see samples click here and here.
    • Hi-res JPG, PNG, BMP and PDF files. JPG/PNG for desktop wallpaper, BMP/PDF for printing.
  • You will get a 14-16 page Soul Genesis Matrix information eBook in PDF which has info on the specifics shown in your Crystal Template.

Dear Simeon ...To date I have had physical sensations, like the warming of my heart centre, more light coming through to my crown chakra, feeling happy, when I get a uncomfortable feeling at work I recognize the dreadful feeling and it passes within 30 seconds.

It's like-oh that uncomfortable feeling, as soon as I acknowledge that feeling it goes,I do not have to do anything else but have a smile on my face, too easy!

I can now choose to get off this treadmill that I was on to keep healing oneself and go to a space of unconditional love and start actually doing creative things that I love to do. This also frees me up financially as well. There are so many levels to your Soul Genesis matrix that has a really positive flow on effect.

Thank you for sharing your experience and making it easy for everyone and accessible to the average person. Love the fact that this information is for our western society, that your Soul Genesis Matrix makes sense, like I said and I mean it -- BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT.

I have a road map to refer to self and the recorded session to go back to listen to, whenever I want. A REALLY BIG THANK YOU! ~ Daniela, AUSTRALIA

It takes real courage to step out of the security of the old limiting boxes with ceilings and walls and assume your TRUE POWER... are YOU ready for this journey?

Order your session below right now and let's get started!

Your Soul Genesis Matrix session includes:

  • Soul Genesis Matrix Crystal Template - to see samples click here and here (available w/o session).
  • Soul Genesis Matrix information eBook PDF (14-16 pgs - available w/o session).
  • 1.5 2.0 hours in a phone/Skype transmission session w/ Simeon Chi'Ra.
  • BONUS: MP3 recording of the phone/Skype session for further absorption.

Birth date, time and place are required for the session and Crystal Template/PDF. If you do not have birth info I can do a more generic version of this session for you, please contact me.

Order now, the discounted price below is only good for 3 days and then... it's gone!

Soul Genesis Matrix Session
Includes Crystal Template and Informational PDF eBook

ONLY $197.00 - 3 Days Only

Subsequent session transmissions to further expand your awareness within various areas of your Soul Genesis Matrix are also available. Contact me to request these.

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