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Magdalene Starseeds transmission Glastonbury Tor, energy-art image for this Family of Light Oneness Love energy channeling.
Magdalene Starseed Rose Mystica image composite by Maia Kyi'Ra

Magdalene Starseed Transmission
Special Global Link
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Webinar
Maia Kyi'Ra and Simeon Chi'Ra
w/ the Metatronic Councils of Light

Maia Kyi'RaSimeon Chi'Ra

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As has been announced by my kindred Maia Kyi'Ra, on March 8th, 2013 there is a transmission of cosmic energies due to grace the Earth and her collective. This will result in what Maia's sources are referring to as an "Hallelujah March"... an inner planes "Avalonic" parade of light celebration. Links to Maia's information and videos on this transmission appear below.

First I would like to clarify that these "starseeds" are not souls from other star systems as that word is commonly used to denote. These are higher light-encodings, energies which carry various light-mathematical harmonics which are needed for the next major shift into the manifestation of the New Earth, or as ThothHorRa via Maia called it, the "New Epoch."

Torhannah's Shield by Maia Kyi'RaThis transmission has been named for the soul archetype of Mary Magdalene because of it is being facilitated by two of the most prominent role players in the Divine Feminine dynamics on Earth... the soul and archetype of Mary Magdalene and the soul and archetype of Mari, Mother of Jesus. A third archetypal presence enters into this equation as a very powerful node which is one of Mother Mari's more ancient incarnations as the Celtic/Egyptian High Priestess Torhannah.

Near Summer Solstice of 1998... Maia, I and a small group of people gathered atop Glastonbury Tor within St. Michael's tower as part of a larger sacred journey Maia and I had organized and facilitated. We had been given a high level process to work with to connect to the body of Torhannah which lies in a suspended state within the Tor in a dimension slightly removed from our Earth reality.

As we entered this process I suddenly saw Torhannah lying there in her suspended state very vividly. She was magnificent beyond your wildest imagining and radiated a very powerful spiritual presence! I began relating what I was seeing and experiencing to our group. She was holding a a sword with her hands on the hilt down near her groin and the blade of the sword went up the front of her body resting between her breasts, the point of it was over her face right at the third eye level.

There was an immense amount of energy building within our group process and suddenly I saw Torhannah's eyes open and she slowly raised that sword in uplifted arms so it pointed directly up at us. I felt an enormous surge of energy and I saw a "lightning strike" flash from the tip of Torhannah's sword and connect through our group energetically!

Before I could relate this to the group several people gasped deeply and some began to weep right on cue. I then related what I had just witnessed and we were as a group launched into into a very powerful and amazing sacred experience truly beyond time-space.

Later that night, while in our room at the B&B, Maia had an amazing visitation from Torhannah who appeared to her in a deep blue hologram of light. Torhannah confirmed to her a specific connection that Maia had been informed that they had... amongst other things.

I relate this story to you because Torhannah is a very powerful Divine Feminine energy. It is her archetypal vibrational presence along with that of Mary Magdalene and Mother Mari that are facilitating the receipt of these very special light-encodings, the Magdalene Starseeds, for the Earth and her collective.

Mary Magdalene Goddess CardAs a result the archetypal soul presences of Mother Mari and Mary Magdalene will merge as one powerful Divine Feminine archetype. This is in other words, a MAJOR movement into the consolidated empowerment of the Divine Feminine on Earth so she may stand as an equal to the Divine Masculine in our manifest world.

This entire dynamic is working with the cosmic pattern of the Rose Mystica which will be further strengthened in our collective. The Rose Mystica is one of the key Living Symbols of the Mysteries. It ties into the entire ascension dynamic on Earth through the Maha Ratri and Maha Rhim.

This transmission was also in perfect synchronization with the sounding/activation of the 6th Sacred Tone of Phi'Maat ~ Balancing Love, only 5 days later on March 13th.

There was a group of people gathered at the Tor on the 8th, including my beloved soul mate and sweetheart Karen Ani'Ra.

This Magdalene Starseed Transmission webinar was a sacred gathering in honor of this cosmic transmission from deep stellar generators and all the energies involved. It was be energetically supportive and connective with those physically present on the Tor. It was a means for those present on the webinar, or connecting via the video later, to be a direct part of helping to anchor the Magdalene Starseed transmission into the Earth along with the group at the Tor, Mary Magdalene, Torhannah and Mother Mari.

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