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New Earth Temple of Sha'Lem ~ Peace of Inner Stillness Within, energy-art image for this Family of Light Oneness Love energy channeling transmission.
large hi-res version included with video!

Temple of Sha'Lem
Peace of Inner Stillness
Karen Ani'Ra and Simeon Chi'Ra
w/ the Metatronic Councils of Light

Simeon Chi'Ra and Karen Ani'Ra of Cosmic Consciousness Online

Runtime 01:58:02

This is the eighth in this series of nine New Earth transmissions of pure consciousness. The previous seven transmissions in this series are as follows:

The Temple of Sha'Lem elicits a deeper movement into our infinite nature which is found in the Peace of the Stillness Within.

We often relate to stillness and inner peace as being only possible when we are in meditation, prayer, or doing something relaxing. Yet it is entirely possible to have stillness and inner peace even when we are highly active and engaged. Accomplishing this is actually the golden key which opens wide the door to higher states of consciousness so we can experience them in a sustained manner.

Sha'Lem, the Stillness of Inner Peace, also represents the integrated state of being which allows us to bring the Gift of our Mother Star here to Earth and truly make it manifest in the world of form for the benefit of ALL beings.

As we achieve this state of being we radiate its harmonics into our collective energy environment. What we radiate energetically, moment by moment... is first and foremost our MOST significant contribution to this planet and her collective soul.

We can be doing all sorts of wonderful spiritual and progressive projects and deeds. However, to the degree that we are NOT in this state of Sha'Lem while doing them, we are energetically working against ourselves and our worthy objectives despite our best intentions.

The Temple of Sha'Lem in the Divine Circuit of all nine New Earth Temples of Pure Consciousness is also the the Temple that holds the gateway matrix to the New Earth Hologram. Its harmonics are what assist us to enter the final stage of the Divine Circuit in EL'Sha, the Zero-Point Temple. EL'Sha connects the Divine Circuit back into itself and represents a "Return to Source." Yet it is a return that issues us into a new octave of our reality matrix.

However, before we can truly make use of the harmonics of the Temple of EL'Sha, the Zero-Point of Divine Stillness, we must first prepare ourselves by learning to more fully embody Sha'Lem, the Stillness of Inner Peace, even when we are active and engaged.

The symbol for the Temple of Sha'Lem is the nine-petaled Flower of Life, which the Metatronic Councils indicate is our New Earth Flower of Life. There is a great deal of higher awareness and various keys and codes held within this revised Flower of Life symbology which I will be sharing with you in this Sha'Lem webinar transmission.

Most importantly, you go through a process of learning about and connecting more deeply into the Temple of Sha'Lem within your own being as a preparation for a very powerful Divine Feminine transmission from Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na, a 7D Solar High Priestess from the high etheric Temple of La'kina.

Sha'Lem is one of the feminine New Earth Pure Consciousness Temples. The sacred geometry for Sha'Lem, the New Earth Flower of Life, will be enlivened within your energy bodies and light body with Divine Feminine solar energy by Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na. If you have experienced her incredible energy before, you know what I mean!

This nine-petaled Flower of Life will thereafter be alive and vibrating at a whole new level within you after this Divine Feminine Solar Infusion infusion takes place.

This then also helps quicken our entire collective into a re-orientation to the sacred geometries of the New Earth Flower of Life which holds the keys and codes to manifesting the reality held within the New Earth Hologram in our world.

You will also interact with our New Earth Mother, Gaia An'Ma, and open to receive a special Sha'Lem message from her transmitted through my soul mate and sweetheart, Karen Ani'Ra.

Karen Ani'Ra's Gaia An'Ma transmissions are always such a perfect conclusion to these higher dimensional infusions and help us bring it all into integration with the Earth through our hearts with our Earth Mother.

New Earth Pure Consciousness Temple of Sha'Lem ~ Peace of Inner Stillness, an energy-art for our Family of Light  for this Oneness Energy Channeling from Cosmic Consciousness Online

Bonus #1: ith this video you also get a large hi-res version of the "Temple of Sha'Lem" New Earth energy-art shown on the left - sacred geometric design by RayMond Tao'Ra!


Bonus #2: With this video you also receive a PDF that has a special process from the video in it so you can easily use it again!

Engage this video transmission with the Metatronic Councils of Light to help facilitate this process for yourself and ALL beings on Earth.

This Temple's transmission video can also be purchased as part of larger packages that comprise the entire "Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry" program or portions thereof!

Runtime 01:58:02

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