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New Earth Temple of Hu'Orin ~ All Embracing Love, energy-art image for this Family of Light Oneness Love energy channeling transmission.
large hi-res version included with video!

Temple of Hu'Orin ~ All-Embracing Love
New Earth Pure Consciousness
A Family of Light Oneness Love Video
facilitated by Simeon Chi'Ra
w/ 7D Solar High Priestess Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na

Runtime 01:51:05

This is the third in this series of nine New Earth transmissions of pure consciousness. The previous two transmissions in this series are as follows:

The 7D Solar High Priestess Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na is your primary guide, initiator and over-lighting presence for this transmission. Lord Menon's energy is present in the mix as well.

The Temple of Hu'Orin takes us directly into the heart of the New Earth Ascension Hologram. The all-inclusive universality of the Temple of Ona'Ra, and the infinite expansion of awareness in the Temple of Qua'Ha, conjoin their harmonics to guide the first movement of love into manifestation.

This first movement of love into manifestation is the all-embracing love of Hu'Orin. It is a love that accepts everything without any exclusions, and which encompasses everything in its field of awareness and can thus also embrace everything fully. Put simply, that is very BIG LOVE!

The real beauty of it is that it is inherent in all of US! None of these temples represent anything that is not already inherent within us. They are meant to "call it out" so to speak. They amplify its signal amidst the myriad of other signals in our field that we have to sort through in the process of life on Earth.

As the signal gets amplified it becomes stronger and easier for us to stay tuned into more continually. We can therefore engage this transmission for an amplification of the All Embracing Love of Hu'Orin within our being!

Here is a brief outline of what you will learn, experience and expand your awareness around in this webinar transmission:

  • The True Nature of Hu'Orin, All-Embracing Love.
  • How Awareness informs the manifestation of love.
  • How the Temple of Hu'Orin embodies the purpose for all of Creation.
  • What the one singular purpose is for everything and all beings in existence!
  • The relationship between love and acceptance.
  • The relationship between love and awareness.
  • The relationship between love and co-creative manifestation.
  • The relationship between love and the truth of who we are!
  • A guided meditative journey into the Temple of Hu'Orin.
  • Be a "Divine Solar Bee" and gather nectar from your Divine Heart Flower!
  • A powerful heart message from 7D Solar High Priestess Shi'Ra'EL'Fa'Na.
  • Awesome energy-art to facilitate the meditation!

There is really so much more... this should, however, help you attune to the energies so you can sense what is here to be received into the depths of your being!

Temple of Hu'Orin ~ All Embracing Love New Earth Sacred Geometry Design for this Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling

With the purchase of this video you will also get to download a copy of RayMond Tao'Ra's amazing Temple of Hu'Orin New Earth sacred geometry design in a very hi-res poster size file.

You will love experiencing this transmission of beautiful and expansive of all-embracing love facilitated by the amazing Divine Solar Feminine Presence of Shi'Ra'EL'Fa'Na. Be sure to grab your copy of the video below!

This Temple's transmission video can also be purchased as part of larger packages that comprise the entire "Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry" program or portions thereof!

Runtime 01:51:05

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