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New Earth Temple of Qua'Ha, All-Seeing Breath of Awareness, energy-art image for this Family of Light Oneness Love energy channeling transmission.
large hi-res version included with video!

Temple of Qua'Ha
All-Seeing Breath of Awareness
New Earth Pure Consciousness
A Family of Light Oneness Love Video
facilitated by Simeon Chi'Ra
w/ Asended Master & Sirian Solar Lord Menon

Runtime 02:00:04

This is the second in this series of nine New Earth transmissions of pure consciousness. The series began with the Temple of Ona'Ra, One Sun of Universality transmission.

In the initial awareness transmission portion of this video you can learn more about and/or experience:

  • The Nine New Earth Temples of Pure Consciousness
  • The Nature of Qua'Ha ~ All-Seeing Breath of Awareness.
  • How everything emerges from Pure Awareness.
  • A cosmology of how human experience emerges from Awareness.
  • The relationship between awareness, sentience, intellect and consciousness.
  • The stages in our development from self-awareness to Self-Awareness.
  • Developing Universal Awareness within the mundane affairs of life.
  • The force of personal will versus the Power of True Self.
  • The critical relationship between Love and Awareness.
  • A technique for shifting into more expanded states of awareness.

In the second guided meditational portion of this video transmission you can:

  • Experience the New Earth Temple of Qua'Ha.
  • Experience the ninefold hologram of the Divine Circuit.
  • Experience your True Nature of Pure Awarenes vibrating more strongly in your body and being.
  • Experience becoming a New Earth Rainbow Bridge for our planetary collective.
  • Experience New Earth Crystalline Circuitry multi-dimensionally throughout your being.
  • Receive the assistance of the Metatronic Councils of Light with all the above.
  • Receive a special message from Ascended Master Lord Menon of the Sirian Solar Council.

Runtime 02:00:04

High Energy Transmission Full Info

The nine New Earth Temples of Pure Consciousness together in our human experience form a "New Earth Resonance Circuit" or more simply put, a "Divine Circuit."

In the Qua'Ha crystalline pathway of consciousness within this Divine Circuit, we can transcend consciousness itself through Pure Awareness. Consciousness emerges from Pure Awareness as does everything else.

In the Ona'Ra vector of consciousness within the Divine Circuit we are all-inclusive to transcend and experience a state of Oneness. Yet to truly include the ALL within our hearts we must see or be aware of the ALL from a place of great clarity.

To see the ALL with great clarity we must breath in pure Universal Lifewave energy into our being. It must become the living essence of the life-blood which courses through our veins!

Our breath or intake of energy must therefore be derived from the most expansive energy domain that exists. That which encompasses everything, the All-Seeing Breath of Awareness!

Each of these New Earth Temples of Pure Consciousness also holds a specific harmonic interface created by the Metatronic Councils of Light. This harmonic interface provides a specific vector of consciousness within the Old Earth, with a crystalline pathway into what it must become in the New Earth Hologram.

In this case, the highly refined vector of consciousness from the Old Earth is "Awareness," represented in the keyword for this Temple. This references the highest and most refined states of awareness we have developed in our collective consciousness on Earth.

What this becomes in the New Earth Hologram as it translates through the 44:44 Ascension Stargate is "Qua'Ha." This is a vibratory mantram name, and it roughly means the "All-Seeing Breath of Awareness."

In this transmission you will attain a much greater understanding of what is required to expand your awareness into the Infinite Breath of Qua'Ha as a human being in the Earth reality you are experiencing right now. As you do, you more strongly engage the potential for that Earth reality to change!

This expansion of conscious understanding will then be enhanced and amplified with a pure energy infusion transmission from the Metatronic Councils of Light. This will help you download the higher encodings necessary to embody this crystalline New Earth vector of consciousness.

Ascended Master Menon, A Sirian Solar Lord, is very present in this transmission. He delievers a powerful timeless message in the beginning and also completes the meditational process at the end!

Temple of Qua'Ha by RayMond Tao'Ra, Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry

With this video you also get a large hi-res version of the "Temple of Qua'Ha" New Earth energy-art shown on the left - sacred geometric design by RayMond Tao'Ra!

Engage this transmission and expand further into your Infinite Self of All Seeing Awareness NOW!

This Temple's transmission video can also be purchased as part of larger packages that comprise the entire "Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry" program or portions thereof!

Runtime 02:00:04

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