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01/11/12 Trust in Love Spiritual Workshop energy-art image for this Family of Light oneness energy channeling event by Cosmic Consciousness Online.
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Trust in Love
Opening to 9 Dimensions of the Heart
A Family of Light Oneness Love VIDEO Workshop
facilitated by Karen Ani'Ra and Simeon Chi'Ra

Karen Ani'Ra Edwards Simeon Chi'Ra Nartoomid

2 Part Video, 21 page PDF Manual, Hi-Res Energy Art

This workshop is New Earth practicum for developing the ability to make the quantum shift from fear-pain patterns into love based patterns. In doing so you learn how to access your true power. It is not specific to significant-other relationships, although it applies there too.

This workshop takes place in a deep space of Oneness Love. Your facilitators, Karen Ani'Ra and Simeon Chi'Ra, develop and hold this space with you. They assist you in stepping more fully into your True Self of Oneness Love through all 9 Dimensions of the Heart.

You will learn some valuable tools and techniques for making a Quantum Shift out of the fear/pain patterns that are often associated with love. This Quantum Shift takes you more fully into Oneness Love, openness, transparency and trust.

These are necessary tools for heading into the New Earth. Our ability to open and Trust in Love in our interactions and relationships with other human beings, groups, money and situations is vitally important. It is important to our joy and happiness. It is important to the transformation of our world!

We have spent aeons understanding what must be done. NOW is the time to do it. As the Mayan Elder Carlos Barrios has stated about the time we are in right now... "The spiritual ideal of this era is action."

He also stated in this same article that: "The dark can only be transformed when confronted with simplicity and open-heartedness. This is what leads to unity, a key concept for the World of the Fifth Sun." So this is the action we must take my beloved Family of Light and Oneness Love!

To find unity we MUST learn to go past the fear/pain barriers and Trust in Love. These old patterns run so deep. They tell us that we will get hurt, don't go there, protect yourself, stay isolated where it is safe, things like this. This pattern plays out in all our human relations and connections in various ways.

I have done much conscious work on myself over the last 25 years. Yet, I still found myself feeling very limited in my ability to truly trust in love.

Then, late 2011 I was offered an opportunity with my Divine Shakti partner Karen Ani'Ra. An opportunity to surrender to the potential of love and let go of all previous ideas and preconceived notions about what was important and necessary in human relationships.

The transformative result was nothing short of amazing, swift, graceful and absolutely so profound, that I am still left without words to describe it other than simply calling it miraculous. Karen Ani'Ra has felt similar effects.

Shortly thereafter, the 7D Solar High Priestess I have been working with, Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na, told me that I had ventured to step into the greatest mystery of them all, the Infinite Power of Love. She has since helped me to see exactly what Karen Ani'Ra and I did that brought us to this place so we could assist others in achieving it.

This is the basis for this workshop. We share more of our transformative journey. We hold safe love space with and for you.

We take you through a powerful process designed to help you make this same Quantum Shift from pain/fear to love by feeling love resonating all through your body and being. From this place, Trusting in Love happens naturally.

You ARE love, so it is really about knowing and trusting in yourself my beloved Family of Light and Oneness Love! Give love a chance and let us help you step more completely into the full beauty of who YOU are!

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You will also learn to create your own 9 Heart Temple Holograms based on the 9 Dimensions of the Heart for any purpose. This tool can be used in a visioning or a deductive type process.

You will create your first one in the workshop! There will then be a guided meditation with the unique 9 Heart Temple Hologram you create!

You will go away with some truly valuable gifts and tools that you can use to live more effectively from a place of Trusting in Love. It is VERY liberating, I never knew what I was missing until it happened, like OMG!

All I want to do now is jump up and down, dance, sing, and share the freedom and liberation with everyone!

Please partake of this liberation and learn to more deeply Trust in Love, your True Self like the following participant experienced!

After writing down all my 9 hearts and what the meaning of each was for me... I just began heart breathing while I waited and imagined breathing from all 9 of these hearts one by one... I got to about the 6th one in and BLAMMMMMMMMM I was basted up into oneness love that I am not even going to attempt to describe cause it would be futile...

All I know is when I got hit with this wave of oneness love, I felt like I was going to explode love from the inside out... I've never felt love like that in this or any other lifetime Simeon. I am still floating in bliss. ~ YaMa'EL of The Divinity Codes, FL, USA

This Package Includes

  • (2) Hi-Res 1280 x 800 WMV Videos, 2 hrs 17 mins total video.
  • (1) 21 page PDF Workshop Manual in full color.
  • (1) 3300 x 2550 Hi-Res JPG (poster quality) energy-art (sample).
  • View lower-res versions of both videos online.
  • Download tips for slower connections!

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