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Third Sacred Tone, Ke'Ba ~ Dove of New Life Venus Gate Transmission, energy-art image for this Family of Light Oneness Love energy channeling transmission.
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3rd Sacred Tone: Ke'Ba, Dove of New Life
Venus Gate & O'pah Annutei Activation
Ga'Za'Ra ~ 7D Dragon of the 3rd Sacred Tone

A Family of Light Oneness Love Video
Maia Kyi'Ra, Simeon Chi'Ra and Karen Ani'Ra
w/ the Metatronic Councils of Light

Maia Kyi'Ra Simeon Chi'Ra Karen Ani'Ra

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Wow, a LOT was happening energetically for this power day transmission! Keeping it as simple as possible, this transmission is working with the following dynamics:

The sounding of the 3rd Sacred Tone, or Ke'Ba, the Dove of New Life, which activated and is now developing yet another layer in the crystalline cocoon of connectivity that coordinates and synchronizes the New Earth programming in our 7 Planetary Seals., This new programming was completed on 11/11/11. This crystalline cocoon of connectivity also further supports the consciousness unification process on Earth.

Vibrationally attunes you to the 7D Dragon Ga'Za'Ra to celebrate and support the sacred harmonic weaving of this layer of our planetary crystalline cocoon.

The completion of the Venus Gate which opened on 6/8/2004 with the upcoming second Venus Transit. Maia Kyi'Ra and I did a very special process on Haleakala for the opening of this Venus Gate with the O'pah Symbols and their associated matrix, and we worked together again at its completion.

Maia relates a brief history of the O'pah symbols that she was commissioned to create back in the 1980's as part of this transmission as well. She also relates what ThothHorRa has referred to in her current channelings as the O'pah Annutei.

Maia thus does a special transmission for activation of the O'pah Annutei, which are a new Language of Light arisen within the window of the completion of the Venus Gate on June 6th, 2012 and a cosmic Sha'alura event on July 23rd, 2012.

O'pah Annutei are being created from the 3rd Sacred Tone as it is resonated by the higher-dimensional activities of the Metatronic Councils of Light and then moves up from the center of the Earth through Haleakala on the Island of Mau'i geophysically.

Myriads of Dragon Beings on various dimensions are coordinated and orchestrated by the 7D Dragon Ga'Za'Ra to supply the "whirlwind" or energy vortex with their O'pah "breath" for this new Language of Light to arise from the Mouth of Gaia.

The Hesperus (Venusian) Dolphin Masters form the geometries of the holographic structure of the O'pah Annutei Light Language within the matrix of our brain-mind complex.

That is the core of what the higher level dynamics are about. So what does this all mean on the human level of your experience?

The 3rd Sacred Tone is a furtherance of the unification process that adds harmonics into our planetary environment which are truly the "Dove of New Life"... Ke'Ba. The harmonics of the Dove of New Life more powerfully support a new unified life of living love-light within ourselves first and foremost.

As I relate in the Hu'Ona video transmission, unification starts with our inner community of voices and works outward from there into our unification process with others.

The Venus Transit/Gate component is taking us into defining our self-worth through accessing our Divine Feminine nature more powerfully and honoring her deep well of wisdom on the manifest plane (great article on this).

This means a huge shift in our core values is upon us now, and which is more powerfully present in our human experience this side of 6/6/2012.

O'pah Annutei is an emerging new Language of Light that represents all what has been described above being hard coded into the next octave of our human experience on Earth.

A Language of Light is a set of living-light harmonic patterns that becomes integral within our brain-mind complex and planetary field and which then serves as a transducer between higher-dimensional reality and our conscious minds and beings.

To put that all together and summarize we could say that the 3rd Sacred Tone, the Venus Gate completion and the O'pah Annutei activation are powerfully re-wiring our circuitry to support us in living a more unified life wave that draws fresh water form our deep well of Divine Feminine Wisdom and values.

The implications of the reality this represents becoming far more integrally present within us collectively are quite profound! The 2012 planetary transformation is in full gear now after this amazing passage was offered for sure! It is not too late either, engage this at any time to enhance the benefits offered!

Read also "Dolphins, Dragons and Doves Article"!

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We are all ONE, THANK YOU for living by Spirit!

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