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The True-Self Empowerment Series
"Prioritizing Love in Your Life"

Overview - True-Self Empowerment Series

A rapid, precise, efficient and highly effective method for becoming clear and aligned enough to start experiencing the power of who you really are on a sustainable basis so you can effectively Prioritize Love in Your Life!

It took me 25 years of full-time dedication to figure this one out... it is now my greatest joy to pass it along and help you begin experiencing your True-Self on an ongoing basis a whole lot more quickly and easily!

There is a bit of a secret to this, and if it is understood properly, it empowers you to delete duality from your experience and claim your God-given power to love according to your True-Nature once and for all! That is what this program is about!

Simeon Chi'Ra Nartoomid cosmic consciousness facilitator.

Hi, I'm Simeon Chi'Ra Nartoomid... I am offering this series of easy to use programs that can be used alone or together. Each of the programs in this series focuses on addressing one key focus and its related consciousness dynamics - like emotions and beliefs.

My work with self and clients over the last 25 years has taught me that properly addressing these particular areas of focus are a very necessary component of being able to experience our True-Self.

I am bringing my lifetime of experience into what I offer through this program to assist you. I use a quantum field (of all potentials) access protocol which utilizes a theta binaural beat brainwave entrainment technology to help you gain clear access. I also weave my knowledge and experience from many other modalities that I have been trained and certified in to help you further accelerate your progress as well.

My quantum field protocol brings so many skills, modalities and areas of expertise I have garnered over 25 years all into one very powerful focus. My technique also adds the all-important component of "witnessing" which very few other methods give proper attention to, if any.

True-Self Empowerment - Prioritizing Love in Your LifeWhat I refer to as "True-Self" is also known as High-Self, God-Self, Divine-Self etc. I choose to refer to this most expanded aspect of our being as True-Self. This particular term has less dogma and baggage associated with it than the others. This means we have less work to do to get where we wish to go! I'm all for making it as easy and efficient as possible!

"True-Self" as a term is thus a very unifying energy in and of itself. This is very helpful because that is what we are seeking to accomplish—unification with our True-Self. Another relatively baggage free term for this most expanded aspect of our being is "UNlimited-Self." You will hear me use this term occassionally as well. They mean the same thing and can be used interchangeably.

Regardless of the name we choose to call this most expanded aspect of our being, it is what we all ultimately seek to experience on an ongoing sustainable basis. Consider for a moment how your life could be different if you were able to accomplish this. I have come a very long way myself with this in the many years I have been working with it. I wish to be your guide so I can offer you the benefit of what I have learned to make it much easier for you!

This series of programs gives you access to the awareness, tools and experience it took me my entire lifetime to accumulate to help you greatly accelerate your own process! I hold this state of awareness and beingness quite continually within myself.

You can thus access it, touch it, get a tangible sense of what you are aiming for through me, my work and programs. I truly love sharing this state of being I have worked so hard and long to achieve. This helps others like you learn how to experience it too!

I mean, we really need some examples of what we are attempting to achieve. I wish I had had the benefit of that! I knew a long time ago I was working towards the day I would be able to truthfully write such things aas this and to be able to help others in this way. I had no idea back then it would take me so long to accomplish it! The important thing for you though is that I have.

The really GOOD NEWS is that I can honestly say that experiencing your True-Self on a sustainable basis is well within your reach. I am not a "perfect person" with a "perfect life." I am human just like you. The difference is how I relate to myself and the world around me. That is the hard-earned secret I wish to teach you!

This is the state of being we must sustain to be able to truly be part of the solution and co-create our new world together too! That is where our dreams really gain power! When we can do this together and share it with others so they too can bring the power of their True-Self more fully into our world.

If you are resonating, you truly, truly need to treat yourself and check out the first program in this series below, "True-Self Empowerment - Prioritize Love in Your Life," you'll be very glad that you did!

Simeon Nartoomid - your guide and facilitator for True-Self Empowerment in prioritizing love in your life.

True-Self Empowerment - Prioritize Love in Your Life

Prioritizing Love in Your Life
(4) MP3 & (3) PDF

  • Part I - Teaching & Attunement MP3 - 17:41
  • Part II - Block Removal & Downloads Theta MP3 - 43:59
  • Part II - Block Removal & Downloads PDF - 21 pgs
  • Part III - Teaching & Attunement MP3 - 20:17
  • Self Muscle-Testing PDF - 4 pgs w/ color photos
  • Heart Breathing PDF - 26 pgs w/ color cover
  • Theta Brainwave MP3 - 30:00 w/ binaural beats

Are you aware that the whole focus of developing a spiritual life, the attendant personal growth, and what is being called ascension, is quite simply to learn to prioritize love in our lives?

This is the whole crux of the spiritual journey in a cosmic nutshell! Stripping it down to its finest essence like this takes us more directly to our goal! It also means we get to face our blocks and barriers around this more directly too.

This is a good thing, because it means we can dispense of the blocks and barriers more quickly as well. This program is designed to help you learn how to achieve what is most important—prioritizing love in your life—and to give you some truly cutting edge tools along with the benefit of my 25 years experience, wisdom and professional expertise to help you do just that!

Dugan Selkirk - USCAN Business Group

I LOVE this program! Simeon of all the work we have done together over the years this is some of the best.

This gave me not only a real tangible physical sensation of love in my body to reference to whenever I need to, the reprogramming and downloads actually seemed to transform my body at a physical level.

After completing the Part 2 meditations I had to go lie down for a few minutes and I sort of drifted into a dreamlike state where I felt this white light filling my whole body.

Then I dreamed I shed my old skin and I was a being of pure light looking down with compassion at the sort of puddle of skin and hair… Crazy!!! I feel amazing, I have a new energy now and my interactions with my partner have a new feeling to them!

Thank you brother, keep up the great work! ~ Dugan Selkirk, BC, CANADA

In the first MP3 I provide you with a preliminary teaching and attunement to get you ready for your deeper dive into "Prioritizing Love in Your Life" over everything else. My dear soul friend, if you are like most people you know that despite your best intentions, that this has not really been happening to the degree you truly desire and deserve!

ThetaHealing® using theta brainwave binaural beat technology.In the second MP3 and its PDF workbook, I take you through a cutting edge process for quickly removing the most common limiting subconscious beliefs and downloading the most needed consciousness frequency programs... relative to prioritizing love in your life!

Both of these areas greatly limit you from achieving your goal, which is to prioritize love in your life! I use my ThetaHealing® skills to accomplish this for you through a special matrix I developed with the 'Creator of All That Is' for working in this way. You will also enter into a co-creative capacity with 'Creator of All That Is' in this process.

Being in a theta brainwave state with right and left hemispheres synchronized gives you more direct access to your subconscious mind with a more coherent and balanced state of consciousness. This program comes with theta binaural beat technology to help you accomplish this more easily.

Right and left brain hemisperical synchronization to theta brainwave states.

The subconscious mind is where most of the beliefs and patterns reside that limit you from experiencing more of who you are! I therefore provide theta binaural beat brainwave synchronization technology in the Part II MP3 of this program to give you optimal success in achieving the limited belief removal and consciousness frequency downloads that I guide you through.

Being in a theta brainwave state makes you much more receptive to the ThetaHealing® processes I use to bring the Infinite Power of the 'Creator of All That Is' into play for you. This is a very effective and rapid method of deleting duality and empowering love!

I also provide you with a bonus 30 minute theta binaural beat brainwave entrainment MP3 which uses some nature sounds in the audio mix. You can use this to continue entering the theta state whenever you wish. You can do this for deepening your states of meditation and increasing your ability to achieve relaxation. You can also use it to more effectively issue any other commands, requests or manifestational intentions to the universe that you wish.

Karen Edwards at Brentor speaking about her experience with the True-Self Empowerment program for prioritizing love in your life.I have benefited from Simeon's work for a long time. He is very dedicated to helping others grow in their consciousness. The Prioritizing Love program helped me to remove limiting beliefs that held me back from really knowing and loving myself.

I found the program easy to follow. In Part 2 using the theta binaural beats mixed with the nature sounds and the gentle sound of Simeon's voice, I was able to clear and download new beliefs.

I found it very relaxing, on some parts even found myself drifting off. Difficult to put words to it... it's a recognition that I am starting to feel a part of myself that I have not had awareness of before. It's very subtle, and almost like its always been there, but I've just been too busy or preoccupied to notice. I am more of myself... solid, not feeling like I need protection... whatever is happening is OK, I am OK. I feel free to be me! What a wonderful feeling!

After a couple of days I was busy at work in the hospital, I did not feel any stress, even with missing my supper break and finishing late. At first I thought this was a one-off, but it happened again... I was aware of having the same calm feeling regardless of what I was having to deal with and I did not even feel exhausted after a 12 hour shift either.

I would remember the heart-breathing, which I found very quickly took me into an altered state where I could not feel the stress that I was feeling before. I also showed another nurse how to do this as she was having problems with her son and feeling very stressed. When I saw her again and asked if she had been practising and if it had helped, she said she had and was feeling much calmer.

With this quiet solidness about me, people have commented on my energy feeling very different, more grounded, others feel peaceful about me. Thanks for this wonderful program Simeon!

In the third MP3 of this program I provide you with a final teaching and attunement to pull it all together so you can actualize it all in a practical way in your life. This is the final piece to help you experience the prioritization of love in your life in a much more profound way than ever before.

This material is presented in a very clear, concise and straight-forward way, so it is quite compact... there is a LOT of awareness, consciousness and information imparted in a brief period of time. It is, however, so clearly and concisely presented that it hits its mark rather easily!

  • Part I - Teaching & Attunement MP3 - 17:41
  • Part II - Block Removal & Downloads Theta MP3 - 43:59
  • Part II - Block Removal & Downloads PDF - 21 pgs
  • Part III - Teaching & Attunement MP3 - 20:17
  • Self Muscle-Testing PDF - 4 pgs w/ color photos
  • Heart Breathing PDF - 26 pgs w/ color cover
  • Theta Brainwave MP3 - 30:00 w/ binaural beats

Let me show you how to really find yourself, the True-Self that really counts which you will truly love experiencing!

Simeon Nartoomid - your guide and facilitator for True-Self Empowerment in prioritizing love in your life.

Only $97.00

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