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Liquid Crystal Womb of Creation MP3
New Earth CosmiGenesis Pure Gem DNA Activation 01
by Simeon Chi'Ra

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 Liquid Crystal Womb of Creation New Earth CosmiGenesis Pure Gem DNA Activation Mandala


Use headphones for the best result.

Center, breathe deeply, gaze intently into image,
and play the CosmiGenesis tone sequence.
Download a more involved suggested procedure PDF

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  • Wave Resonance: 9 
  • Binaural Beat Base Frequency: 33.33Hz (12)
  • Binaural Beat Secondary Frequency: 39.99Hz (3)
  • Theta Hemispherical Synchronization Frequency: 6.66 Hz (9)


  • New Earth Liquid Crystal Womb of Creation.
  • New Earth Insemination.
  • New Earth Alpha Harmonics
  • Gathering of all Life Force into a new Metatronic Seed Point.
  • 11D Adam Kadmon DNA Sequence Activation - 67538921418.
  • The Heavenly-Fire of true compassion on Earth.
  • New Earth Rainbow Bridge of Pure Consciousness.

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