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Oneness Love La'Kina Transmissions
Zanda ~ Pure Being Series
Matrix Information

The "Zanda ~ Pure Being" series of transmissions from Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na -- our friendly and always so lovely 7D Solar High Priestess from Temple of La'kina -- have a unique vibrational pattern and sequencing which can help us access more powerful and sustainable experiences of Pure Being.

They do this by using special color combinations, fractal motions and sound harmonics in a unique combination to adjust what Thoth calls the Critical Rotational Position (CRP) of the brain on the brain stem (ref: "The Crop Circles" by Maia Kyi'Ra - CRP info in the 4th and 5th paragraphs).

This is a science unto itself, but in brief, our brain moves slightly upon the brain stem rotationally in response to certain stimuli. The rotational angle the brain assumes can more closely align us with our Source Being if the proper stimuli are being experienced.

Watching the video can temporarily induce a beneficial CRP in this regard, AND it can also result in a more permanent CRP re-alignment. There are a myriad of factors that come into play that determine the shorter and longer term results for any given individual.

However, Shi'Ra indicates that the combination of elements she has guided me in creating within these videos not only provides the proper CRP stimulation required, they also act as an effective facilitator for her pure energy transmissions to resonate higher-dimensional energetics and harmonics within your physical human vehicle and consciousness.

When we have highly beneficial stimuli presented to our physical senses, our brain waves, and our etheric energy bodies all at the same time, the overall effect can be quite profound. Such experiences can lead to achieving a shift in being able to better sustain an experience of a deeper state of your being on an ongoing basis.

It is this deeper state of being that leads us closer to experiencing Pure Being, thus the name of this transmission series.

The Zanda Web

The overall matrix these transmissions are working with to help us more completely experience states of Pure Being, is what Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na refers to as the Zanda Web.

This is a web of opalescent light strands that are similar to interconnected umbilical cords. These opalescent Zanda strands or cords form a network that interconnects the manifest realms of Creation with the unmanifest Absolute where our states of Pure Being actually exist.

In order for us to truly experience states of Pure Being from within the manifest Creation we must energetically straddle the membrane between manifest and UNmanifest in an inner dance of balanced awareness and consciousness.

The Zanda Web of opalescent light is what we use to do that. According to Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na this occurs even when we are not aware of the Zanda Web! However, becoming aware of the Zanda Web on a conscious level can be of great benefit to our efforts to use it to experience states of Pure Being more easily, powerfully and sustainably.

Each of the transmissions in this series is attuned to a specific spectrum within the Zanda Web's opalescent light strands. They are therefore named "Zanda 1, Zanda 2" and so on. This in essence means,"the 1st Spectrum of the Zanda Web's Opalescent Light."

This meaning incorporates a rather expansive multidimensional concept in and of itself which is not easy to get your mind around. Shi'Ra therefore suggests just relating to the different Zanda Spectrums as being akin to the underlying basis for how opal slightly changes colors as you look at it in the light and slowly move it about.

There is an iridescence to physical opal, and that is what all of the Zanda Spectrums also form together, a cosmic iridescence so to speak. However, in the case of physical opal the iridescence is formed by the spectrum of the various light color/frequencies involved. Whereas the Zanda Spectrum's iridescence is defined by the more refined qualities of pure consciousness expressing within the manifest Creation.

To the inner eye, these qualities of pure consciousness may indeed also be experienced as various colors in iridescent patterns, thus the analogy which Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na is using for the purposes of these transmissions is apropo.

Each Zanda within this transmission series will thus attune us to particular qualities of highly refined consciousness to help us flow through the Zanda Web into deeper and more sustainable experiences of states of our Pure Being.

Within each Zanda, Shi'Ra is also defining some additional facilitator vibrations that we are likely to already be familiar with. These additional vibrations have very high degrees of resonance with the qualities of pure consciousness that their particular Zanda represents.

These additional facilitator vibrations that will be facilitating our access into the Zanda Web via each Zanda are as described below.

Pathway Element

There will only be five of these possible: earth, water, fire, air and aether. Each quality of pure consciousness in the manifest universe can be related to one of these elements according to Shi'Ra.

They go by other names and descriptions in other worlds of course, but we are familiar with the terms being used here on Earth so these are what Shi'Ra will be using.

For example, the Pathway Element of Zanda 1 is water. All that you know about the element of water is therefore available to help you achieve deeper and more sustainable experiences of Pure Being when working with the Zanda 1 Pure Being transmission.

You can therefore work with all that you know regarding the element of water in any Zanda that has it as a Pathway Element. The same goes for any of the Pathway Elements with their respective Zanda. The Pathway Element imparts a specific energy which is akin to the fuel which our merkabah will use to take us through the Zanda Web in a particular Zanda transmission. Each of us has our own unique understanding of that fuel, so it will power each of our merkabah's a bit differently.

As you have probably surmised by now, these "Zanda ~ Pure Being" transmissions are quite interactive and co-creative in how they will dance with us into ever more profound experiences of Pure Being!

Stellar Signature

There are as many Stellar Signatures as there are stars, constellations of stars and celestial objects in the universe! I believe that Shi'Ra will, however, be using those we are most familiar with on Earth.

The Stellar Signature is like our point of compass in any particular Zanda. It is that which defines a direction. However, this is not direction in terms of linear travel, but rather a vibrational direction in which pure consciousness flows through the Zanda Web.

Like the Pathway Element we will each have our own understanding of the Stellar Signature being used. For example the Stellar Signature for Zanda 1 is Cygnus (the Swan). Each of us will have a somewhat different take on the Stellar Signature provided for each transmission. We will each therefore have a slightly different direction of flow through the Zanda Web.

What if you have no understanding at all of the Stellar Signature or any of the other facilitating vibrations?

Shi'Ra says to just tune in intuitively and see what comes to you, or if you wish some tangible info to help you along simply Google them and to allow your intuition to guide you as to what links to click on. Your intuitive process will bring you into the understanding that resonates most with your being. Then that understanding will be incorporated into your work with the Zanda transmission.

You can see once again, this is meant to be an interactive journey and each of us is going to have our own unique experience of it. However, once we reach an experience of the state of Pure Being we seek, then all of our journeys unify in a very large way!

Plant Kingdom Resonance

The first series of Oneness Love La'kina Transmissions was the Universal Life-Stream Series. That series explored the cosmic nature of various life-forms on Earth and what their underlying cosmic purpose was in the whole of the lifewave on our planet.

There were plants, animals and insects explored in that series. The Plant Kingdom Resonances that will be used to facilitate the Zanda ~ Pure Being transmissions will not all have been explored in that previous series.

However, they will each be carefully chosen by Shi'Ra because of their ability to provide an integrated vibrational connection between the natural kingdom on Earth which our bodies are a part of, and the greater cosmos which our Spirits soar so freely within.

So while the Pathway Element is like the fuel for our merkabah, and the Stellar Signature is the vibrational direction we will flow with, the Plant Kingdom Resonance sets the tone for how our experiences of Pure Being will be transmitted into our body and the collective of consciousness on Earth.

This is therefore where we most clearly find our service directive, and it is amazing that it is brought to us through the plant kingdom. However, if you contemplate it a bit, plants do largely serve humans, animals, insects and the ecology of our world in nature.

That said, it does work both ways and you can use something that holds the fragrance or vibrational essence of the Plant Kingdom Resonance to facilitate your journey through the Zanda Web into experiencing states of Pure Being.

As an example, for Zanda 1 you might wish to use a bit of Sandalwood essential oil diffused into the room while you engage the video. Or you could hold some Sandalwood bark, or burn some Sandalwood incense... you have the idea!

Cosmic Keyword

The Cosmic Keyword for each Zanda transmission serves as seed crystal around which all other facilitator vibrations coalesce. The seed crystal must also have proper resonance with the particular Zanda, and that is where Shi'Ra comes in.

The Cosmic Keywords she provides will have the proper resonance and they will also be seeds crystals which Shi'Ra feels have a transformational value all of their own to impart.

Therefore the Cosmic Keyword is where Shi'Ra makes her insertion and meets us on our own ground heart to heart. Our own understanding and perceptions of the Cosmic Keyword will in fact determine how the other facilitator vibrations coalesce around it as a seed crystal. As well, the transformational potential that will be imparted by our seed crystal as we journey into experiencing states of Pure Being is also largely determined by our understanding of the Cosmic Keyword.

So for example, the Cosmic Keyword and seed crystal for Zanda 1 is "embryo." What is your understanding of this word relative to your own spiritual journey and evolution? How do you relate to it as a potential? This is just the tip of the iceberg that this seed crystal represents, but these types of inner explorations can get you started.

A further exploration that can be taken would be to contemplate how the Pathway Element of water, and the Stellar Signature of Cygnus (the Swan), and the Plant Kingdom Resonance of sandalwood, might all coalesce together around a seed crystal representing an "embryo" and thus empower your journey through the Zanda Web into more profound experiences of Pure Being.


There you have it complete with a few examples from Zanda 1. This is meant to be an in-depth journey. One which you engage with your whole heart, mind and soul.

Are you ready to make that level of commitment?

Experiencing the exquisite state of Pure Being that represents who you are at the highest level of your being is your reward.

You have I'm sure already experienced this to some degree. I can assure you though, there is much more to go to be able to deepen and sustain your experience of Pure Being.

The further we develop our ability to experience such states the more we become empowered to experience them regardless of what may be going on around us in life.

To experience Pure Being, is to also experience Pure Love. We will always come from what we are experiencing inside of ourselves. If we wish to come from a place of Pure Love and be part of the solution to the dilemma on Earth, we need to learn to deepen and sustain our experience of Pure Being!

The Pure Being Zanda Matrix Series will be available starting sometime in early September 2014. These will be available as part of our Main Member Portal subscriptions (honorary available for the Main Member Portals), or as a one-off purchase in "The Awakening Store."

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