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Subscriptions & Memberships

As this site grows additional features which can be subscribed to or which you can join are increasing!

Each of these features is made possible by a third party service or software package. As such it is currently cost prohibitive to have developers get them to all sync their login information with each other.

We therefore recommend that you select a Username/Password that you will use commonly amongst all such features on this site so you only have to remember one Username/Password.

This is also helpful if you use the "remember password" feature in your browser. These browser features are currently only designed to remember one password for each website.

Therefore if you have more than one password for different features a single website your "password remember" feature will cause your logins to fail for any of the features for which it cannot remember their unique passwords.

  • Our Newsletter (FREE)
    Email list only, does not involve logins.
  • Our BLOG (FREE)
    Register and choose Username/Password...
    Eliminates need to provide info and CAPTCHA to comment.
  • Membership Portals (FREE & PAID)
    Join and choose Username/Password.
    Paid levels involve automated monthly love-offerings.

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