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Zeta Body Activation Esoteric Information
by Simeon Chi'Ra

Background Info on the Zeta Body Activation

The name "Zeta Potential" started coming to me back in March of 2010. This name was being given for a very expanded universal "node" related to the formation of First-State Harmonics, consciousness and matter.

This awareness has been coming to me through my connection with the Nardee Network of all unified worlds in all dimensions and universes.

First, I wish to clarify that my use of the term "Zeta Potential" herein relates to a much more expansive dynamic than what our current science uses the term to depict. It is interesting though how the two relate.

Soon I will be writing and teaching more about the universal Zeta Potential based on the revelations that have been forthcoming to me regarding it.

It has been revealed to my awareness how the universal Zeta Potential Node exists within a sub-quantum state and it actually forms and informs the zero-point energy field.

Zero-point energy is therefore one of the primary manifestations of the universal Zeta Potential Node.

For now, relative to this activational session, all you need to be aware of is that there is an access point located in the sub-quantum state of all matter and energy, such as your physical, energy and light bodies, that is the primary connecting node between the differentiated aspects of the manifest universe and the greater field of infinite potential.

Bringing this Zeta Potential Node access point into conscious awareness in a tangible way opens additional pathways of energy and information exchange between the sub-quantum First-State energy field and our physical, energy and light body fields.

This can in turn reset the cosmic clock within the chronos functions of all matter and energy forms. This has the potential to re-calibrate our existing Second State Harmonic field with its inherent noise and distortion.

This re-calibration can involve combinations of transmutation, entrainment and circumvention dynamics. The net result is a merged First and Third State Harmonic matrix which forms our Zeta Body.

The Zeta Body is a manifestation of our fully developed light body at the end of this evolutionary cycle. It is the purity of our Alpha Matrix merged with the wisdom body and self-awreness achieved at our Omega Point less the distortion and noise that was generated during our journey through density and linear time.

How the Zeta Body Activation is Facilitated

This activation is in two parts. Part One is an energetic and informational transmission that attunes, aligns and prepares your sub/unconscious and conscious mind complex so they participate more fully with the higher multi-dimensional work involved in the activation procedure that takes place in Part Two.

Part Two is a guided meditative activational process that utilizes higher level multi-dimensional dynamics existing within Superliminal Worlds of Light on the Cosmic Plane. These dynamics are administered and modulated by specific inner planes agencies that are comprised of various Illumined Celestial and Master Beings.

Key multi-dimensional dynamics and beings that are present in this activation include:

1) The Temple of the Morning Star: is the etheric double of the Great Pyramid which exists geometrically in the form of a double-octahedron.

2) The Zinode Star Chamber: is part of the Temple of the Morning Star's energy field, but exists in a trans-located non-local state in a star region within Orion. Your Zeta Body activation takes place here.

3) The Adonai Kodesh: is a master control matrix associated with the Temple of the Morning Star. This dynamic is in use by the Cosmic and Celestial Councils for re-calibration of the Second Harmonic State to assist it in progressing fully into Third State Harmonics with ease and grace.

This higher-dimensional light-form assumes the geometric shape of a golden cube with a sphere inside it, and within the sphere is a "blue hole" which provides inter-dimensional access.

4) The Theramid:  holds a key to activating the Divine Heart-Seed within our DNA helixes. Once the Divine Heart-Seed is activated through the activity of the Theramid, the etheric envelope for what is being called "the twelve strand DNA" will begin to form in earnest.

This will reconnect our stellar memory circuits so that we can further create light-imaging that is correlative with the divine image and similitude on a biological level.

In short, we will more effectively be able to work in close concert with the Celestials and Cosmic Councils for reprogramming our own biological forms along with the entire planetary genetic database as well.

5) The Key of Thoth: a macro-cosmic vibrational key comprised of seven universal harmonics that are represented by seven correlative Celestial Stations of Light or Inner Planes Agencies/Councils.

Each agency is referred to as one of the "Seven Jewels in the Key of Thoth." The Master Illuminari Thoth administers this entire matrix.

6) The Tashab'va - the Orion Blue Fire Command: one of Seven Jewels in the Key of Thoth.

This agency oversees specific universal dominions, one of which Earth exists within, in order to calibrate and initiate Higher Light vehicles of Intelligence for entry into a process we might call the "White Fire of Christic Transmission" for the benefit of evolving worlds and beings.

This agency has direct access to the Adonai Kodesh described in the third item above.

7) The Zohar Kadiph or Zohar Mages: this agency is another one of the Seven Jewels in the Key of Thoth. This agency works specifically with re-coding the human race through it's Adam Kadmon (First State Harmonics or Purity) Template by forming sub-templates that override and upgrade the Seven Seal master-plate.

This may be accomplished for specific purposes and is usually commissioned by the Elohim Council of Light. This activity takes place under the 'New Dispensation'. The work of the Zohar Kadiph aligns with higher dimensional energy patterns and Divine Thought Forms that are significantly beyond our current planetary evolution.

  Please Note: the original awareness and information regading the Key of Thoth and items 1, 3-7 above are credited to the work of my former partner and dear friend and colleague Maia Alaula Kamala. What you read above is a combination of her work and my own.

As a part of this activation you will be transported dimensionally through a two-stage process into the Zinode Star Chamber in Orion. Then you will receive the Zeta Potential Node activation which offers deep healing processes on levels not often accessed. You will subsequently be given the opportunity for a conscious Zeta Body activation and experience if your Higher Self wishes for this occur.

The Orion Blue Fire Command and the Zohar Kadiph are the primary energies that facilitate tgis process in the Zinode Star Chamber and your Higher Self ihas absolute control of all processes that are being offered you.

The Zeta Body Activation is available as a pre-recorded Zeta Body Activation MP3 Package

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