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2012 Year of Power
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Article
by Simeon Chi'Ra 1/13/12

The Metatronic Councils of Light are sending through a very clear and strong message now that 2012 is a Year of Power. To be more exact, it is a Year of New Earth Power building strength and momentum within our collective consciousness.

New Earth power, is power based in universally aware forms of love. I have been referring to this as Oneness Love ever since Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na used that term with me some time back.

Regardless of what we choose to call it, this is a love energy which is expressed, guided and directed by a more universally aware consciousness. We all have a vision in our hearts of what the ultimate goal is in this regard. This vision is taking us forward, informing us, and keeping us motivated. It is the point of light in the distance that we are aiming for so to speak.

Yet it is vitally important to realize this whole movement of our collective into universally aware Oneness Love is just that, a movement. It is therefore not an event. The movement is also relative. Einstein's theory of relativity points to a basic operative principle in Reality itself.

This principle is that everything is relative to everything else. I would add that it is relative UNTIL you reach the Absolute. At that point, however, we are no longer seeking ascension of anything. For all intents and purposes then, everything is relative!

This principle is also applicable to the forward movement of our collective consciousness into a New Earth power founded in universally aware love, or Oneness Love. In other words, all aspects of our collective consciousness are moving in this direction when viewed from the bigger picture... even though relative to each other it may not appear that way.

An apt analogy would be to think of this movement as a large river flowing from deep within the solidity of a continent out towards the fluidity of the sea. Not all the molecules of water in that river will be heading towards the sea at the same rate of speed and flow. Nor will they all be headed in the same exact direction relative to each other at any given time.

There are slower shore waters, swifter center of the stream waters, surface waters, bottom waters, and many eddies and currents in that river. In the end, however, all of those molecules of water will eventually wind up in the sea. Even those molecules that evaporate, or are consumed by creatures or plants, or flow into underground aquifers, will take a path that eventually leads to the sea.

In like manner, every human being on our planet is a molecule within the river of collective consciousness heading into the greater sea of Oneness Love. It takes all those molecules flowing in all those different currents and waters to comprise the river which gives them clear passage to the sea.

We need to stay aware of this principle of relativity and stay clear of judgment whenever we perceive that someone or something is not moving in the right direction, or is maybe going backward or resisting the flow. Doing so will help us experience our unique journey as the molecules of water that comprise the swift and direct flowing current in the center of the river.

It is this swift central current that generates the power and energy to bring all the other waters out into the sea of Oneness Love! It is this swift powerful current that generates the New Earth Oneness Love power for 2012 and beyond!

The recent 1/11 Trust in Love workshop was awesome for experiencing the Quantum Shift into this New Earth Oneness Love Power. We taught some valuable tools to help you stay in that swift central current. Nothing takes you out of it faster than the old fear-pain patterns. In this workshop I teach you how to shift from fear-pain to love.

The process I teach and use is a tool you can use to keep making those shifts continually. If you do that, it will not be long before you will be more continually living in Oneness Love, which is your true nature.

This workshop's video has been GREATLY enhanced, edited and revised. It's quality is much better than a standard unedited online workshop video. It is now also broken into two parts to make downloading it easier, and re-access of Part 2 much more feasible.

It is available in hi-res 1280 x 800 WMV and it can also can be viewed in a streaming media player online. It comes with a 21 page PDF workshop manual and an exquisite hi-res energy-art (poster size quality) like the energy-art image at top of this article and which was used in the workshop!

The sacred geometry in that energy-art was done by my brother in Oneness Love, RayMond Tao'Ra. It took him weeks to do that design! I then turned it into energy-art in a few hours. It is a 9 Dimensional New Earth Heart Temple!

Make a dedication to do the Trust in Love video workshop and learn how to reliably make the Quantum Shift from fear-pain to love and enjoy the swift flowing current heading into the sea of Oneness Love!

Trust in Love Video Workshop
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