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2011 New Year's Message
'Breaking Out of Time'
by Simeon Chi'Ra 12/31/10

In looking back on 2010 I am totally amazed at all that happened in the course of one year and on so many levels. I have heard this from many others as well. Truly, 2010 has well-demonstrated the illusions of linear time more than any other I have experienced in this 'current' incarnation on Earth.

The whole concept of a 'new year' is based on linear time. Linear time is based on celestial cycles such as the Earth's annual orbit about the Sun, and the Moon's orbit around the Earth.

For convenience we very clever humans have thus devised calender systems that are fundamentally based on these celestial cycles but which introduce various forms of deviation. Most of you reading this message have likely already become quite aware of these deviations and have done various things in your life to get back into sync with the natural rhythms of solar-lunar celestial time.

There are also larger celestial cycles as well. We could say that we have galactic time for instance in terms of the orbit of our solar system around the galactic core. Then there would be even larger cycles yet which for the most part have not been properly identified.

Much has been said by me and others regarding galactic time and systems which identify these larger cycles such as the Mayan Calendar. Ironically enough, what I have become increasing more aware of throughout this last year is that the galactic and universal time cycles the Mayan Calendar identifies are in and of themselves beckoning us to release even those larger 'time' reference points.

The movement of expanding awareness we are in is all about the NOW. So much has been said about the 'now' by so many people including myself over the years. This intellectual awareness has to become a realization at a very deep level. This is happening to everyone at whatever level they are at. Everyone is moving forward into a stronger anchoring in the Sacred NOW.

HOW we experience this movement towards a deeper anchoring within the NOW is dependent upon many things, not the least of which is how freely we are able to move with the expansion. Any place we feel pain or suffering taking place within us is a gift in that it is the Great Love showing us where we are stuck in some sort of resistance. This is an act of Divine Grace itself even if it does not feel that way at the time.

Without this important feedback mechanism we would have the ability as Creator Beings to actually make our state of separative experience eternal. The Great Love we are part of does not desire that. We have a limited range of human free will in this sense. The Great Love aspect of our beingness is there to embrace us back into Oneness and wholeness after our journey through density of form to expand the Great Love's beauty and radiance for all beings eternally.

It is this action of loving embrace towards wholeness and Oneness that underlies everything we see and experience within ourselves and our world which seems to be going "wrong." As such, one of the main ingredients of successfully navigating this rapidly moving evolutionary continuum is to continually strive to align our awareness and perceptual focus to this one very important understanding. Doing so is the ultimate in Divine Alchemy.

This is the underlying concept behind what Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len -- of the Self-Identity Through Ho'oponopono teachings -- means when he says "the moment you make something wrong you are stuck." Contemplate this for a moment very deeply.

It speaks to judgment, but in a unique way. It is addressing the root of judgment which is to make something out to be wrong in our minds. The very act of making things out to be somehow wrong in our minds actually also feeds the energy and brings it into manifestation within us as well.

So long as we are doing this on any level of our minds (which includes our feelings); unconscious, subconscious, conscious or para-conscious, we are placing a separative barrier or wall between ourselves and other aspects of the holistic Oneness and that is what we will then continue to experience.

The ways in which this awareness is attempting to manifest in our lives is almost infinite. The Great Love will bring this awareness to us in the perfect way and we are all unique in our differentiated expressions on Earth.

So how can we most easily and efficiently correct this issue and align our various levels of mind/feeling to the activity and truth of the Great Love aspect of our being?

The most powerful and direct means I know for accomplishing this is to endeavor to always be aware that any energy I experience within myself which seems to be originating from "out there" someplace is actually being generated within me in response to that external trigger. What I experience within myself is based entirely upon my own perceptions of whatever it is, pleasing, painful, neutral and/or all colors and shades of these primary colors.

This approach does not negate the fact that there are external energies present. It simply takes our experience of them into a much more expanded and empowered place. This is in fact the ultimate mechanism for performing the supreme New Earth Alchemy.

When we accomplish the adjustment of our perceptions of anything so that we have eliminated any "make wrong" and can therefore see and experience the Divine in all, we then have access to the infinite power of the universe within our True Selves, and that actually changes the nature of the energy that is external to us as well.

This is the ONLY mechanism by which Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len was able to heal all the patients of the Hawaii State Mental Hospital on Oahu, a facility for the criminally insane. This is a matter of state historical record.

No standard therapy was ever performed. He never once 'saw' any of those patients in a clinical setting. He never once required THEM to do anything. He simply reconciled it all between himself and Divinity -- "there is no out there." This was and is an extraordinary demonstration of the power we have within us and the key to accessing it is revealed very clearly in his approach.

This is my New Year's message which breaks out of limited time cycles of any duration. It is the most powerful thing I have to share with you.

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