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2015 Year of Surrender and Trust
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2015 ~ Year of Surrender & Trust
by Simeon Chi'Ra 01/01/15
w/ 7D Solar High Priestess Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na

In 2012 the Metatronic Councils of Light referred to that year as the "Year of Power," 2013 as the "Year of Divine Grace," then 2014 as the "Year of Reconciliation."

Now, here in 2015 they are referring to this as the "Year of Surrender & Trust." Our lovely 7D Solar High Priestess from the Temple of La'kina has provided us with a transmission to help us better align ourselves with what this dynamic in 2015 truly offers us in terms of consciousness evolution on Earth.

Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na: my beloveds, your collective soul has broken through the constraints of three dimensional time-space as of 11:11:11. Paradoxically, it will take some further linear time for this to become more a part of your experience. Yet there are a myriad things that have been occurring in your world that represent the nature of time expanding into its true spherical and holographic form.

This linear time break-out opened the door for the immense infusion of essential power your collective experienced in 2012, and which brought forth many age-old patterns of limitation to be reconciled (2014) with that power through the Law of Grace (2013), and ultimately its Infinite Source... which is one and the same as the Source of your very own being.

All of these dynamics are still unfolding, for these yearly dynamics I have been naming are not really a linear progression, but rather a highlighting of particular aspects of an overall holographic expansion. There are numerous factors that cause such highlighting to occur.

One of these factors is the astrological energetics that will be taking place during the course of a given annual solar cycle on Earth. There are additionally very powerful galactic and inter-galactic energetics and alignments that are not usually identified by your Earthen forms of astrology. Yet another factor is the moment to moment overall response of your Earth's collective consciousness to these energetic cosmic factors.

All of these factor's dynamics are constantly monitored by the Metatronic Councils of Light my beloveds. There are various fields of potential that emerge naturally as a result of these combined factors, and the Metatronic Councils of Light will then add impetus from within their own field of awareness and beingness to amplify these potentials as an aid to humanity's consciousness evolution on Earth.

This is somewhat like helping you surf these cosmic waves by alchemically modulating them so they are the most perfect waves that are possible, and then teaching you the best moves to make on your cosmic surfboard to ride these perfected waves successfully into the shores of the New Earth of your dreams.

Surrender and trust are the potentials you are offered most prominently in the solar cycle that 2015 represents on your Gregorian calendar. Surrender is a term with a lot of connotations and it therefore must be properly understood to be able to optimize your ability to ride it's perfect wave in superb cosmic style, my beloveds.

There are three basic octaves in the energy of surrender. The first or more limited octave involves surrender to what is, but in a limited fashion. This particular dynamic of surrender usually does very little to liberate you from the limited level of reality in which you have surrendered.

The second octave or unlimited form of surrender involves surrendering to the potential of a given circumstance or situation. To the degree that this is actually accomplished, your consciousness is indeed liberated from the confines of the reality in which the surrender-triggering circumstances occurred.

It is also possible, my beloveds, to liberate a portion of your consciousness during surrender while another portion still remains confined. This is what occurs in a partial surrender to the potential offered in a situation of circumstance.

In the current moment of your collective evolution it is still quite rare that a soul truly surrenders fully to the potential being offered in adverse circumstances. For those souls in your collective that are riding the leading edge of consciousness evolution it occurs more frequently.

Yet, most of the time it is still occurring within the lower octave of surrender, or it is in part a surrender to the potential and in part a surrender to the limitations causing somewhat of a painful split.

When a portion of your being becomes liberated and another portion is still caught in the prison of limitations there is indeed a type of consciousness split that occurs. It creates a chasm that you must then straddle for a time, and this adds additional stress into your bio-energetic system. This often heightens your sense of duality and separation even though more of your being has actually found union.

This is a very large area that could be explored further, my beloveds. For now, to send you into your New Year of 2015 with some additional awareness and tools, I wish for you to know some basics regarding how to surrender as fully as possible into the potential of a situation or circumstance.

This involves the following steps, my beloveds...

1) Cultivate the self-awareness needed to consciously know when you are about to surrender. This often happens unconsciously when it is in the first or lower octave of surrender.

2) Develop a deeper understanding of what limitation and potential FEEL like within your body and being.

3) Learn to consciously choose the feeling of potential when you surrender.

4) Witness the reality shift that occurs directly after surrendering to the potential, acknowledge it, and say "YES" to being there in that feeling continually.

Some further explanations on these 4 steps, my beloveds...

i) Unconscious surrender to limitation occurs sort of automatically within most humans on your planet right now. It is part of the old paradigm program of "I can endure this."

This type of behavior is even worshiped and honored as a valuable human characteristic to have. It has its merits, but you will do better to expand beyond it now my beloveds.

This limited dynamic has been called many things by many people over time. Some common terms have been "soldiering," "where there is a will there is a way," "when the going gets tough the tough get going," and so forth.

Identify how it manifests for you, and become as self-aware as possible when this dynamic arises to help you survive something adverse or difficult.

ii) When you are about to surrender to the limitations of a situation, there will be a constricted energy and a feeling of tenseness in the body.

There are times when the tenseness may be interpreted as "getting ready" for what must be done and thus perceived as a positive indication. It therefore takes some time to learn to stop long enough to sense things at a subtler level when you are faced with a situation where your survival program is wanting to surrender to the limitation and just forge on ahead to get it all behind you.

You will indeed get it behind you this way, my beloveds, but you also set up a vibrational field that will continue to pull more of the same into your life wave according to the Law of Vibration (also called the Law of Attraction).

So how do you know the feeling of potential?

What might the potential of any given situation actually be?

Understanding the answer to these questions, my beloveds, will be what ultimately liberates you! Every situation or circumstance of course has its own potential on the dualistic plane of reality you find yourselves embodied within.

However, you need not concern yourself with such details, for attempting to ascertain them will divert you from surrendering into the highest potential and may cause you to lose your way in the field of duality whereby you surrender, at least in part, to the limitations of the situation once again.

Instead, you simply need to know that there is one single universal potential offered in every adverse circumstance or situation you may ever encounter in your life. This is the potential of participating more fully with your True Soul-Self of Pure Love.

In doing so my beloveds, you then will also experience more of that larger more expansive part of who you truly are right in the midst of any difficult circumstance that life has delivered to your doorstep to be dealt with.

It is therefore imperative that you understand what type of feeling is generated in your body and being when you are focused on this universal potential.

iii) Once you are aware that you are about to surrender in a difficult situation, and you have a deeper sense of what both limitation and potential feel like, then you must learn to make a conscious choice. In time, this will become a light-engendered habit you need not think about consciously.

However, it will take awhile for this to occur wherein the neural and epigenetic programming in your body has been sufficiently re-entrained to the potential so that it occurs autonomously even in the most difficult and challenging of circumstances.

I therefore encourage you to stay with the process of conscious choice for a good long while. You will simply know very solidly when that is no longer needed. Release all plans or ideas for how long it might take. Be fully willing to make the conscious choice for the remainder of your days on Earth if need be.

Making a conscious choice creates a power of intention that rides along like an energy amplifier on the choice that is made and the energy that flows in its direction.

Because of this my beloveds, I recommend that you feel into BOTH the limitation (first) and then the potential (second). Then make your choice to head towards the potential and consciously affirm in your mind that is what you are doing.

When this is truly accomplished you will feel a different energy enter your body and being. You may still be faced with adverse circumstances to be dealt with, but HOW you engage them has now been greatly altered. You will flow from Pure Love through them and you may wonder why it seemed so difficult in the first place!

iv) Now that you have felt a shift into potential, it is important to take a moment to acknowledge and witness it. You can do this by focusing on the expanded feeling it has brought into your body and being, and by breathing that feeling in and out through your heart 3x (or more) to make it stronger.

While you are doing that communicate something positive and affirmative to the God of YOUR BEING, something such as...

"YES, this is the energy feeling reality I command to always be in my life experience on Earth!

I mentioned that there are three octaves of the energy of surrender. I have thus far given you some insights and awareness regarding the first two octaves. Achieving some level of understanding and success at the second octave of surrender opens the door to also being able to operate within it's third octave.

The third octave is surrender to the unknown.

In a sense, the idea of the unknown is ultimately an illusion because there is always a part of you that knows what is happening and why, and it also knows all the possibilities of where such a surrender might lead you. It's just that your conscious self may not know much if any of this, so from that level of your being you surrender to the unknown.

This awareness and knowledge is also your means to achieving a surrender to the unknown and its full potential. Therefore, as you can now surmise, the third octave is a furtherance of the second octave, rather than forming a dichotomy with it as the second octave does with the first octave of surrender.

All of the steps and their respective explanations which I gave you for the first and second octaves of surrender still apply here in the third octave, my beloveds.

However, the full potential of surrendering to the unknown in the third octave is not countered with a limitation in the same way as it is in the second octave. Therefore, the 2nd step with sensing the limitation versus the potential in your body and being must be modified for this level of surrender.

You are surrendering here in the third octave to possibilities and probabilities beyond your conscious grasp of reality. Therefore, this third octave of surrender also must embody implicit trust.

It is only in trusting that there is in fact a part of your very own being that knows exactly where you are, where you are going, and how you will get there, that your forward movement of surrendering to this type of unknown potential can truly succeed.

This then is the modification that is needed. When you are faced with a situation whereby all efforts to bring something about have not worked out, and you know that you must somehow break through into an entirely new level of awareness and perception to move forward, you stand on the edge of the high precipice of a third octave surrender.

The limitation present here can only be defined by a lack of trust. This is not a blind trust or faith that is required either, my beloveds. It is a solid inner trust developed through closely listening and following your inner voice through increasingly challenging circumstances over time.

What you must sense in this third octave of surrender is thus the feeling of trust, or the void where it does not exist. Fear comes out of that void, but the void cannot be found if fear is present, and fear does not define it. The void is causal to the fear, and not the other way around.

If fear is present, you must work with the second octave of surrender to surmount the fear first. Once that has been sufficiently accomplished then you can move into the third octave and surrender to the unknown from a place of trust.

You will be sensing into your body and being looking for the feeling of trust in the larger part of you that knows all you need to know. Then, you use the methods imparted in the steps previously to surrender to that feeling and the energy and consciousness it represents.

If all you can feel is a void without trust (not fear), then you must develop that trust. You may use the following choice statement affirmations or similar to develop this over time...

I choose to trust and affirm that there is a very expansive part of my very own being that always knows all that is necessary.

Once you develop enough trust in your own God Self, you will begin to enjoy a conscious awareness that incorporates at least some of it's expansive knowing and awareness.

Again, the trust you need is that there is a part of your very own being that knows exactly what it is doing at all times. That is very difficult for many humans to understand and accept at the depths necessary to achieve a successful third octave surrender to the unknown.

You see my beloveds, what is taking place here is that when you trust deeply enough that some part of you is in charge and knows exactly what it is doing, then the unknown is no longer really the unknown, is it?

At that point, you may not know the details, but you will indeed have a sense of possibility unfolding, and so the unknown is vanquished from your heart.

In Surrender to the Full Potential of Love, Life and Reality,
I AM Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na
7D Solar High Priestess ~ Temple of La'kina

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