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2014 ~ Year of Reconciliation and Harmonization
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Year of Reconciliation
by Simeon Chi'Ra 01/09/14
w/ 7D Solar High Priestess Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na

In 2012, the Metatronic Councils of Light referred to that year as "The Year of Power." Then they referred to 2013 as the "Year of Divine Grace." Now in 2014 Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na has a message for us wherein she refers to this new year of 2014 as the "Year of Reconciliation."

Shi'Ra also relates how these three years (2012, 2013, 2014), and the dynamics embodied in their respective "names" as given by the Metatronic Councils of Light, can be related to and experienced as part of a macro-cosmic perspective and movement of consciousness. One which has the potential to expand our "NOW MOMENT" and awareness rather significantly.

Sooo... activate your spandex brain vibes and read on and take Shi'Ra's transmission deeply into your being...

Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na: my beloveds, reconciliation is a dynamic which is ultimately about harmonization of two or more energies or elements of reality.

In 2012, there was a very great power that was made available to the planetary collectives on Earth that had not been fully available at any time previous in your planet's history. How humanity assimilates this power and takes responsibility for it will be unfolding for some time.

Right now, it is easy to witness the rapidly growing divide between those who would use this expanded power for their own self gain without concern for others or the environment that sustains them, and those who would diligently attempt to use it for the benefit of all. This growing divide will intensify for awhile, then it will begin to dissolve. I will address this more fully in future transmissions.

Following the release of this greater power in 2012 was also an intensified outreach to the human collective on Earth by Masters, angelics, celestials and myriads of other beings from the Nardee Network of all unified worlds beginning in 2013.

This outreach was empowered within the Law of Grace, which in its core essence amplifies each effort made by any soul being to align and harmonize all aspects of its incarnated nature to its Source Essence.

This 2013 outreach empowered by the Law of Grace is still unfolding as is the release of power which was initiated in 2012. It is thus that a greater harmonization between the limited and unlimited aspects of your beingness is rapidly becoming much more easily attainable for those who are aware enough to understand the need for such harmonization and who believe it is possible.

This new year of 2014 on your linear time line thus commences a furtherance of what was initiated in 2012-2013 by deepening the reconciliation and harmonization of all aspects of beingness and reality that still experience the pain of separation from their Source and the resultant dissonance with other aspects of beingness and reality.

The Masters, angelics, celestials and myriads of other beings from the Nardee Network of all unified worlds that have made such a profound outreach to extend the dynamic of grace to the human collective, also offer the very substance of their beings as a bridge to help Earth's collectives reconcile and harmonize with their Source and each other.

My beloveds, many on Earth will not move in this direction, but will instead choose to perpetuate their separative realities. Those whose limitations of consciousness and resultant actions cause great suffering for others on your planet also suffer greatly inside of themselves.

However, they often do not realize their own suffering until their separative reality crumbles around them. As this occurs...

First, these souls will fight furiously to maintain their separative realities.

Second, many of these beings will then begin to re-capitulate to try and save face in some manner.

Third, those who entered the second step will begin to see through different eyes and their hearts will begin an activation of their Divine Heart Seed.

Fourth, those who have entered into activation of the Divine Heart Seed will join the movement to develop a New Earth with you.

There will also be those beings who will not choose to enter in the second stage of re-capitulation. These beings will gradually withdraw from the Earthen experience and begin incarnational cycles in other worlds. This will be experienced as a joyful movement for them. This too, my beloveds, is as a result of the Law of Divine Grace.

The Masters, angelics, celestials and myriads of other beings from the Nardee Network of all unified worlds that have made such a profound outreach to extend the dynamic of grace to the human collective will assist them in their transitions to new worlds. Many will incarnate both in the Earth and their new worlds for a time as a part of this process, and this has already begun.

My beloveds, it is vitally important to be self-aware now more than ever. Do not judge those who are choosing to try and maintain their separative realities. Extend compassion to them as well as to those who suffer as a result of their actions.

To send these struggling beings any energies of judgment, frustration, anger or hate will only serve to strengthen their separative energies on planet Earth. Send them love, compassion and understanding instead. Ask that they receive the expanded awareness that they need to see the Golden Path that is available to them, whether that takes them into staying on to co-create the New Earth with you, or to another world to begin a new cycle that will bring their soul joy. Invite them from within your hearts to walk that Golden Path.

In this way, my beloveds, not only will you help the process of reconciliation and harmonization on Earth collectively, you will also reconcile and harmonize your human beingness with your Source... your Soul-Self of Pure Love and Awareness.

In the Power of Grace and Harmony,
I AM Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na

7th Dimensional Solar High Priestess
Master of the Divine Tone
Temple of La'kina

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