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Nardee Network of all unified worlds.
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Nardee Network of Unified Worlds
by Simeon Chi'Ra 05/28/13

Back in early 2010 I brought through some initial information from the Metatronic Councils of Light regarding what they were referring to as the "Nardee and Uma Networks."

I thought at the time I was going to be working quite prominently with this Nardee energy but that did not occur. I do believe that it is now emerging, and as you read on you will get a much better sense of why. You may wish to read my original article before continuing if you are not familiar with it.

The new energy-art above is an energetic LOGOS for the Nardee Network! Use it to tune into this energy and help start the Oneness Bliss Waves flowing through your body, heart, mind and being... which means on planet Earth!

The Nardee Network is a collective of worlds that have achieved unification, or what the Metatronic Councils of Light are referring to as "UMA." Unification is a multi-tiered process that unfolds over vast epochs of time, at least in our human sense of time.

Within any world collective consciousness system there will be beings who are "openers of the way." They will be working with developing unity consciousness within themselves in that world system long before the rest of their collective has enough awareness to consciously engage.

Eventually all beings in that world's collective consciousness will have come to a point of unification within themselves and with the other members of their collective. As this occurs the entire collective unifies within itself. It begins to live and breath unity and cooperation. This is where that collective achieves UMA at its first level or octave of expression.

Uma is a "word" in a star tribe language commonly used in the Nardee Network which roughly means, "completion, each time our spiral turns back in upon itself." It is therefore a very complex and expansive higher-dimensional thought-form that speaks to recursive cycles of unification that occur.

The Metatronic Councils indicate that "UMA" can also be seen as an acronym for "Unity Matrix Activation." There are numerous levels possible to this activation. Once a world collective unifies within itself it enters into unimanity with the Nardee Network of all unified worlds.

Then another level of unification begins to develop. The beings in that unified world have learned to be unified amongst themselves. Yet now, they will also need to take that another step further and unify with beings in other worlds that are vastly different than they are in every way imaginable.

All the beings of the Nardee Network, comprised of all unified worlds in all dimensions of the multi-verse, of planetary and non-planetary worlds... are now working with and through the Metatronic Councils of Light to establish a more powerful inter-connective web of unification with us and our collective on Earth.

The Metatronic Councils of Light are indicating that never before has there been such a massive concerted effort across all dimensions and space-time parallel reality constructs in the multi-verse to weave an experiential fabric of unity and oneness.

Not only are we entering a new Time of the Light on Earth, the entire fabric of the manifest multi-verse is also entering into a new Time of the Light. The Metatronic Councils of Light indicate that an enormous number of world collectives who have just achieved their UMA are now joining the Nardee Network.

As you are reading this, see if you can feel and sense the massive hologram of evolutionary wisdom formed by all the unified worlds of the Nardee Network. Wisdom from aeons of time with myriads of worlds in multitudes of various reality constructs and dimensions of time-space working through their own spiral of evolution to finally reach unification as a collective of consciousness.

This is an incredibly expansive hologram, and we will have our own planetary knowledge-form and wisdom to contribute to it as we move forward into realizing our own UMA.

Yet, there is also an immense degree of knowledge and wisdom within the Nardee hologram right now that we can access and use to accelerate our own unification process. In the first of my new webinar transmission series, Oneness Bliss Wave ~ Quanta 1, we will be connecting with two specific groupings of beings from the Nardee Network to receive the unique light-encodings they have to offer each of us as representatives of our collective on Earth.

The Metatronic Councils of Light working for the evolution of consciousness on Earth are serving as an interface to help us connect more completely with this amazing unity consciousness field. The energy is very powerful, but in a very love-oriented way that truly melts any inner ice that may be remaining!

The feeling of myriads upon myriads of beings who know unity in their respective worlds sending their unifying heart-love rays into your heart is beyond description. I had to stop numerous times while working to bring through what I have thus far for the first video because it felt so incredible I just had to be with it and let the tears of joy flow.

This is what the Oneness Bliss Wave energy is. It emanates from within the core of our own being. Yet when you have this many beings focusing on that energy and amplifying it for themselves and you, it is an amazing experience. The intent of these Oneness Bliss Wave transmissions is to experience this energy over and over again until it completely re-programs our DNA to its natural state of oneness and bliss! Meanwhile, we are experiencing Oneness and Bliss as our "work"! It doesn't get much better than that!

Many of you have experienced powerful energies of all sorts with my online transmissions over the years. Yet, this is the crème de la crème of them all. The work we have been doing has been preparation to interface with these energies and experience our natural state of Oneness and Bliss while still in a human body on Earth.

As we engage this energy and achieve greater unity consciousness resonance within ourselves, we are also providing a powerful unifying influence to our collective to help it achieve its UMA.

This new series of transmissions is also a VERY different energy! It is so free flowing and embracing.

Jump into the Oneness Bliss Waves with us to transform ourselves and our Earth so we know Oneness and Bliss experientially much more completely and sustainably... it IS possible!!!

Oneness Bliss Wave ~ Quanta 1 Video
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