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Gateway to End of Forver
'Gateway at the Edge of Forever' by Jen Lee of Fae Haven Studios
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Gateway to Forever
by Simeon Chi'Ra 04/18/13

Gateway to Forever is how the Trinary Logica Quanta 4 transmission truly feels! It wold be hard to realize just how much of a leap into a new quantum energy orbit this transmission is without experiencing it!

Then I found this info from my friend Cayelin Castell, of Shamanic Astrology Mystery School and Celestial Timings:

Mercury’s wisdom combined with Pluto’s relentless excavation of the shadow, especially the wisdom of ancient ways that have been disowned and denied are being brought to greater awareness. A message... of the importance of reconnecting with the Celestial Realms and how that will bring us greater understanding (Mercury).

…cosmologies, marked in stone (and written on paper), show that there existed a direct interconnection with the higher heavens. These codes indicate a greater cosmology that we will once again understand…

It is time for whatever is standing in the way of our ability to perceive the New Earth to now be recycled or composted. Change is often chaotic and scary. By embracing the possibility of a new reality through the evolution of the mind as a tool of the divine, rather than being what interferes with a direct connection to these mysteries due to false beliefs and perceptions, is the opportunity and the miracle before us.

Taking time to have a direct connection with the heavens, stars and planets is a great way to help facilitate an empowered shift in perspective. When we change how we perceive our reality, our reality changes.

Cayelin states that very well indeed! I might add that even the "wisdom of the anicient ways" is subject to "Pluto's relentless excavation of the shadow." Our interpretations of ancient wisdom, and even the ancient's understandings themselves, are often quite limited compared to what is actually available to us right now.

I would also add that in addition to being "marked in stone (and written on paper)" these cosmologies are imprinted in our very own DNA. This is true of both the old wisdom and that which ushers us into our future.

Some of this future wisdom involves the alchemical extraction of ancient wisdom. Yet, another aspect of it involves activating entirely new wisdom codes that have never been made manifest here on Earth before. Ultimately, a bridge between these two wisdom domains must be built!

OK, now some more goodies!

In this transmission you can expand your awareness of and experience the following:

  • The three "souls" of our evolution: Sentience, Intellect and Consciousness.
  • The purpose our Intellect is really meant to serve.
  • How Sentience, Intellect and Consciousness are the 3 "lasers" which form the Self of the New Earth Holographic Human.
  • The nature of True Power.
  • How unification connects us more strongly into the unlimited and infinite energy system of the universe.
  • Our built-in resistance to infinite unification and how to transcend it.
  • How paradoxes are actually holograms.
  • Resolving the paradoxes of Directionless Direction and Non-linear Linearity.
  • True-Self guiding you via subtle energy, how to follow it.
  • Dealing with linear ego-mind's interference.
  • Life as a New Earth Holographic Human.
  • Process for further integrating the logic of love and oneness (Trinary Logica).
  • Downloading Core Consciousness Frequency Programs necessary for experiencing life as a Holographic Human on Earth.
  • Experience a process with Ascended Master Lord Menon in the 7th dimensional Tre'Mas Zada Holos Chamber.
  • Experience the Zada Pillar of Zohar Light in the 7D Tre'Mas Holos Chamber.
  • Expand awareness of SELF in self within the 7D Tre'Mas Holos Chamber.
  • Experience an immensely deep and loving gift of mirroring one of your hidden qualities from our New Earth Mother Gaia'An'Ma.

Just feel those powerful energy vibes!

Vibrate your awesome self just a bit below and click to download this video transmission!

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