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2013 ~ Year of Divine Grace

2013 ~ Year of Divine Grace
by Simeon Chi'Ra 01/09/13

The Metatronic Councils of Light called 2012 a "Year of Power" back in January 2012. It was a year where we were bringing in a significant quotient of our higher light power to be integrated more completely within our human experience.

Many people experienced 2012 in a way whereby the patterns of energy and consciousness that limited their their higher power were dramatically brought up for review and transformation. This was a main theme for 2012 although it is of course not limited to 2012.

2013 is being referred to as a "Year of Divine Grace" by the Metatronic Councils of Light and I will address this theme in various ways throughout the course of this year. As we move through this year many people will begin to experience a greater degree of ease and grace in the way in which things they have been dreaming of, envisioning and desiring moving into manifestation in their lives.

We may also be faced with any limiting patterns that have been keeping us from experiencing the benefits of Divine Grace to clear our path forward into the greater field of Grace.

The cosmic portal of 12:21:12 ushered us through a major passage in consciousness which may take many years for us to fully grok. We now have access to an expanded capacity to process multi-dimensional energy through our brain-mind-body complex.

Those of us who are able to make use of this additional capacity will find that many things which have seemed to elude us previously will become increasingly attainable as we move forward through 2013.

There is a major keynote to make this work for us too. It is the Law of Grace. When we open ourselves to be a vehicle of Divine Grace for others we then also receive a measure of Divine Grace ourselves.

Metaphysically speaking, it is a simple energy and consciousness law in the universe. The way energy and consciousness works is anything but mysterious. It follows very well-defined vibrational laws. It only seems mysterious when we do not understand how it works.

If you truly open to be a channel of Divine Grace it flows through you and you then benefit as well. If you have tried this and it did not seem to work there are reasons for that, see what I have to say near the end of this article.

Having an increased ability to process multi-dimensional energy through our brain-mind-body system also increases our capacity for compassion. Universal compassion is a very expanded state of consciousness which bridges across all the limited boundaries our minds may have created.

Therefore, we can more directly participate in and benefit from the potential that 2013 as a Year of Divine Grace may offer by fine-tuning our personality and character to be more compassionate towards all others and being a more expansive, open and clear channel of Divine Grace.

Another aspect of this dynamic of Grace involves accessing subtler and more expanded fields of self-awareness which allow us to SEE much better what it is that limits us... that is Divine Grace. We will thus have much greater capacity available to us for witnessing ourselves and therefore eliminating our projections upon something or someone external to us as being responsible for what we are experiencing. This increased self-awareness capacity tags along with the increased multi-dimensional processing potentials available now.

To access these expanded multi-dimensional processing capacities requires that we really let go of our old way of doing things now. Particularly the old patterns of pushing ourselves and others real hard to get things done. These types of old patterns can prevent us from accessing this new potential for multi-dimensional processing.

These old limiting patterns have posed this problem to us all along to be sure as we well know. However, now with the increased capacity available to us the cost of reverting to using those old patterns versus figuring out how to use some new ones is far, far greater.

This is therefore a perfect time to be taking a bit of time to observe yourself and learn how to work with some truly new patterns. If old patterns seem to plague you and you cannot figure out how to get past them I am available to help you with my Quantum Miracles session work.

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