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Cosmic Webinar
Energy Transmissions Feedback
Participants Share Their Experiences

(02/12/12 ~ Temple of Ona'Ra Transmission) Dear Simeon, thank you so much for your intensive Webinar and the re connection to Solar Archangel Menon. I felt like freezing cold in being pulled into parallel dimensions - only your voice, which I hardly was able to follow, kept me like a thin string connected within the group, to you and to Lord Menon.

I do not remember much, I surrendered totally in front of Lord Menon, I took Mother Gaia's words in gratitude and with a "So it shall be". What did I promise? Menon knows. I continue to repeat "I choose ONENESS LOVE, I am Oneness love, for my Self and for all humanity". And so it is.

With love and in gratitude for being with us. ~ Karin Ra'Nah Meyer-Reumann, Dubai UAE

(02/12/12 ~ Temple of Ona'Ra Transmission) Hi Simeon, that was a fantastic webinar! Thank you so much. The feeling or reality of Ona'Ra came through quite nicely. I especially liked how you described its nature in greater detail. Since you introduced it, I've been working with it, with Mother Earth as well. My perception has been of multiple suns that are "stacked" and all converging into or with that One Sun or Souce Light ("behind" all the other suns). I like the flower analogy of the many universes as petals connected into the One Sun. And, of couse, everything reverbates throughout the entire network or Cosmos. It's why, Simeon, I perceive that we are on the threshold of a Grand Cosmic Leap for all of Creation as so many cycles that are tangent to each other are poised for completion and shifting.

RayMond's sacred geometry of the Ona'verse is spectacular (hi-re download included with video)! Yes, he has quite a talent for capturing the essence of these realities in geometrical format. That graphic is so beautiful and satisfying to look at. I could almost feel segments of myself "filling in" as I gazed at the picture. I also very much appreciated Master Menon's message and his words about Jeshua. I will revisit his message soon since there's more I wish to consciously integrate. I'm so glad Master Menon was a strong presence in this webinar. His perspective is quite valuable and a wonderful balance to Shi'Ra's perspective/energy...

My focus always is to work in tandem with Spirit and Source Essence. Every once in a while, it's hard to tell if there are true positive effects occurring from all of the efforts made. However, I believe you spoke to that during the webinar -- about trusting the higher order of things, even when we don't understand with our logical minds.

Many thanks and heart wishes to you for a beautiful, love-filled Valentine's Day!! I know we do make a difference in our choice to follow this path for the greatest good of all -- to create this New World/ New Reality for All. Love is the substance of everything at its core. Many beautiful blessings to you. ~ Christine, CA, USA

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(02/12/12 ~ Temple of Ona'Ra Transmission) Wow..that was a most beautiful and fulfilling event! I had many experiences last week preparing me for this, which I figured out during the event!

Your art was over the top inspiring and the climax was beyond words... I was grateful for you and Karen Ani'Ra's humor at the end... your vibration together is so sweet and pure. I am grateful for your sharing that with us!! Thank you for all the light you bring to this time-space continuum. It is an honor to be invited to your party!!!
Namaste! ~ Kate L, ID, USA

(02/12/12 ~ Temple of Ona'Ra Transmission) Hi Simeon Chi'Ra, thank you for the webinar! I feel strengthened by it on many levels - and looking forward to experiencing it again... Karen Ani'Ra is sublime, her presence is warm, adorable, open-hearted (i 'see' lush green, deeply saturated magical misty forest green scape), loving, expansive... and sweet to hear you two laughing together at the end (not present on video version unfortunately)... a gift.

I was excited that Master Menon was appearing... AND that he was to speak of Jeshua... LOVING LOVING LOVING the atoma point radiance of Ona'Ra… it anchors in 3rd dimensional umpff strength - like a foundational anchor for the high-heart...

So clear the various Central Suns - and then the ultimate Ona'Ra ... totally clear - and received a flash of responsibility - something about acting on behalf of Divine Order through this form... While Master Menon spoke of Jeshua of course my heart soared while also super super grounding with the deeper understanding of Gaia's spirit and her call for assistance...

During Master Menon's talk Jeshua's massive Christ energy form through and around me grew in Presence ... stronger than ever.

I love the immediate Ona'Ra portal connection now consciously installed in the atoma point ... inspires me to breathe - no middle man - more of a well companioned party - of course bringing experiences into words on this has its challenges :)

Appreciated the deeper understanding of divine order via Ona'Ra ... really got it ~ how all ripples to All... brought me deeper peace - and now with this deeper understanding of the Lotus of universes - this entire organism to the degree we can presently gather (imagining that there must surely be a whole Lotus pond of such Lotuses as we are immersed in this one Lotus) ...

I exhale a bit easier breathing the focus of connection with Ona'Ra through my 'center' and intend alignment with divine order radiating - and that is really 'it'... Okay Simeon Chi'Ra Oneness Love Blue Star Brother who's totally rocking it... Love & Gratitude. ~ Kim Ki'Ma'Ra, NY USA

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(02/12/12 ~ Temple of Ona'Ra Transmission) Dear Simeon and Karen, I can't say enough joyful loving words about the webinar you just completed. It was an honor to be nudged by inner lovelight to participate, and then to immerse myself in the content and beautiful energetic drawings. It brought heaven right into my earthstar.

Especially, I would like to thank you for the time you took in your discussion of celebrating what you do not prefer as being part of the vast whole. Almost as if the universe had given me homework before your class, I was struggling with being called into non-preferred situations, and none of my old ideas were enough... I knew I hadn't given out the level of love, I hoped I could project.

You spent a beautiful amount of the webinar amplifying the language of love as the source point of universal consciousness. This gave me a huge new toolkit to open when I am faced with non-preferred moments that I must not run away from because I love the people having those non-preferred moments!

The meditation from Master Menon had me in tears of joy as it captured many thoughts I have been downloaded while walking in Nature, but not unpacked into such sacred whole meaning. The sacred space you opened with this event changed/charged my capacity to love.

So thank you, and from my heart. I CHOOSE ONENESS LOVE. ~ Lynda M, NC, USA

(12/22/11 ~ Sen'Su 2nd Sacred Tone Solstice) Hi Beautiful One, perfectly orchestrated experience... again danced in the tone - maybe more freely - there's always a celestial dance with your webinars...  Your voice clarity & pace were nice to experience... and when Shi'Ra'EL'Fa'Na came through I could experience it more clearly and 'see' her here & sing in the sounds with her...

I could feel her reflection - and later the light that you mentioned as she was through you while channeling has been in my awareness for some time now - makes sense now.   

I LOVED our circle gathering and offering our symbols to the center then receiving each... could 'see' all gathered each individually by their light... receiving the symbols feels like a big support. Thank you Simeon. ~ Kim E'hlo'Sha'Ra, NY, USA

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(12/22/11 ~ Sen'Su 2nd Sacred Tone Solstice) Simeon, it was a beautiful experience, as usual... the energy that is sent through my body follows my spine and goes both up from the Earth and down from the sky. It seems to exemplify the union between Mother Earth and Father Sky in a very direct fashion, and seems to need a human to go through to actually happen. We are the emotional stones, the solidified spirits, the true spirit in matter...

The energy goes up and down inside the body. It follows the same path, feels remarkably similar and the symbolism is the same as the most blissful, orgasmic sexual experience with an Earth partner. Isn't it time we updated our understanding of sexual bliss to a meeting with God?

Time to understand it as the event where we totally surrender to bliss and fireworks, allow our energyfield to be updated and refined, and unite with the powers of creation in the most refined way? It is also the most healing activity we can do to each other, as long as we have stepped into a more evolved attitude towards it all then what's prevalent on the Earth at the moment...
So, is it time to say this outloud? The most profound thing we can do to help the transition we're in is to allow this energy flow through our bodies, to inspire an even more profound bonding between spirit and matter, to help Mother Earth and Father Sky to unite through our bodies.

I've been saying it for a while; when humans make love, the angels love to watch the fireworks.  The aura created spreads love way beyond the lovers percieved area of influence. Loving lovemaking is creating love in physical matter. And the universe don't really care about the morals, as long as love is love... 
Merry Christmas to you and Karen, have a wonderful holiday celebration. Love. ~ Wencke, Chicago, IL, USA

(12/22/11 ~ Sen'Su 2nd Sacred Tone Solstice) Dear Simeon, Merry Christmas and Blessed New Magical 2012 Year! I apologise for my late reply but I was very busy these days. I would like to thank you about this wonderful webinar during which I felt incredible tranquillity, peace and a wondrous lightness.

The power of these energies was very obvious because shortly after the webinar I was on night duty and I felt full of energy and vitality and somehow transcendentally balanced. The 9 hearts you described in the webinar were constantly in my mind. I think that I somehow got close to this conception physically. As always, the webinar was esceptional in its own, unique and beautiful way. Thanks again for this opportunity! Yours Sincerely. ~ Nina Gavrilova, UK

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(12/22/11 ~ Sen'Su 2nd Sacred Tone Solstice) My Dearest Brother of LoveLight, I had an amazing experience listening to the MOMENT and the SOUNDS of 12.22.11 on my cell phone while at work at The Springs Resort...yes, interrupted for work stuff, then back again, then interrupted again, then tears pouring down my face as I looked at and entered into Shi'Ra El Fa Na's eyes and listened to Her incredible voice coming through YOU!!!! 

Then interrupted again with someone at the door of my office... yes, I HAD to phone my boss for blah blah blah....back again for the final moments of the transmission!! I can't begin to tell you how perfect the experience was even though I would NEVER have thought of combining Spirit and Earth in that way!! Good thing I'm not in charge!!!!

Spirit is gifting me with a quiet moment right now so I want to share.  What's coming forward is the symbol that came to me when you asked us to tune in.  First the TRIANGLE came from above...clearly from the Divine Feminine that I call The Great Mother of Everything! Then the TRIANGLE came from below....clearly from the Heart of Our Mother the Earth! 

They kept moving until they joined in My Heart as the six pointed Star... also called the Star of David... AS ABOVE, SO BELOW...the two as ONE.  After they joined together, a HEART shape formed in the middle of the STAR...and inside this Heart were the EYES of Shi'Ra El Fa Na and all of Her Immense and Powerful Love and Light... it was almost overwhelming...

I could also see / SENSE My Heart with it's Whirling Rainbow!!!  All of these joined in SEN'SU ONENESS!!!  That's when tears were streaming down my face... and I was MOVED beyond this dimension, and yet in this dimension, and experienced the ONENESS OF ALL!!!!

My Heart is FULL and running over with Deep Gratitude for YOU and your Beautiful Presence on Earth!!!!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! Breathe Light, Be Love. ~ Patricia Davidson, CO, USA

(12/22/11 ~ Sen'Su 2nd Sacred Tone Solstice) WOW! What a powerful, visionary meditation with Shi'Ra... I felt like I was in direct communication with Her and when she merged with my own Being in a state a Oneness Love, I felt expanded with this liquid golden Light that permeated my entire Being...

I had my eyes closed the entire time and my inner visuals were DAZZLING! Unlike ever before!  Thank you and Shi'Ra and Karen An'Ra for sharing your beautiful energies with me... as I shared them with my meditation partner, Jude, my dog :) Thank you! Blissings of Oneness Love! ~ Joshua Farmer, an Indigo Musician from Montana, USA

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(12/22/11 ~ Sen'Su 2nd Sacred Tone Solstice) Thank you, Simeon, it was beautiful and profound. I’m excited about all the unfolding. ~ Lois G, GA, USA

(12/22/11 ~ Sen'Su 2nd Sacred Tone Solstice) Hi Simeon, thank you for your beautiful 12/22 Solstice Transmission!  It was perfectly attuned to the energies of the portal day.  I enjoyed it so much, including learning about the 9 dimensions of the heart with you and Karen.  I think it would be great to explore this in greater depth.  Yes!   

Also, your channeling of Shi'Ra was fantastic!  Truly, a great connection occurs within the group energy as we attune to her 7th dimensional energy.  I'll be going back to re-listen...  there was more to what she was saying than my conscious mind could take in at the moment, though I was flowing with her energies and the overall transmission... thank you, again, for your beautiful work... I was so glad to be there with you. Blessings to you and Karen. ~ Christine, CA, USA

(12/22/11 ~ Sen'Su 2nd Sacred Tone Solstice) Dear Simeon…was fully aware..present for entire webinar.   everything you guided us  through... me especially... was clear... resonant... accessible.  It instantly has changed my perspective... indeed a sacred precious gift… a longed for consciousness shift.

Grateful for the presence of your sweet-hearted priestess/partner... perfect balance of YANG/YIN.  

Want to write more... soon... as I allow all that was received in ONENESS OF LOVE... to continue to fill me... body/mind/soul/spirit et al~ I AM BLISS/BLESSED TO HAVE FOUND YOU SACRED BROTHER… and THE QUEEN... HIGH PRIESTESS OF HEARTS ~ Joyana Suwati, FRANCE

(12/22/11 ~ Sen'Su 2nd Sacred Tone Solstice) Beloved Simeon, thank you once again for being the Vessel, Heart and Soul you are. So much today, so much...
Firstly the four core things Shi'Ra gave to you, SO confirming for me, So confirming. It is my work honor and  blessing to guide assist others to their Own truth and I have been doing this for sometime now. It has been a heart impulse and one I have struggled with No more, the confirmation I got today was potent and definite.
Karen's opening... Lovely, I could feel her heart in her words and sense some of her struggles and challenges, I felt they are similar to my own. Struggling to allow our heart out into this world, it brought tears to my eyes. I feel she is Very strong and very courageous. Who among us isn't. I am looking forward to the 1.11.2012 workshop.
During the meditation I gave Shi'Ra what was blocking me, there was more. I asked if she would take it, she took much deeply buried energy... My womb area, 1st and 2nd chakra now are filled with iridescent heart energy, brilliant white and multicolored luminosity in the shape of a heart. I am being. Blissings of Oneness. ~ Celia Macqueen, Indiana, USA

(12/22/11 ~ Sen'Su 2nd Sacred Tone Solstice) Hi Simeon, Yes... I really enjoyed the Sen'Su Webinar!  I found that the energy was very subtle in sneaking up on me.  By the end of the meditation I felt it quite powerfully... and had the feeling that the "mission was accomplished"    :-)

I felt it was the perfect activity for the Solstice.  Karen's participation was lovely as well.

Thank you so much for doing this work.   Bless you and yours. In Love and Light. ~ Jean R, Location Unknown.

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(12/22/11 ~ Sen'Su 2nd Sacred Tone Solstice) Dear Simeon, this was my first opportunity to study with you through the webinar format. You and Karen did an awesome presentation. I know why I was called to join your group today; in new and expanded ways you amplified what I have been learning within. I am simply honored to share oneness of love.

I had a 22 year experience studying Japanese kotodama (the spiritual essence of sound) and wanted to share something about the teaching of the fan (as you mentioned SenSu translated as a fan - I believe). If you look at the construction of a fan as it opens, there is one pivot point. From a linear (sticklike) presentation when closed, a fan pivots (or spins a partial turn, unfolding its rays or the other aspects of the fan) This is a very deep symbol that can be taken on multi-levels, and I thought you’d enjoy it.
Also, the sound of SU is considered to be the supreme start and stop to all time. SU, when last I studied was the highest sound given to name the sound of creation. Now, I am not saying anything is the highest because there are infinite layers and unfoldings never cease, but interestingly SU is also the first two letters of Sun.
Thank you again for your dedication to pure love. When I asked love to have its way through me, I began to be guided into an unmasking of the myths behind consensus reality, causing major changes, of course, in where I resonated to be, so I deeply appreciated your laughing and saying, “once you invite God into your living room, God will have his/her way.”
In Joy and Gratitude, may all our lives be given into expanding the New Earth Love’s Peaceful Passion. ~ Lynda M, NC, USA

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