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Cosmic Webinar
Energy Transmissions Feedback
Participants Share Their Experiences


(11/11/11 ~ Eye of Metatron) Simeon, I have needed some days to process all that went on at the beautiful webinar you put together. Your energy artwork is truly inspiring and holds so much energy. I feel that I'm still swimming in the loving field that was created.
In fact, will we ever land on earth the same way again?... I close my eyes and there is so much light inside. It has beautiful colors, and I feel so much bigger inside than I am on the outside...
Thank you, Simeon, for all your work. We are on our way. I don't know what it all will look like when the process is finished, I can imagine it being totally different. But right now the reality surrounding me looks remarkably the same as it did before Friday, even though my inside is lit up like a Christmas tree on Michigan Ave... ~ Wencke, Chicago, IL, USA

(11/11/11 ~ Eye of Metatron) Dear Simeon, it was so beautiful, very clear and with the exquisite visuals, a very profound. experience.   I expected that I would be left with tears (and indeed I felt yours welling up in my heart), but no, I was a left with a deep experience of completion and peace.  

Having not slept I went to bed and slept, waking in the afternoon feeling so quiet and refreshed, not so much physically, but spiritually.   I spent the rest of the day wrapped in the resonance of it all, the sweetness of your friend, Kuthumi's energy which was a surprise, and the power and love of Cumthara and Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na and your own beautiful essence which came through so movingly... Love, blessings and many thanks dear Simeon. ~ Paula Kapp, AUSTRALIA

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(11/11/11 ~ Eye of Metatron) Greetings beloved one wow!!!!!!! I am so moved by the eye of Metatron webinar, I have to say the beginning when Karen spoke, I just burster into tears, how wonderful expression from you, it also opened myself up onto a different level of being, this must be the connection of soul group?????

I had such a profound experience of love and joy, so much gratitude of being on this wonderful planet, I don't think I have ever felt so full of spirit, it was like a dream come to live. I could feel I great mother earth re-birthing, so much joy and love expressing from her being, with all beings upon the planet uniting as one, I'm so over wealmed with this gift from the heavens I do not have the words to truly express how I feel. ~ Shi'Ra'Ta'Na, Eagle Heights, AUSTRALIA

(11/11/11 ~ Eye of Metatron) Dear Simeon, I'd enjoyed the webinar, thank you very much for creating the beautiful energy images. The meditation was powerful. Warm regards. ~ Soyin Tang, UNITED KINGDOM

(11/11/11 ~ Eye of Metatron) Thank you for the beautiuful work you put together to share with everyone.  You really got my attention with the numerology aspects... THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH FOR YOUR DEDICATION TO US ALL AND BEAUTIFUL EXPRESSION. Karen also, what a gentle soul, very comforting to hear her voice! ~ Sara Stier, CA, USA

(11/11/11 ~ Eye of Metatron) Anu Ka Simeon, all your webinars are so wonderful and each one has built upon the last one.... I get more and more out of each one. I have to tell you the 11/11/11 was one of the most powerful yet.

I really felt it and felt a understanding in the core of my being as we always don't get it in our conscious mind. I am so pleased and so excited to be a part of this group and to know we along with so many others on this planet are helping accelarate the awakening and ascension into oneness for our beloved Mother Earth Gaia...

Again thank you and the Metatronic Councils of Light for all your hard work and valuable information at this time. Blessings of Love and Light Brother. ~ Sandra Lewallen, NC, USA

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(11/11/11 ~ Eye of Metatron) That was quite a ride!  This transmission was much different than ones in the past for me – although it was very cerebral it also seemed much more pragmatic.  The other downloads have been rather golden and a bit more – out there - this one was quite blue with flecks of gold and red and other colors.

I had focused on a blue part of the d’na… anyway, we all get what we need.  When it was over I was actually feeling a bit woosey as well as kind of clumsy and disjointed physically – obvious signs of significant synapse re-wiring...  Pretty cool... this update is really feeling like rubber on the road if you will... ~ Dugan Ari'Ra Selkirk, Vancouver, BC, CANADA

(11/11/11 ~ Eye of Metatron) Thank you for your time, channeling and beautiful artwork. The work that you do is a pleasure to be a part of. I do not always understand with my mind, however my heart is always uplifted and moved. I took notes in order to share with others the beautiful messages that you brought forth. Thank you for your contribution to the Oneness of Love. ~ Bonnie Gray, CA, USA

(11/11/11 ~ Eye of Metatron) Thanks so much for this intense and beautiful presentation. The energy and your art work was amazing and I shook all over! Blessings Simeon and thanks to the Metatronic Councils. ~ Nancy H, Location Unknown

(11/11/11 ~ Eye of Metatron) Thank you Simeon. Throughout the process I felt the Divine unfolding. The breath became very fine and soft, I felt the expansion through an opening of wings and a fluid rippling under the ocean as if I was a huge winged underwater creature. All very natural and easy. The Pearl I have carried since birth was shown to me and within my hands I held the Earth in a cupped embrace. The Grail programme now dances within a new Dream. ~ Sheila Murphy of Sheila Murphy Arts, UNITED KINGDOM

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(11/11/11 ~ Eye of Metatron) Hi Simeon, it was a most beautiful Eye of Metatron alignment.   What I saw in your amazing drawing after we passed through the Eye of Metatron was a "Grail Cup" which moved me beyond words then later I saw a "Mermaid" which I realised was for cleansing the seas from all its pollution, and healing all forms of birds and fish that lived therein.
I can't thank you enough for such amazing artwork. ~ Angela Kininmonth, UNITED KINGDOM

(11/11/11 ~ Eye of Metatron) This was an incredible experience today, Simeon.Thank you for all the time and work that you put into this webinar. Your artwork is just amazing, vibrant and colourful  and attention to detail.

The part where we were visualizing what we could see was different for me. I saw a bright white light, like it was streaming in through a window with a gentle breeze moving the curtains.

There was a counter top like you would see in a kitchen and on the back of the counter, sat a small grey Tabby cat. At the front of the counter, there was a baby and there was a drawing of a heart, like an artist would draw. This was a new world, a new beginning where there is only love and light. This was the first time that I have been able to visualize anything. I think that is incredible. ~ Chris D, CANADA

(11/11/11 ~ Eye of Metatron) ...beautiful... I just finished and am feeling the desire to sleep on the beautiful energy... you do such a beautiful job and your energy is so lovely... I really enjoyed the thrill of this, even though I don't understand alot of it... I just trust the lovely, sincere, flowing energy... and the incredible art and depth of color... thank you so much and blissings back to you 1000 fold! Namaste. ~ Kate L, USA

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(11/11/11 ~ Eye of Metatron) Yes today's work was/is truly amazing, So Much, so much.. One of the main things I discovered was my previous relationship with Cumthara, I had "memories" of being in a temple communing with "him". It hit me like a bolt out of the blue...
As we moved thru the meditation I realized all of it had been planned, memories flooding me, downloads...  It was very important for me to understand what this journey into/thru duality meant and would feel like... feel the tears again. I see myself differently now. So much fallen away, so much remembered.
This sojourn with duality is merely a blip in the path of love, one that brought more consciousness to physical reality.... energy burst... I also realized that the darkness was "merely the blink of an eye" in Cosmic time and now I remember that is how it seems. I cried a lot, relief, grief, sadness, joy, silliness, couldn't stop laughing at one point, I was crying at the same time.
I feel full, alive, I feel remember I AM LOVE. There is nothing more, so simple... To bring that beauty to this level of density (past ) is what I said yes too and here we are, doing it... More tears. It feels so long and yet all in the blink of an eye. Thank you yet again for Being. You are a remarkable man. Love you. ~ Celia Macqueen, Indiana, USA

(11/11/11 ~ Eye of Metatron) Simeon Chi'Ra, thank you for facilitating, creating, and germinating this blessed, yes bliss'd, way to spend and share 11:11:11 with you and our fellow star soul family - what a party...  

Your energy art is pure divine light - bravo!... Central Sun graphic gave a squeal of delight - love love love beloved home central sun... The meditation heart, pineal, medulla, 3rd eye, crown breath was perfection immersion delight...

So, all these experiences and more to reflect back in gratitude... thank you for enabling it to be accessible to all states of beingness at this time.  Oh, yes... Karen's voice and energy - divine wow. ~ Kim E'hlo'Sha'Ra, NY, USA 

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(11/11/11 ~ Eye of Metatron) Dear Simeon, thank  you and blessings for the wonderful transmission, teachings and activation. This brought me closer to my group soul and help  me to anchor the new energies and sacred geometry I need to start my journey on Earth and its transition into the higher dimensions... Thank you again for the powerful energies brought to humanity on this day. Universal and Cosmic Love. In La'Kech. ~ Thoth Kumara, CA, USA

(11/11/11 ~ Eye of Metatron) Dear Simeon, I simply have no words to express my gratitude for this powerful and very beautiful meditation! Tears came out of my eyes while I was meditating on your beautiful and amazing pictures. The energy penetrated each cell of my being and I felt the pouring of divine love and joy on my whole being. This experience was just DIVINE! Totally out of this world...

Please accept my blessings and gratitude for this lovely webinar and the super powerful energy uplifting meditation. I also thank all beings from the High realms who assisted in the fulfillment of this webinar. Once again, thank you a million! Namaste! ~ Nina Gavriliova, UNITED KINGDOM

(11/11/11 ~ Eye of Metatron) Oh my God, that was SO BEAUTIFUL, THANK YOU SO MUCH!  I don't remember ever spreading & receiving so much very beautiful & intense love & light all at once!  Tears streamed down my face, throughout most of the meditation. Intense beautiful light all through the center & all the earth, through every blade of grass, every living Being.

Total connection with everyone's higher self occurred! All the angels & wonderful spirit beings made it magnificent & joyful! Our new earth is shimmering & accepting of loving souls. I saw a star seed planted in every brain, allowing spirits to become more open & accepting of earth changes! I saw such beautiful purples & shimmering opaques, silvers & golds. That was such a beautiful & very blessed experience!  Thank you again! ~ Sherry Smith, Unknown Location

(11/11/11 ~ Eye of Metatron) Beyond fabulous transmissions! Your love dedication and intelligene is truly extraordinary...

I CHOOSE Now To Fully Embody And Manifest The Energy of Universal Oneness Love Down Through and Around Every Cell Atom Electron and Chakra Of My Being And All Beings Throughout The Ominiverse! Anchor Lock and Seal ! Anchor Lock and Seal ! Anchor Lock and Seal ! ~ Da Vid Ananda Raphael of Artainment, CA, USA

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(10/30/11 Terra Universalis Transmission) Hi Simeon, thank you for facilitating the Terra Universalis webinar... extremely powerful and in some ways I am just now recovering.  The meditation with Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na was excellent.  I first experienced a build up of heat in my heart chakra as though there was a "sphere" of energy radiating in all directions.  Then this heat/energy began flowing through all parts of my body and it felt as though the vibrations in my body's atomic structure were speeding up.  

By the end of the meditation my body was literally on fire...  Also, there was a buildup of pressure in my head as though my entire brain was pulsating....  it has been a bit challenging to stay centered.  Its like on some level I am aware of a whole knew level of "reality" that is all around me however, my physical senses are not yet equipped to translate this new information.  Still, my intuition tells me that there is something "BIG" just on the horizon! ~ Sentwali Woodard, USA

(10/30/11 Terra Universalis Transmission) Hi Simeon, I found the energies very intense throughout the webinar.  However the most notable experience occurred when I was sleeping after the event.  In the dreamstate that followed Shi’Ra EL’Fa’Na appeared in my consciousness and danced. As she danced Shi’ra was surrounded by a swirling rainbow mix of energies of the same colors and form that you produced for the webinar.  It was truly wonderful vision.  

The last couple of days have also been wonderful.  I feel uneffected by the noise of the world. Fantastic work. ~ Mark C, AUSTRALIA

(10/30/11 Terra Universalis Transmission) Dear Simeon, thank you for the Terra Universalis webinar... it validated many of my own personal experiences and insights and was and continues to be a great inspiration to me.... your webinar on Terra Universalis in which you wonderfully articulated all that I had been feeling and experiencing within myself has enriched my understandings very much.

In humble gratitude for your willingness to allow Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na to come through you in such a wonderful way. Many Blissings to you... ~ Marlene Swetlishoff, The Rainbow Scribe, WA, USA

(10/30/11 Terra Universalis Transmission) Simeon, once again a beautiful and powerful experience.  My heart is still blazing.  The truth of our Oneness is the way home and am grateful for this community.  Thank You.  Love You All. Blessings... ~ Ciiru Michuki, Delaware, USA

(10/30/11 Terra Universalis Transmission) I enjoyed two things most today. First is your ability to communicate complex metaphysical events simply and in practical terms. The other was the energetic presence of Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na. Thank you! Love... ~ Carol Mann of Cosmic Cafe, Jackson, Wyoming

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(10/30/11 Terra Universalis Transmission) So much and All in Perfect Divine Order. Much came together for me today. I realized that this year has been one, in part of seeking for me, maybe more of completion and moving to the next level... to realize and embody Unity Consciousnesses.

Your work and what you "bring through" has resonated deeply with me and through The New Earth Crystaline circuitry video and today's work I realized that the practical help I seek is here.

This realization and Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na's amazing and beautiful Oneness mediation has brought me a great sense of Ease, which feels like a great weight has been lifted on me. I feel resolute in my task and at peace AND Delight, a knowing (WOW this just hit me ) a knowing so deep it is unshakable... Cool.

I AM here to do this, I can stop trying to be someone else, (huge weight I mentioned) and allow myself to unfold. COOL...
The deepening realization and resonation that "all is within" I find very empowering, I have been lost to know what to do with that but now the Ease and Knowing fill me. Panic is leaving, fear of being myself is leaving, fear of my power and magnificence is leaving. There is EASE. Thank you so much Beloved Brother. ~ Celia Macqueen, Indiana, USA

(10/30/11 Terra Universalis Transmission) Dear Light brother Simeon,  I am emanating my most quantum expression of appreciation and love and joy at this Divine Expression that you have shared with each of us and All of us...

Always and Always Held in Love and Light and Oneness... and so Universal Consciousness -  Uni-versality  or Uni-verstotality is an experience in any moment.. rather than something or someplace to be attained.   I am AlWays.. all Times In IT -   at One with it whatever the expression of the moment or the expression de jeur... heheeee.   
...this gathering is IT - an intregal part and piece of the whole of the gathering of the Cultural Creatives... perhaps an infant stage... And So it is BeLoved one and Ones... all the ones gathered or gathering, merging with this today's expression of OneNess and Unity of All that IS, and So IT Is... with Love/ Light flowing and glowing trails of glory.

And Also Appreciation Abundant for the Art ~  the Abundant Awesome Art Creations in this presentation and expression and meditation.  WOW ! ! ! ! ! ! !!  I am soooo hugely Loving the golden phoenix soaring in the rainbow of light and the rainbow of light swirling and swooping  ~ ~ ~ now sensing our group energies still swooping and soaring thru dimensions and thru the stars with dolphins and unicorns and devas and tones reverberating and resonating thru all creation.  Yeeeee HAaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh and Whooooooooo AAAaaahhhhhhhhhh ~ Eesha Dian Sawyer, USA

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(10/30/11 Terra Universalis Transmission) Dear Simeon, what can I say, the webinar, was brilliant... felt real cold chills for a long time, I know this is the higher dimensional energy, and it came in with the Shi'Ra picture... I loved your teachings...


(9/23/11 EL'Zohim ~ 9 Ray New Earth Infusion) Greetings of love Simeon... WOW and THANK YOU for an incredible webinar!!!...
Since the seminar, I have felt so empowered, yet this is a very inward experience, and much inner contemplation has been taking place as new information is brought to my awareness and all the new information I learned... ok scratch that.. new information I "remembered I already knew" in your webinar is being assimilated.   
That's how it felt.. like I was not learning something new but in a refresher course reminding me of what already is within me. LOVE IT!! ~ YaMa'EL of Divinity Codes, Florida, USA

(9/23/11 EL'Zohim ~ 9 Ray New Earth Infusion) Dear Simeon, many thanks for the great webinar. I miraclousely got to know about it just 40 min before it was going to be started and I am sure that it was not at all an accident. I enjoyed it thouroughly and I feel a deep sense of peace and love implanted in my sole. Many thanks indeed. ~ Katayoun B, Dubai, UAE

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(9/23/11 EL'Zohim ~ 9 Ray New Earth Infusion) Hello Simeon... I want to thank you from the depth of my heart... I felt so much love thru the webinar and what a beautiful soul you are and the immense love that flows from your being. I must share with you the moment Shi'Ra'El'Fa'Na said she was going to kiss us my entire body shivered from head to toe and had a knowing I was part of the group that has come forth to do this work... to assist in healing humanity and our Dearest Mother Earth!

Thank you so very much for being the divine beautiful being that you are and bringing all of this forward. May you always be surrounded in much love, light and many, many blessings always!!!!!!! Infinite Love and Light. ~ Sharon Walker of A Call to Awaken, GA, USA

(9/23/11 EL'Zohim ~ 9 Ray New Earth Infusion) Morning Simeon, my wonderful friend in Light I... am once again left drained and speechless. You have put together an amazing video for anyone to truly realize what ONENESS actually means and how we are here to serve our fellow man and God on behalf of universal love and consciousness.

The webinar is one that I will be revisiting time and time again along with all your other presentations.

To feel the energy of ALL flow through this mortal body and to realize that we are not our bodies but beings of Light in this magical universe is difficult to comprehend at first. With what you have put together, the loving energy of Ishkea, She Ra El Fa Na and the eternal love of Gaia for Gods' children here on earth, I now have a much clearer understanding of what it means to be a "Being Of Light and Love'" than I thought I had yesterday morning.

Another aspect of the webinar I found fascinating was how everything correlated with each other, all the numbers continually adding up to 9 or the universal 8. It was indeed no coincidence that only 88 of registered for the webinar, when  we see the significance of that figure!!!!!

You leave us with a parting line at the end of the video regarding passing along our gifts to others, last night at work I found myself saying the following on a mental level to those around me:

"...I open my heart to you and send you the wonderful gifts that I have been given with love and unconditionally..."

Thank you once again for an experience I will not soon forget, for as a member of the "88" and the earthbound Metatronic Council of Light, I now send those same wonderful gifts that I received through you, with peace, love and radiant blessings of the Divine Source of All which lies within us, back to you. Namaste. ~ David M, Dubai, UAE

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(9/23/11 EL'Zohim ~ 9 Ray New Earth Infusion) Greetings Simeon, wow that was beautiful, I was very blocked before, when Shi'ra come in I had a pulse in my heart, I cried so much felt like I was clearing a lot of fear around my heart, seems I choose to come here to heal the fear I've been carrying around about death. I feel that I healed a lot about this during the webinar... I feel a great shift, and awareness today, more present with self and feel a more universal...

Also I connected to the symbol of love, straights away I was drawn to the 3rd symbol, didn't realize it was love until a minute went by, how beautiful, I truly am realizing that I am here to be a vessel of love and to be a anchor for the energies of love to manifest fully into humanity, what a wonderful blessings to be gifted such a mission.

Thank you so much. Much love. ~ Shi'Ra'Ta'Na, Eagle Heights, AUSTRALIA

(9/23/11 EL'Zohim ~ 9 Ray New Earth Infusion) Dear Simeon, thank you very much for faciliting the El'Zohim 9 Ray Earth Infusion, which was very powerful. I also wish to compliment you on the lucidity with which you succeed in explaining the most complex and yet also most truthful and correct of cosmologies I have come accross so far in this incarnation. And if they would not resonate with my deepest soul aspects, I would not keep coming back.
May the Source from which we all once came and to Whom we are returning, each on his or her own pace, bless you abundantly for the integrity and lucidity of your spiritual services, brother.
In the Love and Light of Isho'a, our beloved Master and Brother ~ Nathanael bar Tholmi, Antwerp, BELGIUM

(9/23/11 EL'Zohim ~ 9 Ray New Earth Infusion) Dear Simeon Chi Ra, thank you dear Brother!! That was beyond-words powerful... From the beginning I stayed with you, but then somewhere well into the meditation, I was zoomed out. When I came back to, I heard you say something about the DNA.

What I recall from then, was this very subtle light show that was taking place .. these subtle radiations of light patterns which I somehow knew was an activation happening at the deepest cellular level ... and it was superimposed over a Tree of Life. I stayed consciously with it for a few moments, recognizing the significance, and then was gone again. 

There was a beautiful synchronicity near the end of the meditation. I was holding this amethyst feather "wand" ... a beautiful piece made with multi-colored feathers from exotic winged ones. We had had our eyes closed, and just before you suggested we open them and take a look at the visual on screen.

I realized how perfect it was that I'd chosen to hold this wand ... the base made of amethyst crystals, signifying Earth, and the rainbow plumes of the Winged Ones, this merger of Heaven and Earth ... and then there you were, directing our eyes to the beautiful visual of these rainbow "feathery" lights!! Tears of joy!

Thank you again, for your guiding Presence, commitment, and the truly crystalline clarity of your chalice. ~ Carol L'y'hara Welhan, BC, CANADA

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(9/23/11 EL'Zohim ~ 9 Ray New Earth Infusion) Yeah dear Simeon, the webinar of course was beautiful again, your art work is getting better and better... also with THE mayan calender and the 7 -9 initiation and the nine  temples, it all starts to make sense to me slowly on a cosmic/galactic level... the energies that come through are very, very high... I just love the purity and sincerity of your work and being. Hope to 'work' with you for a very long time... Love & Light. ~ Isis Saris of Life Design Academy, THE NETHERLANDS

(9/23/11 EL'Zohim ~ 9 Ray New Earth Infusion) Dear Simeon, in gratitude to you I like to thank you for this webinar. Besides that you are able to hand over your compact wisdom, knowledge and love, the energy downloads are amazing. I did smell the whole time Ozone... I am also happy, that we were 88. So we go on to create.

Your e book "Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry....." or  ("Metatron - the vibrational medicine for the soul") is amazing. Easy to follow, easy to do the exercises, but not that easy to be aware each and every moment. Namaste. ~ Karin Meyer-Reumann, Dubai, UAE

(9/23/11 EL'Zohim ~ 9 Ray New Earth Infusion) I found the El’Zohim Webinar yesterday full of meaning, some of which I continue to internalize and some of which immediately resonated with me on many levels throughout the session and since.  It is apparent always how hard you work to make this information available to us in a multitude of ways with clarity of language, definition and with the accompanying graphics and I appreciate the love and respect this labor represents.  I thank you and I thank the Beings who share through you for these opportunities to learn, to expand and to share these new frequencies of light and potential. ~ Susan R., Sacramento, CA, USA

(9/23/11 EL'Zohim ~ 9 Ray New Earth Infusion) Dear Simeon,  the webinar last night was wonderful.  I enjoyed it even more than the last.  You really explained things well prior to the actual meditation and the visuals were excellent. You have a very nice speaking voice for leading the meditation. Have a good weekend and thanks again for creating this wonderful group consciousness opportunity. Love. ~ Sally-Anne S, UK

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(9/23/11 EL'Zohim ~ 9 Ray New Earth Infusion) Today's webinar was exquisite. The energy art at near the end of the meditation was particularly moving for me on a number of levels... the envision of the blue white sphere of light as we stood in the radiant light temple of exquisite high energy. 

At that time, I closed my eyes just envisioning what you were saying as you described the the blue white sphere with 7 elohim yod flames, and then the taurus containing 9 entry points, and finally the capping sphere containing the 9 el' zahim. All of the energy art with the subtle pink-peach-golden background containing crystaline forms drew me in very deeply...
I was surprised to have it revealed that we are part of the metatronic councils of light.  I am now always aware of the sacred work being done through me, and so this was an important knowing point for me to be told not to doubt...  I am blessed to have found a family of beings with whom I can share in this sacred work of light-en-ing on this earth. Blessings... ~ Barbara K, Arizona, USA

(9/23/11 EL'Zohim ~ 9 Ray New Earth Infusion) Dear Simeon, profoundly beautiful, profoundly familiar. The relief of matching up with certain frequencies after waiting so long. Thank you for the Gift of Passage into a new life. ~ Sheila Murphy, of Women's Magic, UK

(9/23/11 EL'Zohim ~ 9 Ray New Earth Infusion) Dearest Simeon Chi'Ra, thank You... from the bottom of my High Heart... The energies I experienced today were profoundly powerful! I could feel and sense EVERYTHING... a sense of Deep relaxation.. Watching the colorful Flames dance joyfully across my inner vision. Then you (Simeon) would call in MORE Flames! And I'd be rocketed into another dimension of bliss!

I was focused intently on keeping my breathing according to what you said.. like breathing in through the Crown and Root simultaneously.. WOW! Then you'd conduct us towards another crescendo of energies and the colorful Flames would ignite within my WHOLE Being! This seemed to continue on for a Blissful Eternity...  

 All the while, it felt like toxins were rising up and sizzling off my body/being. Associated with these toxins were memories tied to emotional experiences which were attached to a certain person.  I was feeling past pains, namely guilts, rise up to my consciousness where I was aware of them as having shaped me (to some degree) into the Joshua I was today.

I wasn't denying these parts of me no longer but I also wasn't allowing them to be a part of me anymore. I was simply letting them (perhaps with Intention) dissolve away. I was feeling lighter and lighter and expanded to be filled with more capacity to LOVE everyone! Immediately following this meditation I felt compelled to tell a friend whom I had recently been angry with that I loved him with all my Being. And I TRULY mean it! I feel so much love for ALL that IS! 

Needless to say, I feel different.  Like I've replaced a lost part of Me that was keeping me from experiencing the True Divine Beauty of My own Essence! I feel that Power now. For Now is all there is. And NOW I AM ready to fulfill my mission that I (Source) laid out for myself.. THANK YOU Simeon for facilitating these wonderful energies! ~ Joshua Farmer, an Indigo Musician from Montana, USA

Listen to "We are the One Song" MP3 by Joshua!

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(9/23/11 EL'Zohim ~ 9 Ray New Earth Infusion) Hello Simeon, thank you once again for such an amazing experience.  The energies during the meditation were so powerful, unlike anything I have experienced thus far.  This is a meditation I will be using for a while, heart breathing really has been very helpful. Thank you once again. Love Love Love. ~ Ciiru Michuki, Delaware, USA

(9/23/11 EL'Zohim ~ 9 Ray New Earth Infusion) This webinar was great.  I’m sure the activation worked for me; it was so powerful. I felt a happiness  and a feeling of love that can’t be measured; this feeling is still with me. It was wonderful to be connected to these wonderful beings of light. The New Earth is very close to us, now.Thank you, Simeon, for all of the work and time that you put into this webinar. It was a beautiful presentation! In Love and Light. ~ Chris D, CANADA

(9/23/11 EL'Zohim ~ 9 Ray New Earth Infusion) This has to be one of the more powerful transmissions to date. I really felt it... thank you so much...Light and Love Simeon... Wonderful, Wonderful!! ~ Sandra Lewallen, NC, USA

(9/23/11 EL'Zohim ~ 9 Ray New Earth Infusion) Thank you so much Simeon, I felt so much love and peace. It was more tangible then ever before today. Something has truly changed in me from this transmission. I feel blessed and now truly know I am the metatronic councils of light in incarnate form and I remember now why I came here to be great celestial beings in human form. Thank you again. ~ Jason Goode, USA

(9/23/11 EL'Zohim ~ 9 Ray New Earth Infusion) I was there and present, all through the two hour long session. Your artwork is so beautiful and using your images to visualize the colors as energy fields makes the process alive and vibrant. I transcended deeply into the lovely pastel forcefields, and felt the refined and pure intentions they contain... I'm proud to consciously be part of this process and I'm glad to be on your team. In love and light. ~ WB, Chicago, IL, USA

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(9/23/11 EL'Zohim ~ 9 Ray New Earth Infusion) Hi Simeon... I have just finished listening and taking in the Energies of 9 Ray New Earth Infusion.  Wow! I found it to be quite powerful... that is... the feeling of the Energies that were infused... Thank you for facilitating this wonderful experience. Namaste. ~ Jayen  

(9/23/11 EL'Zohim ~ 9 Ray New Earth Infusion) Share my experience? Giggling delight, Home, remembering, Profound bliss. Knowing, deep knowing. Recognition, Ease, Fear, Understanding. Love. Timeless. I grow, I contract, I am everything, I am nothing. Beyond. This is the best I can do, one thing shines out above all others and I don't have words just a feeling in my Higher Heart.
I am beginning to know I am a member of The Metatronic Council of Light made manifest. It all fits.
I sensed in the gathering/circle that many of us as humans have been thru very challenging incarnations, I could sense relief as knowing and remembering began to be accepted and embraced.
Deep gratitude to All and as Always Radiant Love. I think I have found my soul family. ~ Celia MacQueen, Indiana, USA

(9/23/11 EL'Zohim ~ 9 Ray New Earth Infusion) Simeon, thank you thank you! That was intense and beautiful!! I felt a cleansing through my entire being. I especially felt a release of painful childhood memories and forgiveness for others and myself wash over me.

When we went back in time to heal an event that was less that heart centered, I was really there recreating a few events and my eyes popped open when you said that now the Akashic records have been updated with this new information! Yee Haw!!! I am so grateful for you and for your work... It is healed. It is done. and so it is. Much Love and Light ~ Julia C, CA, USA

Current Webinars | Sample Webinar Videos

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