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Cosmic Webinar
Energy Transmissions Feedback
Participants Share Their Experiences
6/19/11 - 8/27/11


(8/27/11 Xyx'Na ~ Opening the 7th Seal) Simeon that was awesome... Shortly after we saw the disk above our heads and it began to spin, it actually came into my crown chakra...

When the new energies went into the Earth, I felt the Earth and all of the elementals and fairies rejoicing.  It was so wonderful to feel them so happy. ~ Bonnie Starr, Colorado, USA

(8/27/11 Xyx'Na ~ Opening the 7th Seal) Dear Simeon, thank you for the work you do! I had a very profound experience full of recognition and synchronisity. I felt a very gentle and warm feeling of connectedness. And the energy I felt was powerful. Thank you again for sharing your work ~ Daniella Eleuteri, Perth, AUSTRALIA

(8/27/11 Xyx'Na ~ Opening the 7th Seal) It was for me the most beautiful transmission you made so far. It felt really like going into another state of being (in love). Words fail to describe. Thanks 1000 times ~ Rob van Steensel, THE NETHERLANDS

(8/27/11 Xyx'Na ~ Opening the 7th Seal) Thank you brother for facilitating such a beautiful gathering of Shining Ones, for this great cosmic Flow!! It was beyond words sublime and supremely powerful... It was very powerful... and you did a magnificent job... the visuals were stunningly beautiful! Divinely inspired indeed... all was in alignment with my own vision. In Love and Oneness, and Gratitude ~ Carol L'y'hara Welhan, BC, CANADA

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(8/27/11 Xyx'Na ~ Opening the 7th Seal) What an experience!  To be part of such a Sacred Act, anchoring Pure Love for humanity and our Mother Earth is such a great honour and I am committed to it.  You were such a beautiful facilitator and your Love was heartfelt. We are ONE.  Thank you for your Cosmic Service. Love of All ~ Ciiru Michuki, Delaware, USA

(8/27/11 Xyx'Na ~ Opening the 7th Seal) Beautiful Simeon, truly beautiful. Arnuma spoke to my heart... What a wonderful way you utilize your soul/oversoul gifts and life force... Thank you... Grace ~ Chalice K, USA.

(8/27/11 Xyx'Na ~ Opening the 7th Seal) This webinar was exact what I love to do... just being sparkles of love... Chants and sound came out of me... I feel total Higher Power. Thank you for that experience... ~ Karin Meyer-Reumann, Dubai, UAE

(8/27/11 Xyx'Na ~ Opening the 7th Seal) I watched the video... and was left motionless and transfixed... Divine love now poured from every fibre of my being while I listened to your voice. I felt nothing but pure love flowing to and from Gaia.

I'm left speechless... gratitude and love for what you have done for me this day, or rather for what you have done for all of God's children this day. ~ David M, Dubai, UAE

(8/27/11 Xyx'Na ~ Opening the 7th Seal) What a wonderful experience, I could not stop crying... I cant even think to express my experience. Much love ~ Shi'Ra'Ta'Na, Eagle Heights, AUSTRALIA

(8/27/11 Xyx'Na ~ Opening the 7th Seal) This process has opened a MEMORY for me... Deep love has been opening... Magnificent blossoming... I felt this ..automatically triggered by your words and I spontaneously sobbed as the fullness came back into me... It was a BURST OF LIGHT that hit me /opened me... I am so thankful... ~ Sheila Murphy, of Women's Magic, UK

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(7/24/11 Science of the Soul) Thank you Simeon! The energy during the live event was INCREDIBLE! I am so grateful for you Simeon for letting me be a part of your group for free for so long now. I feel so blessed and honored to be in contact with you and your energy transmissions! They truly have changed and transformed my life.

This latest 7D transmission is no exception! WOW! I've listened to the meditation section of the video 3 times now and each time I receive a slightly different message from my Higher Self/Angels.

I'm learning to have patience with myself and I'm riding my attachments to this physical plane. This group meditation is the most profound and enlightening I have EVER been apart of! Thank you so much for being YOU simeon! You just emanate LOVE!  I am blessed and filled with JOY to be HERE NOW typing this message!  You are an inspiration! Many blessings! Love... ~ Joshua Farmer, an Indigo Musician from Montana, USA

(7/24/11 Science of the Soul) Rainbow blessings Simeon Chi'Ra, thank you for such an expanded insight into the the Science of the Soul. It's exactly what I needed at this time. The meditation was fantastic and I am feeling fantastic. I feel such a shift in my energy as having let go of so much excess weight (energetic wise) that was in need of being released. It feels like a great shift in frequency. Thanks to Shi'Ra and yourself for this wonderful gift and I thank myself for accepting it... ~ Eulinda Ince-Ogiste, UK

(7/24/11 Science of the Soul) Dear Simeon, not only was the info amazing but your presentation/delivery was fantastic - well organized, clear and to the point, with great visuals... the best I have heard you do!! Thanks again for all your hard work... ~ Connie Poggiani, Winnetka, CA, USA

(7/24/11 Science of the Soul) Wish to thank you for the powerful transmission yesterday with Shi'Ra El'Fa'Na yesterday, THR's (Thoth's) twin flame in the Temple of La'Kina... Many heart-felt thanks for your clear instruction on the Science of the Soul which has been very enlightening to me. I am starting to understand more pieces of the vast cosmogony you and Maia have been sharing so faithfully throughout the years in this incarnation. ~ Nathanael bar Tholmi, Antwerp, BELGIUM

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(7/24/11 Science of the Soul) Simeon, you have a gift for guided meditations. They are my favorite part every time. I'm always transported some place magical, and with grace and ease in arriving!  Thanks again for sharing your deep and profound levels of knowledge. ~ Marc Alyxander of HyperLight Web Designs, Massachusetts, USA

(7/24/11 Science of the Soul) I learned a lot and I thank you for such a wonderful presentation. I felt the energy during the meditation; I have not felt such energy before and it changed something within me. I felt the connection that I have been looking for, for a long time, a connection to the divine. ~ Chris D, CANADA

(7/24/11 Science of the Soul) Dear Simeon, Wow... this webinar was most wondrous and presented in such a way that I kept feeling that Yes, I know this - maybe not the specific names but the structure and organization felt so true and familiar. All of the imagry was soooooo very, very good and awesome - thank you for all that went into creating Each one of these... ~ Eesha Diane Sawyer, USA

(7/24/11 Science of the Soul) Thank you for all that you shared and facilitated today... The detailed information on souls added some new pieces to my knowledge... The process took me so far out... that it was only about light and encoded information, totally beyond words or thoughts...just pure transmission. ~ Carol Mann of Cosmic Cafe, Wyoming, USA

(7/24/11 Science of the Soul) not quite sure where to start... experiencing some very deep shifts... more solid in who I AM... I am a cosmic Human, a Divine human and it is All in perfect Divine order and always has been.

Wow what a trip. The illusion of separation is fading. I am Knowing on a physical level My Divinity. It's like years, eons of fog has cleared and is already becoming a distant memory.

Many things that I have doubted as I awaken, have or are slipping away... so much more. More than I can put into words. ~ Celia Macqueen, Indiana, USA

(7/24/11 Science of the Soul) Had lots of really cold spine moving shivers, especially when you put her (Shi'Ra's) eyes up... I really felt something come from them... OMG when we had to take her hands and look into (her) eyes... saw the rainbow swirl... from my 3rd eye. COOL! ~ Karen Edwards, UK

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(6/19/11 Cradle of the Platinum Universal Goddess) I really enjoyed this and I loved how much information you gave that was stimulating for my mind and loved the visuals and the clarity of your presentation. Much was new for me... This was wonderful and opened up new awareness and avenues... I am excited to head to bed and see what dreams transpire from the meditations!! Thank you so much, Simeon for your light! ~ Kate L, USA

(6/19/11 Cradle of the Platinum Universal Goddess) Simeon... What a doozie!!!! The platinum energies flying through me were so intense... I clearly understand that what I was feeling the other day and today WAS ISHKEA entering my field... I am in a state of bliss so refined and so pure that my physical body is pulsating ever so gently within me as if I can feel my own blood flow to each cell as liquid source energy replenishes me... ~ YaMa'EL of Divinity Codes, Florida, USA

(6/19/11 Cradle of the Platinum Universal Goddess) I wish to express my deepest possible gratitude for facilitating the webinar on the cradle of the platinum universal Goddess Iskhea. It has expanded my awareness very deeply, and brought me very close to the Female Divine... I felt a very deep and moving connection with ISHKEA when I breathed in every individual OPAH seal in my heart chakra... was very moved by what I felt deep inside of my heart.
Yesterday I performed Reshel lightwork with my group in my physical particular temple in Halle, Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium and we connected in many ways to her already. I will be preparing the report for Bill's review and give you a copy for your own reference. Very smooth and very powerful, loaded with Solarian imagery. Thank you... ~ Nathanael bar Tholmi, Antwerp, BELGIUM

(6/19/11 Cradle of the Platinum Universal Goddess) Wow! amazing, I went real deep into somewhere about half hour into  webinar came back when you were talking about the primary temple portals, it must of been the energy, I didn't even feel tired just on coming back I realised that I had lost time.

When you did the activation boy did I get chills each line you said I got them all over too. At end I started to feel like I was in dream state real nice. ~ Karen Edwards, UK

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