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Cosmic Webinar
Energy Transmissions Feedback
Participants Share Their Experiences
3/21/11 - 6/6/11


(6/6/11 Crystal Moon of Compassion) ...I really enjoyed it and found it very powerful, magical and uplifting. Both Simeon and Maia are fascinating and huge emitters of love and wisdom and it’s a very potent mix. I loved their artwork and found it very powerful too.

All in all a beautiful experience and one that I’d recommend... ~ Lu Randolph of BlissCoach4U, UK

(5/20/11 Crystal Moon of Compassion) Dear Simeon, thank you for your fantastic meditation and information... it was so nice and informative to listen to. I read about this on The Rainbow Scribe and felt that it was imporant for me to paticipate.

I have not been "on the path" for more than 3-4 years so I still have a lot to learn. But this meditation was amazing. I was lucky to be able to listen in the evening and not in the middle of the night. And during your program I felt energies coming to me in waves and in the night afterwards there was a feeling of very strong energies coming in all night. I was almost afraid that it was something wrong, that I somehow draw to much energy to me than I could handle. But next day I felt vey good. So thanks again and Greetings ~ Eva, Stockholm, SWEDEN

(5/20/11 Crystal Moon of Compassion) Good morning Simeon! During the Kuan Yin meditation, I saw the light expression of each of the members who were participating, and I felt a tremendous appreciation, and deep love, for those shining lights. I've never felt this before and, now, I feel it everyday. My deepest Love and Gratitude to All. ~ Nikki Pawlowski, USA

(5/19/11 Crystal Moon of Compassion) Dear Simeon, the Quan Yin webinar reached into me deeply. I experienced the meditation not only at the feeling level, which is my usual way, but those poignant feelings were joined by vibrant visual and kinetic sensations. Quan Yin has been part of my experience since childhood and I feel her ever more vividly now.

Her energy within me has taken on a many faceted ovoid shape, tapered to a point at both top and bottom, with a rainbow iridescence moving across the surface of a clear crystal with gold and platinum filaments in constant movement inside it. The compassion energies at Shambala became a shimmering molten lava-like substance of both yellow gold and platinum color blending in and out of each other, emitting bursts of pure white light while shimmering with areas of rainbow iridescence.

One could move within and even drink this substance much like water with which it can blend. I released what I transported into the natural rock pool at the source of the Sacramento River as it flows out from under the rocks near the base of Mt. Shasta.

I thank you, Maia, I thank Quan Yin and the many other Beings with us for this opportunity to experience a greater expression of love’s compassion and the chance to share those energies with All, now and always. Namaste ~ Susan R., Sacramento, CA, USA

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(5/19/11 Crystal Moon of Compassion) You did it again, Simeon: you rung my bell and had me shedding many tears of joy. The information on the 1000 petal lotus is way out there and had me physically vibrating and shaking. Your precious art forms sucked me in instantly especially all that you illustrated with Shambhala.

While in Shambhala; I got a intricate image that seems to be a collaboration or composite of much of what you spoke of and I going to work on it today and if you are interested I will send you an image when completed. Good practice for me sending and converting the images.

I absolutely enjoy what you and Maia are doing with this new (holographic art form), but most of all what I truly treasured is the information on everything shared. I honor and bow to the Metatronic Council of light and all the beloved Sources, that both of you work with................Much love to you and Maia for ALL you do and ALL that you are ~ Raymond Pelletier, WA, USA

(5/19/11 Crystal Moon of Compassion) I would like to say that was briliant, all the in-depth information, the slide to help use my imagination, the art work just gorgeous. Wow i received the healing i have been asking for a long time, i felt the lower vibrations leave my energy field, i felt the seat that i was on like it was liquid, it was moving. I feel myself energy where it should BE. I hope that if i do have a lower energy come into my energy field that my higher vibration of love, that it will not be able to sustain that feeling and leave, what a great place to be thank you thank you thank you ~ Daniela Eleuteri, Perth, AUSTRALIA

(5/19/11 Crystal Moon of Compassion) Hi Simeon, thank you, I really enjoyed the webinar... I found it interesting doing the meditation going into shambhala because I found a symbol of an eagle placed in my heart chakra and then saw a real eagle’s left eye looking at me, plus a hawk came up in my mind. I haven’t deciphered the meaning as yet but I have had the “real eagle” before, many years ago in my mind.

Another interesting fact was that you referred to 111 people were doing the webinar and meditation. Well, sort of until both my son and daughter in law arrived in the meditation when we were asked to all hold hands around Quan Yin and then they stayed around until the end of the meditation. Flying through Shambhala Brendan, my son was holding Ranbir’s left hand and then turned around and waited for me to take his right hand, and we flew around together.

Why is this significant? Brendan hasn’t talked to me really since he ran off and married Ranbir in Feb 2007 and I have seen him about 3 times since then... Now when I saw the eagle in my heart chakra, I saw the sword from Maia’s Merkabah Logo she did for Brendan placed in his heart chakra and with Ranbir, I saw her cradling a new born baby in her left arm...

For years I have been trying to bring our family together, and where do they all turn up, in my meditation!!! It is truly funny! Sooner or later it might actually happen in the physical! Thank you for the video because I will do the meditation again from it and it is a good learning tool plus I can go back to it at any time. Yours sincerely ~ Lea Ible, AUSTRALIA

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(5/18/11 Crystal Moon of Compassion) The time I spent with Simeon, Quan Yin and Maia during the Crystal Moon of Compassion wesak celebration was much more than I expected. It contained deep, mystical teachings through Simeon mixed with Quan Yin's profound overlighting presence of compassion. Quan Yin's energies were expanded even more through Maia's transmissions, resulting for me in a clearing within the emotional body. Thank you for all of your preparation, the great teaching video and for recording the session we it can be reviewed. Your service is deeply appreciated.

May you live in Divine Peace, Joy and Grace and know that you are greatly loved. ~ Kamala of Walk the Earth as a Living Master, Hawaii, USA

(5/18/11 Crystal Moon of Compassion) Hello again, today is May 18th, the day after the Crystal Moon of Compassion webinar. Because I had so intently believed and intently dove into the information given, yes dimensions of compassion, to so say, are deeply being embedded within my energy being. it feels like liquid lighted layers or waves of light flowing within my body, and these waves of love feel as though they are embedded with gentle starlights and diamonds. It is a feeling of velvet, soft, and with a bliss and peace divine. It swells upwards , inwards , and outwards.

This activation of the Platinum Ray of Compassion initiated in the Crystal Moon of Compassion Projection has born these marvelous expansions within me within the past 30 or so hours.

Not knowing yet the full strength of the compassion wave that had been quickened within me, I went out this afternoon to go to my place of employment. As soon as I got out of the house and began to circulate socially with others that is when the activation began. I stopped by a drive through window for a quick meal, and the young woman who took my order over the speaker and handed me my order was the same young woman there from last week.

I remember, giving my order through the speaker, that I felt a little rushed and I caught myself in the act.... the subtle thought of 'why do they always have to ask me if I want this or that added to my order, when I have already given my order!' But like I said, I turned it around quickly - so I made the acknowledgment, that the power and love of the quickening of compassion within me is real!

When I looked at the young woman who took me order, and when she looked at me, as she took my card to pay for my order - there actually was a platinum light and frequency so heavenly that she just looked at me transfixed with light coming out from each our of her face and body. She acted as though she did not want me to leave as she just experienced THE WAVE.... and now she will carry it to her co-workers and family. The Light Principle working at its very best. It is a win win situation and we all are taking our part and each of our most unique and wondrous way.

I realize this is a long mini report... and my journal is filled with such awareness and experiences of light growth... but wanted to share... that your work is so valuable.... advanced to be sure... and it is beautiful work being given forth for all who are ready and for all who carry the flame in the relay of light. This is living to the utmost, and as far as I know there could be no higher expression of life to express. Thank you and blessings to you! ~ Lorian in California, USA

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(5/18/11 Crystal Moon of Compassion) With smiles and hugest appreciation to you Simeon and to Maia for this perfectly wonderful gathering of 111 and the Information and Inspiration on these Wesak Energies of compassion.

There is so very much that you gave and gathered and shared. First I am still remembering at a body level the kiss on the forehead/ 3rd eye of Quan Yin and feeling the immmediate activation and unfolding of the 1000 petal lotus with the beautiful words of Quan Yin thru Maia.

And I so feel the energies of our 1000th petal igniting all the others and the math sequencing from Thoth of the 13 plus the 20. Very nice.

I have been seeing lately - especially this past week the Torus pattern bringing everything that we have experienced on the planet into the center and remixing... I loved flying with your Metatronic Wings, my dolpin and unicorn flying companions came along, of course.

I so very much LOVE the 9 glyphs that you have created - I am continuiing to sense them and their potency just beginning. During the meditation when we were holding hands - not sure if you suggested or if I just naturally do that. I was led to stand and then was moving to the left with a chain step, like the 11:11 dances as we all held hands and then we would move the other way with an inner circle and an outer circle. At some points we would stop and each one turn in circles in place and then take more steps.. sometimes holding hands and sometimes with our arms around each other in a tighter circle. Beautiful flow and movement of energies.

And the specific showing of the energies of sympathy and empathy and compassion. I had been working with that and seeing my more detached view very seldom Feeling the Stuff of others going on. It is nice to have the frequency differences shown - that is very helpful... Thank You so very much for all the time and days and listening and preparation going in to this wonderful presentation and the gathering of this group.

OH yes,, Today on a dear group called the Lemurian Temple, one of the women sharing after the meditation talked about these energies of sympathy and the Compassion of Shambhala being the Platinum Ray - so I could lell that she had also been amongst the Group of 111. :) with smiles. ~ Eesha Dian Sawyer, USA

(5/18/11 Crystal Moon of Compassion) Dear Simeon, may I give You and Maya my felicitations and congratulations with all the work you did for this beautiful webinar. For me it was amazing, and the meditations with Quan Yin was very very emotional. I did not understand each word you speak but the vibrations were very touching. With Love, Light and Peace. ~ Ludo Van den Steen, BELGIUM

(5/18/11 Crystal Moon of Compassion) Greetings Simeon, WOW, WOW, WOW, where do I start, what an amazing experience, the night before I dreamed I was sleeping on a bed of golden lotuses, I felt like sleeping beauty, and the same thing accrued during this transmission, well when when we where opening to Qaun Yin's energies I saw my body as a golden lotus flower and every cell in my body was unfolding as a leaf of the lotus petal, my heart so opened tears of joy, the energies so where profound, I felt the strongest connect with Quan Yin that I had ever felt, it felt like I finally surrendered each cell every part of my being and finally excepted Quan Yin as my Master teacher at this time on my path. ~ Shi'Ra'Ta'Na, Eagle Heights, AUSTRALIA

(5/18/11 Crystal Moon of Compassion) Thank you Simeon, as well as Maia, just finished watching the video and as always, can't find suitable words to express my gratitude for the wonderful meditation, awesome artwork and detailed information. You both are a blessing to humanity. God bless. ~ Goolcher Navdar, Dubai, UAE

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(5/18/11 Crystal Moon of Compassion) Dear Simeon, thank you very much for the Seminar last night. I found it was full of information about Quan Yin and Compassion. Also about Shambhala. It was a very emotional and heart touching meditation. I am sure it opened our hearts as much as it could. Love and light. ~ Angela Kininmonth, UK

(5/18/11 Crystal Moon of Compassion) Dear Simeon, I am still deeply empressed about this precious, unique, powerful experience of compassion and love, we have shared together and the blessings we have received with such a wonderful guidance through this Wesak celebration and the wide drawn "landscape" of deeper understanding and so, I want to THANK YOU and Maia, Kwan Yin and the Metatronic Councils of Light VERY MUCH for providing such a rare opportunity of gift and joyful service at once (which is continuing for us on all levels ....), which was emphasized and supported with wonderful images in a form of presentation, which have needed surely much time to create it with all your love and imagination.

The images acted wonderful as transmitter to follow the meditation, journey and to connect deeper with the energies.

They were GREAT in expression and EMANATION .... and if I could create by myself such wonderful images, I would love to do this... and by the way ....I want to mention, that I joined a creative-group of soul painting for three weeks, three times, in which very powerfully images emerged in my senses, which wanted to be applied in colours and form.... what I tried to do as best I could ... also continuing....

I feel blessed and grateful, to be invited so clearly to join this very special celebration and service for ourselves and was remembered again today, so that my thoughts wandered back to another great German Wesak Event, I joined the last years personally ( close to my residence) near Munich, which came after 10 years now fully to and end, as the purpose was fulfilled to anchor light in this area and so I hope, that I could reach one or two with my introduction of your special invitation, someones, who felt called too, so they could "answer".

In knowing, that we are connected always, we see us in Divine time & purpose again "as God wills" ... and will join your newsletter ... to be informed. Much love and a blessed time ~ Helga Haeusler, Munich, GERMANY

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(5/17/11 Crystal Moon of Compassion) ...Crystal Moon of Compassion is very powerful and most beautiful. Please know how wonderful it is and how greatly it is appreciated by me. What I relate about my experience today in the following paragraphs, is all new information for me. I received this new wonderful information during today's journey to Shambhala and contact with Quan Yin...

My visual journey was an anchoring of great compassion within myself. And the animation created for moving up through the Lotus stalk conveyed true awareness of actually being there (thank you Simeon) While moving up throughout the golden Lotus stalk, loads of golden gems of information were born for me.

Simultaneous, as traveling up through the golden lotus stalk, and when emerging forth into a great sunlit domain of Shambhala, the presence of Quan Yin awaited with a multitude of light beings for this occasion of Wesak. I learned that humanity is the 1000th petal for completion - and the description that all of the suffering of humanity has now been transmuted into a reality template of compassion for us all to now embrace and realize in everyday life - that is very important for me to know at this time. And to know that this compassion energy is abundant and is available to us at any given time.

The transmission from Quan Yin (thank you Maia) was wonderful and I need to listen to everything again and again. It was so love filled, meaningful and brought tears to my eyes. Both of your sincerities produced tears throughout the webinar.

When I opened up to receive a message from Quan Yin, it was that there are great qualities of Compassion that now exists within humanity's collective. And this compassion is transmuting tremendous oppressive thought forms still held within the memory base of the collective evolution... The light form of the Grail of Compassion is now penetrating these areas of humanity and will bust people out of their thought prisons.

The higher ones of many realms and councils have assisted humanity in this transmutation process with this creation. The energies from humanity, with the higher ones great love and abilities, have been able to reverse the polarity of that matrix of suffering into a compassion matrix. The long time suffering throughout 16 billion year cycle - now comes back upon humanity in a perfected form...

The strings that have held us down and back are disappearing through the activation of the Compassion Template that has been greatly activated during this Wesak. With a newly blessed compassionate heart. ~ Lorian of California, USA

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(5/17/11 Crystal Moon of Compassion) Namaste Simeon! The last webinar was the heaviest transmission I have received yet, my tears of compassion filled my being and flowed down with love from the vibration you and others have brought into my life on this speacial day! Im am so thankful to be a part of all of your lives and share this love for the world with all of you!... Love you starbro! thanks as always for your support and service! ~ Jonah Bolt of Zen 11:11 and Starseed Energy Radio, Asheville, N.C., USA

(5/17/11 Crystal Moon of Compassion) Thank you very much for this wonderful blessings from Quan Yin. I had had the opportunity to attend a Wesak Festival in Mt Shasta and the last one was around 16 years ago. It's wonderful to have attended this last one which is very powerful and meaningful for me. I am also a Taurus born on May 8, Buddha's anniversary. Thank you again. Love and blessings. ~ Willy Tatlonghari

(5/17/11 Crystal Moon of Compassion) THANK YOU!!! Bless you Simeon, Maia, Quan Yin and ALL beings who helped in that. BEAUTIFUL!

Off to ground, meditate, appreciate and send love outwards. Bless you! What pure hearts you are… so beautiful! All our love!! Moo and Merlin the cat and Spirit Kia cat! ~ Lucinda Randolph of Simply Reiki and Bliss Coach 4U, UK.

(5/17/11 Crystal Moon of Compassion) Infinite gratitude to you and beloved Quan YIN!! ~ Namaste ~ Da Vid Raphael of ARTainement, California, USA

(5/17/11 Crystal Moon of Compassion) Dear Simeon and Maia, thank you so much for this webinar. It was fabulous. Of course, I have always felt connected as if I was an aspect of her consciousness. She absolutely confirmed that for me. I always invoke her full presence when doing healings for others. She is always here for me and my clients. I felt the love, compassion and kindness of the Metatronic energies... I even felt her kiss on my forehead and it lingered for quite awhile. Bliss, bless and love. Blessings ~ Brenda Teagarden of Oneness Blessings, Roswell, GA, USA

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(4/26/11 Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry) Hi Simeon, I enjoyed the webinar very much. Lots of work must have gone into it. My heart opened on the meditation exercises on the beautifull images you created. Kind regards. ~ Rob van Steensel, The Nederlands

(4/26/11 Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry) Golden Brother! Well you may have noticed my absence on the live 'nar on Sunday... HOWEVER - when I started working with the video on Monday, things got GOLD! Hahah, I was able to do the back ground reading from Maia, and then pause the video at certain points to really work with the symbols, drawing each one out a few times! Inner Peace was as tricky to draw as it was to maintain.... hahahah easier since though, that is for sure!! wow. At one point I stood up... and my brain basically exploded in gold and white! It was SO intense! I held on to the file cabinet next to my desk because it felt like I was going to faint or something, well I didn't. But things have not been the same since! Its ON now Brother!!

The way the nine keys laid out was just so perfect, the way they formed well an ascension mantra - in English - which is a nice change, has been just amazing. Along with the orb work and everything else we have done, just a perfect step inward = ). Quite early in the session I really felt a golden ray of light coming down and fully enveloping me, kind of as described in the 44:44 writing from Maia. Then each of the symbols descended down the light beam into my core, into my heart. As you have said, and I have felt a couple times in the last while, 2012 is now. It's on right now! ~ Dugan Selkirk, Vancouver, BC, CANADA

(4/25/11 Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry) Dear Simeon, thank you for the upgrade/teaching. I was very connected all the way through, AND GOT YOU AT EVERY POINT... the I AM LOVE was felt up my spine into my head, and saw a golden light, I think that's when I had the vision... With much gratitude and love in the great I AM. ~ Cyd Detiege, USA

(4/24/11 Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry) Thank you Simeon...you rock! And this work is extra-ordinary and clear. I bear witness to your evolution and celebrate you! Love ~ Carol Mann of Cosmic Cafe, Jackson, Wyoming

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(4/24/11 Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry) WOW Blown away again Simeon Merci... Universal Interdimensional Cosmic Love from the Group here in S. France. ~ Sandra Joyon, Perpignan, France

(4/24/11 Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry) Between you and Maia we might just get to that New Earth Star. I love the energy art and the 9 gates. Even yesterday I found myself catching myself in little ways from being pulled back to old patterns when thinking of the zero point. I had started doing this a while ago using zero point as a neutral space but found your presentation clarifying on a deeper level. These shifts are subtle but as we well know those are the very ones that continue to hold us hostage. Thanks so much. ~ Patricia L'Dara, Nederland, CO, USA

(4/24/11 Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry) Thank you very very much! ...the energy was sooo beautiful and powerful ! And the images have their powerful magic too! I enjoyed the energy of all images, but a few stand out for me -- The Eye of Metatron art gave me a feeling of arising "new" energy surrounded the pyramid and the cross felt like an anchor of this energy that gave me a "hold" on it and the ability to ground it into the center of the Earth; the others were the Temple of Love that spread that energy/feeling from my heart area all around my torso, Temple of... forgot the name... represented by infinity symbol -- went to the back of my brain to the location of medulla oblongata resonating with my being from that point (or to that point?) and than Temple of Peace-- before you said it is your favorite I felt as I was really resonating with it and got emotional with this symbol... thank you again and again.

I am very grateful to all Beings who created this event and to all who participated. ~ Adelaida Ravinsky, NJ, USA

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(4/24/11 Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry) I refreshing, cleansing and upliftting webinar... A sense of renewal, came over me during the webinar... During the affirmation of my Higher Divine Self being of an Essence of True Love (uncondition Love), I felt the uplifting cleansing sensation throughout my whole being.

Also wome very strong visualisations when connecting with Metatronic Consciousness... very active and interactive, I could feel the connectiveness through the flower... Thank you, Bright Blessings. ~ James R. Forsythe, USA

(4/24/11 Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry) Oh my gosh my dear brother....a quick note here of gratitude... Perfection.. in this presentation my dear friend; perfection.

Something came over me when the Nine New Earth Pure Consciousness Temples came up on screen before I even read them. A wave of something deeply touched my heart and entire body. I say "something" becasue the mind cannot fathom it of course. It is without words.

Brilliant. The whole presentation was brilliant. I am amazed Simeon. Impeccable organization....beyond words. You were in your element dear brother.

And the holographic memonic sentence tie-in; "Universally aware love unites essence with wholeness, presence and peace at zero-point." Again, no words, just experience throughout for me from the point of the Nine New Earth Pure Consciousness Temples stage of the presentation...just pure experience from that point on...

When you were showing the enlarged icons one by one, and while they were all beautiful, when #6, Wholeness came up I was in awe at the beauty... again without words. Words would only lower the meaning of it. Then when #7 came on screen, Presence, I was awe-struck again beyond words. Then when the zero-point came on screen, I was again, deeply attracted to the art work and the meaning, but without words.

Well, dear brother, thank you for... a work of art consciousness, a work of Oneness, a work of pure heart-giving pure awareness. Thank you dearest one... ~ Susan Sesha Wight of Energy Pattern, Sacramento, CA, USA

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(4/24/11 Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry) I wanted to say a big thank you for your webinar today... your work is really epitomizing the shift from the old earth consciousness into the new earth consciousness.

My son (age 15) came and sat for a while during the webinar and was very interested in the symbols and energy art that you have created. He was particularly drawn to the Zero Point image and energy art. I found this very interesting as it is the resonance key for Divine/Central stillness and as I shared with you previously, he is diagnosed as ADHD. I noticed this and felt he was drawn to this symbol for a reason. I really love the symbols and the resonance keys - these resonated with me immensely as I really enjoy working with symbols and feel that they reach us at the deep core level of our DNA and light frequencies. The resonance keys and meditation statements are very empowering and I feel these make complex metaphysical concepts easy to work with, feel and relate to.

The questions associated with the resonance keys are also excellent and I am personally going to work actively with these in every possible way in my day to day life. I feel these to be life-changing and transforming (as a healer, these questions really resonate with me too and can be applied so beautifully to any situation that needs healing or balancing). The mnemonic sentence is also excellent and I could feel the energy vibration contained fully within this sentence - when working with this in conjunction with the heart breathing, I felt that it made my energy field and consciousness become very peaceful, expanded and exquisitely aware of being connected to all life.

Thank you once again for all the work that you are doing and the teachings you are bringing through to guide and support others through these times of change. I can really feel that you are pouring heart and soul into this work and this energy radiates throughout your work. I think the e-book is a fantastic idea and I really look forward to this when it is completed. ~ Juanita McKenzie of Butterfly Heart, Capetown, SOUTH AFRICA

(4/24/11 Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry) Simeon, What a powerful webinar. Thank you for your wisdom, work (on all levels), and for your willingness to share. Yes, I am interested in learning this material so that I can further support my family, college students, colleagues, elders in day centers, and those beings preparing for their passages in hospices. Namaste. ~ Alana L., USA

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(3/23/11 Zenhidron Crystallex Transmission) Hey star bro!!! Well, let me say this, during the webinar I could feel the top part of my head sort of swirling around a good minute or so before you had us focus on the crown chakra and the energy flowed in, that was the first time I have experianced that sensation, my 3rd eye always rings the full time of your webinars, I know I'm getting what's being put out, just not always understanding it in 3d here! ~ Jonah Bolt of Zen 11:11 and Starseed Energy Radio, Asheville, N.C., USA

(3/22/11 Zenhidron Crystallex Transmission) As we went through the meditation - the blue star kachina seemed to form all the corner points of my merkaba first as we flew off to the temple but then - and since! - around my physical body as well. During the meditation I was bi-located at the temple and here in my chair - as I entered the temple (above) my orb (here) really became the temple and my body inside it, with the blue star merkaba in it as well, with the golden brain, the rainbow torus...

Then... the raw flame geometries started to hit me! In a slow pulse, like a heart beat!!! They hit the temple - which was the external edge of my new golden orb which enveloped the rainbow orb within, each pulse hit the temple and charged it up, each one a little higher and higher. - Yes the new flame geometry mandala is now my desktop background.

After the process I went outside and lay on the ground for quite a while, toning, breathing moving my body as I felt guided to, towards the end of that about 1000 little lights came into my field of vision! They were clearly there with my eyes open! I looked up, down, left and right and there they were!!!! They were like tiny little stars quite close in like I could reach out and touch them!!

Suffice to say I really physically mentally and otherwise now feel all of these new systems as part of me, and me a part of them! As much as my ego or my memories or anything else that I considered `real` before. I love how each of these sessions builds off the last. Very cool. Can't wait for the next one!!!...

So we the cells of the mind of God express our deepest love and gratitude to you for the facilitation you have provided us so far and for the journey that we will enjoy together. ~ Dugan Selkirk, Vancouver, B.C, CANADA

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(3/21/11 Zenhidron Crystallex Transmission) WOW..Simeon and Maia... I'm still going through the aligment... I felt everything so powerfully... while going through the art work Maia prepared for us of the seals... what a wow... it was like I was releasing all past... and moving forward into the new place of holding our vision for what we I am co-creating out of pure understanding, compasion and love... I am vibrating in the LOTUS of Infinite Compassion... Thank you my soul family... BIG HIGH FIVE!!! Much love and Zgratitud Bluebelnavaratna! ~ Sylvia Vance, Hawaii, USA

(3/21/11 Zenhidron Crystallex Transmission) Hi Simeon - I joined in the session last night ... MY SOUL OPENED UP TO THIS WONDERFUL AND AMAZING SESSION .. to HELP BUILD OUR NEW WORLD... I NOW KNOW IN MY HEART .... I AM HERE FOR A REASON ... I NOW SEE A NEW PATH!! THANK YOU! ~ Linda T.

(3/21/11 Zenhidron Crystallex Transmission) Thank You for making this possible . Happy Equinox Beautiful Energy. Love. ~ Carol Withers, SAUDIA ARABIA

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