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Cosmic Webinar
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(03/22/12 ~ Temple of Qua'Ha ~ Infinite Awareness) Hi Simeon ~ That was such an incredible webinar, exploring the Temple of Qua'Ha. I thank you for putting it all together in such a seamless and integrated manner. I took notes like you wouldn't believe, especially in regards to the experience of Qua'Ha. That's really the crux of it after all, in being able to understand what a truly infinite awareness is/means so that we can incorporate it.

Interestingly, my personal experience within a two day timeframe of the actual call and your information made me realize that I'm already working with Qua'Ha in an expanded way. So that was exciting! It was a choice to allow my greater self to enfold and accept my more limited self in complete love. So, it's important to realize that through greater Awareness, whatever is still "dual" within us can be resolved in a very easy manner.

I'm so grateful for Master Menon's message at the beginning and the end, too! Your closing meditation brought me into a very deep space of peace. I was soooo relaxed and in an expanded state of awareness, yet at some point my body jerked and released some energy... perhaps to allow me to expand even more going forward.

Thank you so much, Simeon! And thanks to Karen, too, for her soothing, heart-based lead-in's. It was a superb transmission! Blessings of the Infinite Breath of Awareness. ~ Christine, CA, USA

(03/22/12 ~ Temple of Qua'Ha ~ Infinite Awareness) Beloved Simeon - I Am so grateful... somehow I was technically unable to be present @ the webinar to view/audio - so I held the space with you all and the Metatronic Councils of Light as I Am well aware that in Spirit there is no distance.... I was truly moved when, in the afternoon after a refreshing nap, I focused on the Video.

The infusion from Lord Menon and the Temple of Qua'Ha is vibrating in my being. Moved to tears. It is/was truly remarkable that your illustration and reference to the Crystalline Circuitry and THE TENDRILS (akin to angelic wispy cloud formations) enfolding the Earth are almost identical to the "mushroom mycellium" in a video of Paul Stamets' in which he lectures on the fact that these mycellium can save the planet - see www.TED.com." I had been led to view that just the day before via a so-called somewhat unrelated matter - fascinating and all encompassing and resonating as TRUTH.

I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL and looking forward to the other Temples. Regards and blissings to Karen also. Loving you! ~ Gertrude L, Location Unknown.

(03/22/12 ~ Temple of Qua'Ha ~ Infinite Awareness) hi Sim... was there... all the way... blew me (old me) away... it could not have been more perfectly timed ~ will write much, much more... your voice totally resonated... love..love..love.. thank you sacred brother... thank you.. ~ JSB, CA, USA

(03/22/12 ~ Temple of Qua'Ha ~ Infinite Awareness) Wow… It is not that often that I get goosies on my goose bumps… What an extremely intense and de-LIGHT-full presentation... I was in tears.

I absolutely loved the in-depth information provided and feel that it is right on especially that part of shifts in consciousness and that it occurs naturally. In a way I feel that I have been living/experiencing these shifts in consciousness since Simeon began his webinars. I also feel that I have been aware of these same shifts in the growing complexities of the designs (New Earth sacred geometry) that I am blessed to do.

The New Earth Geometric design of Qua'Ha, "The ALL seeing breath of awareness" is a good example of a natural shift and expanded awareness in consciousness.

Simeon I have looked forward to the webinar for weeks now and I feel that you certainly did not let me down... What a Masterful job... In a cheerful and joyous way I return one of your quotes by saying "This is the Real Enchilada".

My beloved brother it is a de-LIGHT for me to say thanks for ALL you do and ALL that you are….I am sooo grateful to be part of your family of Oneness Love. ~ RayMond Tao'Ra, WA, USA

(03/22/12 ~ Temple of Qua'Ha ~ Infinite Awareness) Deep Heartfelt Greetings Simeon! It has been quite some time since I have found a “soul group” and Cosmic Consciousness is that!

Thank you deeply for this wonderful webinar today – the two hours literary flies by . . . .I was blessed to have an “Aha” with the Temple of Qua’Ha (no accidents there) meditation and saw in several relationships with some rough spots over the last year where I was truly “imprisoned” by MY limited perceptions and am so grateful that I have at last seen with the true sight of Qua’Ha.

Those ‘rough spots’ with each of those relationships actually have been the catalysts in my expanding my perception of what love is – what was ‘uncomfortable’ for me in each case was really an opportunity for me to look in the ‘mirror’ and realize it was my own limitations creating the pain and discomfort. I now know how to expand and grow in a wonderful way. Namaste. ~ Beth G, of Rainbow of Promise, PA, USA

(02/22/12 ~ 7D Dragon Weaving w/ Bin'u'Ra) Dear Simeon & Karen, thank you so much for the brilliant webinar! The concept of the Dragon was very easy to understand. I also thank you for the wonderful mantra which I consider as a unique masterpiece because it enables us to directly connect with the energies of the Dragon.

All I knew about Dragons before the webinar was that they are keepers of the vital energy 'chi' but thanks to this webinar I expanded my understanding for which I thank you very much.

From the last two webinars I received lots of special energy. I also appreciate your talents to present the information in a very good artistic manner and at the same time easy to understand by everyone.

The meditations were also splendid! It was an honour for me to receive this knowledge in this way (via your webinars). Once again, I thank you very much! ~ Nina Gavrilova, UK

(02/22/12 ~ 7D Dragon Weaving w/ Bin'u'Ra) greetings Simeon, I... just got around to doing the Bin'U'Ra transmission, wow!!!! that was truly an experience of all the dragon power iv been working, i have been working with the dragon power everyday for the last 6 years, i also had done activation with Metatron about 5 months ago also my dragon i work with is name is Zork.

Iv been working with the dragon power to surrender my entire will over to the creators will, i feel during this webinar i had a little resistance to begin with, but i feel that it was the final stage of fully activating the dragon power within me, i felt all 9 dragon energies first in a line, then i merged with all nine dragon energies creating a platinum dragon that i was, the energies started to swirl all around me then i felt an activation like a head piece upon my head fully activating, then the most pure bliss come over me as i surrenderd fully into the oneness love of the dragon power...

So thank you so much for a wonderful blessed activation from the dragon kingdom much love always. ~ Shi'Ra'Ta'Na Ish'Shi'Ya Shi'Ra'Ka'Baha

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(02/22/12 ~ 7D Dragon Weaving w/ Bin'u'Ra) Hi Simeon ~ I just finished watching the Bin'u'Ra webinar. As always, it was a beautiful presentation with your original energy art, information/research, Karen's meditations and the final dragon weave meditation.

By the end of the video, I felt truly cocooned in the powerful, coherent Dragon energy. They tend to have that effect, don't they, when one works with them long enough? I hardly noticed it happening, yet could feel that energetic weaving very subtly, even just shortly into the presentation. By the end, I felt as if all of my energy bodies had been cleansed, aligned and brought into a whole new level of Oneness Love.

Thank you for sharing such amazing information about the Dragons at their various levels, and especially the significance of the Seven Sacred Tones and our participation in helping to anchor these energies with the Dragons... I feel that I've been working with the Dragon Realm for a long while... Your insights have facilitated a deeper and stronger connection with them... I loved it! Many beautiful blessings to you. ~ Christine, CA, USA

(02/22/12 ~ 7D Dragon Weaving w/ Bin'u'Ra) Dear Simeon, thank you for another fabulous webinar. I learned a lot about how the dragons function from a galactic perspective. I have related to them more as earth creatures, the powers along leylines, the earth powers of the Chinese dragons, Merlin's dragons in the hill... Now I've learned more about the spiritual dragons...

Your webinar put me in direct connection with the dragon energy. To the point that I now have a pet dragon following me around. He is blue and really cute and is eager to help me and be part of my life. He has also shown me that he can be a much larger and fierce red dragon if I need it. He is connected to GizaRa (Ga'Za'Ra)... Love to you and Karen Ani'Ra. ~ Wencke, Chicago, IL, USA

(02/22/12 ~ 7D Dragon Weaving w/ Bin'u'Ra) Thank you, Blessed One, for offering me the opportunity to reconnect with the Dragon Realm--- several of my following meditational experiences (going into the quiet within) have been filled with their strong and loving presence and now guidance--- great power given so gently and with such ease that moves into my outer life as well!

They have opened me to more and more of my own sacred Dragon power, and I am deeply grateful!! Lots of Love and Light to you, Simeon--- I am grateful to you for being willing to have experienced all you have TO BE this pure channel and for your ABUNDANCE of generosity of spirit! All has deeply touched my beingness with Grace and Light--- my hope is my Heart Love touches you with the blessings It holds for you. ~ Sandra G, NJ, USA

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(02/22/12 ~ 7D Dragon Weaving w/ Bin'u'Ra) Greetings of golden dragon love Simeon!!! ...I had to share that this was the best one yet for me... I was vibrating so hard that my body was shaking...

THANK YOU from the bottom of my golden dragon oneness heart! In love and Oneness I AM, the Golden Dragon Goddess. ~ YaMa'EL of the Divinity Codes, FL, USA

(02/22/12 ~ 7D Dragon Weaving w/ Bin'u'Ra) I enjoyed the webinar very much yesterday, thank you. I have been drawn to play gongs and have just purchased some beauties... I feel the magical dragon energy when I play. I loved your description of them as providing the rhythm and pattern to create and transform reality constructs. Blessings. ~ Elizabeth H, NJ, USA

(02/22/12 ~ 7D Dragon Weaving w/ Bin'u'Ra) Hi Simeon, the webinar was nothing short of being brilliant webinar to say the least. I'm not usually sensitive to energies, but these dragons hold such beautiful energies around them that I felt a sort of gentle but powerful presence that's mesmerizing. Absolutely enjoyed the beautiful meditation and your slides. Love & Blessings. ~ Russell Chen of Messages from the Dragon Realm.

(02/22/12 ~ 7D Dragon Weaving w/ Bin'u'Ra) Radiant blessings... thank you both for an incredible view, I was taken by the colourful rainbow you created and Blessings, a Fire Dragon took me to a special Chinese Buddists Temple to show me that they are working with the Bodisativas and Metatron and Elohim for the Golden Age on Beautiful Planet Gaia, wow, thanks heaps... I feel Simeon you are going to be very blessed. In deep reverence to Dragon MASTERS FOR THEIR HEALING WORK WITH ONENESS. ~ Sandra Joyon, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

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(02/22/12 ~ 7D Dragon Weaving w/ Bin'u'Ra) Dear Simeon, it was an awesome event indeed. I had my eyes closed some of the time and saw stairs going upwards, you could not see where they ended.

When we dropped down into the first pool I felt turquoise was the colour of my dragon and he was quite fiery. Then as we moved on I felt all the colours coming in. I am considering painting a picture of what I felt.

I have always loved dragons and known they are an important part of our world. I am glad that our western view of the dragons was not quite accurate but even if we understood them wrongly, they were still helping us in the best way they could. Love and light. ~ Angela Kininmonth, UK.

(02/22/12 ~ 7D Dragon Weaving w/ Bin'u'Ra) Absolutely awesome! I get teary eyed just thinking of Bin'U'Ra and the others. My power animal is a Dragon and have been told and saw past life as a DragonRider so this really was HEARTfelt! Thank you, Thank you for channeling and sharing this incredible "Connection" - I will never be the same again. Namaste. ~ Beth G, Location Unknown.

(02/22/12 ~ 7D Dragon Weaving w/ Bin'u'Ra) Thank you Simeon and Karen for another beautiful and loving program. This is the second webinar in a row that I got sucked into your energy art and became Oneness with it, meaning, the energy surrounded me completely. It was like the energy jumped out from my computer monitor and engulfed me. At another point it felt like the monitor became a TV program with many faces and images all moving and speaking....Wow

Well done my brother /sister of Oneness Love. ~ RayMond Tao'Ra, WA, USA

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