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Cosmic Webinar
Energy Transmissions Feedback
Participants Share Their Experiences
2/5/11 - 3/19/11


(3/19/11 Ninth Universal Rainbow) Hi Simeon, just finished watching the awesome video & still reeling from the mystical insights, and absolutely new dimension of understanding of our existence in this multidimensional universe by this tiny spark of the Creator. The Universal Awareness Tools are a confirmation of my thoughts and feelings.

Every step you took us through the meditation was illuminating my consciousness at every level of existence. The merging of the golden orb with the rainbow brought in some constriction in my solar plexis initially, but later relaxed and finally slowly emerged like a lotus opening, a magical wonder. What an experience. Thank you cannot express my gratitude adequately, I am sure you understand my experience and my feelings as we are all enjoined as we evolve together through this momentous period of our evolution... Deeply grateful & thankful. Namaste ~ Goolcher Navdar, Dubai, UAE

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(3/17/11 Ninth Universal Rainbow) Dear Simeon... I want you and Maia to know that the Ninth Rainbow webinar moved within me with great power. I continue to process it... The acceleration of events within and without is astounding. I am pressed in my conscious assimilation, but I realize that the necessary assimilation is taking place whether I consciously have done so fully or not. After all, the intellect is what I am speaking of and the heart, fortunately, has its own divine ways and in these and in my I Am Presence I place my faith. The Golden Orb and the conduit to the Sun and Arhaiel, and to Rigel and the Blue Fire Command are part of this now, too. ~ Susan R, Sacramento, CA, USA

(3/12/11 Ninth Universal Rainbow) I found the information about the Mayan calender and the 9th Wave extremely interesting and I felt a sudden clarity as to why we feel as if time is accelerating... It was one of those AHA! moments... The way you presented this and explained it really made it easy to understand and actually feel. I particularly enjoyed the numerology that was part of this wave too and the cycles of the heavens - this is something I now will pay attention to and see how this actually feels in my life - I sense this will be most helpful in integrating the tremendous energies that are at work now.

I found the ideas expressed about the Codes of Completion and how they related to our neural circuitry fascinating - to understand that the transitions into higher consciousness begin first within our own neural system is incredible and empowering. As I focused on the images that accompanied this section (the ones showing our DNA and what it becomes) I could see images within the more advanced neural circuitry and noticed particularly a spiral, a five pointed star and the Flower of Life appearing within this image... There was such a strong sense of connection and how all things are linked, macrocosms and microcosms.

The Universal Awareness Tools are wonderful and I feel very empowering for people at whatever their particular level of consciousness is at this time - they are simple yet powerful tools to work with... I liked this addition to the webinar - the tools to work with - this is very empowering and helpful to all. I was really blown away by the picture of the Blue Star Kachina and found this deeply moving on a soul level. I have few words to convey such a feeling!!

The meditation was absolutely excellent and I felt this really took me into another state of being, a higher state of being where I could feel the sense of connectedness to all life in the Universe. It was profoundly peaceful and I felt that I went into a very deep meditation state that opened up certain channels to higher awareness. I felt very expanded in my being and very universal really - somehow as if I was connected to the great web of life that connects all things. The sense of my own being and uniqueness was still present, but at the same time, I felt how this unique 'me' was an integral part of so much more and connected to the entire Universe. This was profoundly peaceful and loving in energy and I was in such a beautiful and peaceful state of mind for a full three days after this meditation. So this was incredible and the images were a wonderful part of this experience.

I really enjoyed the entire webinar and felt that I learned a lot from it... there was a smoothness and fluidity to it all... a huge thank you as I can feel this has already changed something within me and taken me into a new frequency of being. ~ Juanita McKenzie of Butterfly Heart, Captetown, SOUTH AFRICA

(3/12/11 Ninth Universal Rainbow) Greetings Simeon... the webinar was wonderful ! Really good.. Thank YOU... I loved being a part... during the meditation part I sensed very keenly each of us gathered were holding hands and in circle - then also sitting as they did in Avatar around the mother tree all weaving and connected together... I engaged in this seeing to more fully activate the group connection. And again at the graphic of the node.. saw each of us as shining points of potent light. Beautiful.

And this helps also to bring more potency and power to the Golden Orb or Sphere of Light and the torus rainbow. From the first glimpse of the Ninth Rainbow graphic, the one with the earth in the center, I saw it in my abdomen.. with the earth at my navel with a continuing
clearing and energizing and activating action.

Then with the webinar information and the meditation I noticed I had already merged the golden light with the rainbow torus. But the meditation and images helped to infuse that more deeply - I also imaged the Golden Light as a yoke of an egg with one smaller yoke inside the other and sensed the Golden light in my left hand and the rainbow light in the right hand and brought them together to merge more fully.

I loved listening to Maia too and so appreciate her explanation of
ArchAngel Arhaiel as an energy field and Beings thus a state of Beingness - as a Crystal Quasar holding all codes moving a world thru all stages... This felt very familiar to me.. as in 'yes, this is what we do. ' :) ~ Eesha Dian Sawyer, USA

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(3/10/11 Ninth Universal Rainbow) Hi Simeon, thanks so much for the wonderful The Ninth Rainbow webinar on March 9th. Man! that was the most powerful webinar I've ever seen in my life. My body is still adjusting to the new frequencies, and still feel almost like fear but I don't think it is fear at all. I think my body is still adjusting to the higher vibrations.

Right after the webinar I had to go and lay down for several hours, and when I woke up I was very angry without knowing why. I think the webinar brought the anger up from my subconscious to be released. After about 5 hours it was gone. So today I'm still adjusting to how different I feel.

I can't really describe it other that a little hyper, and almost like fear, but I don't think it's fear.....I'm adjusting. ~ Dennis S, USA

(3/10/11 Ninth Universal Rainbow) Good Morning Simeon! I wanted to give you some feedback from the webinar meditation... During the meditation I felt that I was called recite a mantra, chanting and toning sounds. It's been very difficult to try to understand with my human brain why I do these things, so I don't question it too much and just do it as guided...

In the beginning of the webinar I think so much energy was being generated that it made me feel nauseous so I brought in some stones and laid down on the floor. When we started to do the breathing in the beginning of the meditation is when I started to regulate the energies better and immediately felt at ease. Lots of energy came in at the Crown and I started to physically feel it pour in. When we connected with Earth, I became very emotional and started to cry. I felt a big burst of Love from my Heart and throughout my body.

When I went to sleep and woke up in the morning, I saw a bunch of symbols (the pattern large enough area to cover the entire ceiling) but I couldn't make out what they were...

This morning I saw a very large blue orb probably about the size of a baseball... So I just wanted to share with you the experience I had with the meditation and after. Thank you so much for inviting me as your guest. I LOVE that you have "donation" on your website and are willing to help others with the cost... that has been something that I don't see very often from other's websites and makes me very sad. Much Love, Respect and Gratitude to YOU :0) ~ Elle Star Child (Makka-Da on Lightworkers.org), USA

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(3/10/11 Ninth Universal Rainbow) You did a compact beautiful program... the shield of the Blue Fire Command brings tears… The vision you asked us to tune into Arhiel: your second Metatron picture of the future neuron network came up... I saw it in a complete chaos, than it became into order. A strand of Neurons, Atoms, Molecules moved into a circle. Color: Magenta. This was us, being one complete circle, still “knowing” it was each of us, but building one connection in a circle, dancing with each other the same rhythm... sound is not to describe. From overtones to undertones, not ‘hearable’ sound waves with a body shaking effect...But you are... immense knowledge and wisdom in a zip folder... I admire your effort and the Being, who you are. ~ Karin Meyer-Reumann, Dubai, UAE

(3/10/11 Ninth Universal Rainbow) THANK YOU so much Simeon, dear soul Brother!... I have to say that the whole experience of yesterday's webinar was one of Love and great connection. In fact, that of ONENESS was the inner state that longer persisted within me. This is a premium by itself. And... ESPECTACULAR was the undescriptible experience of the last meditation. The word that comes to my mind now is: ABSOLUTE... and it was PRECIOUS and BEAUTIFUL! And totally JOYFUL! ~ Amanda Baro Roca, Spain

(3/9/11 Ninth Universal Rainbow) Simeon, beautiful, loved it! I received so much clarity, all of my questions answered. This enabled me to participate more deeply with the energies before and during the meditation. ~ Debbie G, USA

(3/9/11 Ninth Universal Rainbow) Thank you, Simeon. It took about an hour after the webinar was over before my clarity and energy returned, but right now I feel more alive and focused than I have in a long time. Blessings... ~ Carlo Ami of Your Pause Button, Big Island, Hawaii

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(3/9/11 Ninth Universal Rainbow) Wow.. Thank you so much Simeon for facilitating such a wonderful experience! I cannot fully describe in words how the meditation felt but I can tell you that it WORKED! I felt and experience all you were saying.. The Heart breathing.. and the connection from my 9th Chakra, the Blue Light and the symbols and dancing visions and the physical sensations! WOW!!

I feel so wonderful to have been a part of the welcoming and anchoring of the 9th rainbow which I could envision and feel in my Core/Golden Orb space... The clarity of the whole meditation was Enlightening and Empowering!! WOOHOOO!!!! After the webinar ended I stayed still for another 15 min or so then got up and turned around and saw The Orion Blue Fire Command vibrating the same frequency as in the meditation from the center of a Mandala Tapestry hanging above my Sacred Space/Bed ... I've attached a photo.. I've had this tapestry for over a year now and haven't felt any vibration or feeling of this magnitude and clarity!! WOW!! All is Well here in the Mountains of Missoula :) ... So Wonderful!! ~ Joshua Farmer, Missoula Montana

(3/9/11 Ninth Universal Rainbow) Blessings and Oneness, we were blown away here in the South of France... WOW talk about a AHA moment. ~ Sandra Joyon, Perpignan, France

(3/9/11 Ninth Universal Rainbow) it really went great !! strong, deep and powerful, and the presence of you and Universal energy was so clear thank you with lot's of love and great appreciation ~ Ludmilla Lami Sajdi of Acacia Land Amman, Jordan

(2/7/11 GODS Chi) I must share that I actually had a bit of a nasty week after the webinar with odd things happening that caused quite a lot of stress - I was really struggling to maintain equilibrium within myself and actually tried putting the teachings of the webinar into practice. I tried shifting my consciousness into the golden orb and working with the breathing.

This was very effective in calming me and centering me again into a place of empowerment. It certainly did allow me to be more patient and relaxed. That said, I most certainly need more practice because it was very effective when doing this at home in peace and quiet, but not as easy to access when I was in the actual circumstances and dealing with people. So more practice is definitely needed and I can see how it will expand and grow the more I work with this method and the Solar Chi energy. ~ Juanita McKenzie of Butterfly Heart, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

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(2/6/11 GODS Chi) Dear Simeon, sorry it took me a couple of days to be in touch with you... Anyway just want to thank you the opportunity the attend your webinar and to let you know that I enjoyed the meditation, very powerful. Archangel Arhiel was with me all the time Thanks again and my best wishes. Love ~ Luiza Costa, Lisbon, PORTUGAL

(2/4/11 GODS Chi) I loved the webinar in its entirety. It was quite wonder-full (I am emphasizing the wonder and the joy of the experience with this spelling.) The energy of the moment was powerful. I felt the enormous potential ahead for me, as one of the New Sun Born, working with the Golden Orb of GODS Chi and with Archangel Arhaiel to expand and evolve in union and wholeness and heart-centered wisdom in my personal life and in service to the Archangel to attain the critical mass necessary for the evolution of the entire planet. I was exhilarated and resonating fully with you then and I remain so today. I am very grateful.

The visual artwork that you and Maia provided helped greatly to focus the information. The verbalized visual imagery that you both shared with us, including the vision Maia had in the moment of Archangel Arhaiel, were extremely powerful, helpful and inspirational as well. Both of you are so precise in your descriptions of imagery that I can easily see what you are saying in my mind’s eye.

I have much work to do ahead with this information, but it is work of such an exciting nature that I embrace it fully and light-heartedly. I thank you for this experience in understanding and for the surge of hope and vision it gave me. I also hope you will pass my thanks on to Maia for her own very special contribution.

Needless to say, this was a most beneficial webinar and the two hours flew by nearly unnoticed, which to me signifies being in the Now. That’s how it felt to me and being with Spirit always brings the sense of timelessness, of what I have come to identify as the Now.

Blessings, gratitude and love to you and to Maia for this illuminating opportunity to learn about and experience GODS Chi. ~ Susan R, CA, USA

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(2/4/11 GODS Chi) Dear Simeon, ...I felt 'empty of words', 'blown up', being just the observer, no questions... I am in gratitude towards you, A.A. Arhaiel, Menon and Maia. I'm impressed by your art work and your spoken channeling... I acknowledge the value you give to humanity... From the Mayan's I received the 'job' for global service (global awakening). It is interesting, when spirituality turns into tough business. As you say, with what are we in resonance?

My heart is with you, my left business brain is with them. I speak to my self now: How do I bring this together? For now I surrender and enjoy the ORB. Big hug from ~ Karin Meyer-Reumann, Dubai, UAE

(2/3/11 GODS Chi) I just wanted to tell you a little more about the experiences of the webinar. I actually had a very busy day and only just stopped working about half an hour beforehand so I was feeling a bit frazzled to begin with.

Once the webinar began I was quite captivated by all the information you were sharing as it definitely resonated and also fits with a few things that I have recently been experiencing myself. ... I feel the timing is very significant and that many people may have been feeling the energy of the Solar Logos and Archangel Arhaiel. This is what I sensed especially when you mentioned that it relates to a frequency signature within our cells and DNA that responds to the clarion call.

Anyway, I also work very closely with guides and do a lot of channeling... they taught me a method of working with what they referred to as the 'core star' energy. This energy center is located between the solar plexus and the sacral chakras. I was taught to breathe in cosmic light through a central pillar and into the core star area to illuminate and energize my entire physical form, energy bodies and aspects across dimensions and timelines.

I couldn't help but feel the connection to what you were describing and feel that this is actually the same thing that my own guides directed me towards, just different terminology that we are using. I cannot say it better, other than it RESONATED with me.

Another very interesting point is the gem body that Maia describes. I have recently been seeing in the course of my healing work that there is a 'new' energy body that is forming and visible on many people that looks like a liquid crystalline geometric light form in a pale blue shade of clear light.

I have frequently seen a geometric light form in a vivid blue colour and shaped like a diamond which is entering the human form through the higher chakras and moving through all chakras to become seated in what I am calling the core star area. I strongly feel that I have been seeing what you and Maia described (she has indeed!).

In my own recent experiences, I felt that the changes I was noticing in myself and others was a process of something very new being birthed into form and related to the move into new earth frequencies. However, I also felt it was simultaneously something ancient and I felt that I had a cellular level memory of this energy.

I eventually began to see visions that related to past time lines and for me a lot connected to the energy of Lemuria and the Solar Light Discs. I get the feeling that we are now being restored through these energy frequencies to a previous state of being which we have once known and which was a state of holding more light while being in form.

We are actually moving from a place of density as a physical state of being, to one of light in form. So I feel this also connects somehow to what you conveyed in your webinar (completing ancient Aton Solar Disk initiations).

Now also noting the dates and the planetary energies configuring on the date of the webinar. I also felt these were very significant and aligned to create particular planetary harmonics which supported the activation. An amazing synchronicity that occurred for me was that the Regenesis actually arrived on that day too, making this stand out as being a valuable part of the process of holding the Divine Light and Golden Solar Orb.

New Moon energy felt to me to relate to new pathways, new beginnings and new earth, as well as being able to manifest this into a waking reality... I really paid attention when you began speaking in the webinar of the way in which we energize things through resonance.

I fully understood the two spirals entering the Golden Orb and with us being intermediary channels for the Divine energy that allows us to manifest or in other words co-create. This was very beneficial for me to experience your insights about this. You explained it wonderfully and it all made perfect sense. It takes it to a level beyond the usual teachings about manifestation.

The actual meditation and activation was very intense for me. I felt when breathing in through the heart and out through the solar plexus chakra that I had a small blockage in the solar plexus area which was actually released through this breathing technique. It felt wonderful and I sensed this as a move towards greater empowerment and linking the heart consciousness to the energies surrounding power balance. I had very vivid visual experiences throughout and could see light forms and geometries.

I became very aware of the natural sounds in my environment too and noticed a sense of synchronization to the earth rhythm, like a breathing or pulsing emitted by our planet. The amount of energy coming through was huge and I became very hot at one point as if I could feel all the nervous system impulses generating heat, along with the metabolic processes activated by breathing through the chakras. This felt to move through every cell in my body and I had the sense of light filling not only the cells but the spaces in between. The words to describe the feeling would be: clarifying, purifying, and illuminating.

I tried the technique of placing my consciousness in the orb and then seeing how I perceive things. This was amazing to actually feel because I could remain neutral about things that would ordinarily cause some sort of reaction - in other words to things I am not resonant with. I then tried to feel from this perspective what high resonance felt like and connected to something that I feel very strong positive feelings towards.

It was almost overwhelming to feel the pure resonance energy that came through - it really had the effect of expanding my heart chakra, energizing my body and was much like a feeling of pure joy. So now that I have actually experienced this, I am definitely going to practice this and work with this in my daily life. It is a fantastic and empowering method of responding to the world and all around us as opposed to reacting. To me this feels like the higher frequency expression of the solar plexus chakra moving into balanced empowerment.

So I really benefitted immensely from this webinar and thoroughly enjoyed it. Love and blessings ~ Juanita McKenzie of Butterfly Heart, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

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(2/3/11 GODS Chi) Greetings Simeon, that was fantastic, I have been working with the solar level halos investor for several years now, my mentor Arch Angel Sandalphon divinely connecting me... I use the power of the great central sun to exemplify the light that I am anchoring onto the Earth.

This activation made so much sense to me, to deepen my connection, for a long time now I see myself as a blue sun, this is also what I dressed as to manifest into this year... When I accepted being a child of the sun, I first saw a flash of light, I heated up in body temperature... then i got really noises in the stomach felt like I was going to be sick...

I did not take on the energies and it past... I just stayed in my golden chi bubble (Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi) and it just left real quickly. Thank you again, this felt like the next step I was meant to take, many blessings.~ Shi'Ra'Ta'Na, Eagle Heights, AUSTRALIA

(2/2/11 GODS Chi) Thank you Simeon , we were having a major ice storm , and as you were asking Arhiel to complete the attunement, the sun came out, and the ice vanished from the trees and the sidewalks as if by magic! I was crying, because I knew that was a special sign for me that a new day, and a new dawn is right around the corner!

Thank you and Maia for bringing these things through for the planet, with the help of the divine! Keep flooding the light onto the planet , and we shall survive in a brilliant new world! Thank you brother! ALOHA! ~ William Hilton - Ephrata, PA, USA

(2/2/11 GODS Chi) I just wanted to say thank you so much for a wonderful webinar which I thoroughly enjoyed. This was an amazing experience and thank you... I am so glad that I joined up.... The experience of the activation was very intense and tangible... ~ Juanita McKenzie of Butterfly Heart, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

(2/2/11 GODS Chi) Dear Simeon, thank you for... everything... I was never too good in putting my thoughts and feelings into words-- they seem never reflect the deepest truth -- especially when expressed in a language that is second to me. I felt somewhat emotional during some part of transmission-- at one point it felt like long awaited reunion with my Core Being which I rejected (?) for some reasons some where in Time...

I remember crying years ago from that realization... but only today felt like I am finally on my path to restoration... Or, recovery from living somebody's else life. Now I want to live my life-- mine but not separated from Oneness. Thank you and Maia again. ~ Adelaida Ravinsky, NJ, USA

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(2/2/11 GODS Chi) Dear Simeon, THANK YOU for being such a willing courier for all this most amazing material. I'm still whirling/swirling/pulsing from it all... the material certainly bears being listened to again and again. Thanks, again, for making it possible.

And thanks to Maia for her part and her wonderful art work. I think I'm in overwhelm (which I rarely am). Looking forward to the next installment whenever and whatever that may be. Gratefully ~ Connie Poggiani, Winnetka, CA, USA

(2/5/11 GODS Chi) Thank you so much for your journey and all that you give to the world. Your webinars are so powerful and inspiring and like none that I've ever attended. Words are inadequate to express my appreciation to you for everything that I have gained from your teachings. I have placed the image of "GODS Chi" on my desk top as a constant reminder of the power that I carry within.

I also thank you for making it possible for me to attend this webinar using the sliding scale because I know that the classes are worth so much more than the listed charge... However, please know that I will give back when I can. Much love and many blessings to you in all of your endeavors. Mildred J, Albuquerque, NM, USA

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