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Trust in Love Spiritual Workshop
Sharing & Feedback
Participants Share Their Experiences

After writing down all my 9 hearts and what the meaning of each was for me... I typed in that I was done... at that point, I just began heart breathing while I waited and imagined breathing from all 9 of these hearts one by one... I got to about the 6th one in and BLAMMMMMMMMM I was basted up into oneness love that I am not even going to attempt to describe cause it would be futile lol

All I know is when I got hit with this wave of oneness love, I felt like I was going to explode love from the inside out and with that feeling, the power in my house went OUT and I lost all connection to everything including the grid LOL

So... as much as it seems I should be upset... the power packed wave I sat in for the next 2-3 hours or more... I've never felt love like that in this or any other lifetime Simeon. I am still floating in bliss.

Worth every penny!!! WHAT A RIDE!!!!!! ~ YaMa'EL of 'The Divinity Codes,' FL, USA

Thank you for the beautiful meditation and co-sharing the Oneness love class... the entire program was de-LIGHT-ful. Absolutely a great presentation. ~ RayMond Tao'Ra, WA, USA

Trust in Love Spiritual Workshop Video

Dear Simeon Chi'Ra and Karen Ani'Ra, thank you so much for this extraordinary Trust in Love Workshop... for the wonderfully organised and broadcast workshop...

The idea of having a workshop manual in advance was of great benefit... I realised that fear is truly an absence of love while the reason for fear itself is the negative ego.

Through the concept of 'Nine Dimensions of the Heart' and the 'The Possible Heart Names' and, at the end, the personal 'Nine Heart Temple Holograms,' I could feel how the Divine Consciousness began to replace the negative ego.

Also, the meditation at the end of the workshop was awesome! The music was very well selected. During the meditation, I could also feel the gradual purification of my physical, emotional and mental bodies.

The negative thoughts and emotions were cleansed away through the Divine Love that came down from the 9 Dimensions of the Heart.

The workshop also stimulated me to look into more detail and explore how the Divine Love becomes manifest in my life and to be even more attentive and observe my thoughts and emotions. I also realised that it is not that important to do big deeds but do little things and invest great love in them.

The Divine Love should be first discovered within our own selves and then it becomes very easy to see it in other too.

On this note, I'd like to thank you very much for the video material from the workshop which enables me to go back and listen to it again and thus acquire newer realisations on this wondrous topic. While some realisations appear at the time of listening to the video, others come later.

Once more, I express my deep gratitude to you for this valuable, beautiful and inspirational workshop. Many Blessings and Oneness Love. ~ Nina Gavrilova, Ireland, UK

Trust in Love Spiritual Workshop Video

Dear Simeon and Karen, it was a very powerful and gentle experience for me, massive energy shifts, I could feel it in my body.

The actual work was easy for me because for the most part I find it a natural state to think with my heart...

My tool was Rose... for me this blessed, wonderful flower represents the Feminine Divine... I was filled with this Love like never before (never remembered before!) bursting at the seams, shouting out load to the woods and the land "I love you" filled with such a sense of completeness... it also opened my heart by being able to say to the group how awesome they are, I want to tell everyone and remember it myself... we truly are amazing! Blissings of Oneness. ~ Celia Macqueen, Indiana, USA

Greetings Simeon and Karen, I finally got the chance to complete the workshop yesterday... I really enjoyed creating my heart temples, I will share with you my 9...

  • 1st - Blue Unity Heart - compassion cosmic christ God heart.
  • 2nd - Red Divine Will Heart - Angel Father God Mother heart.
  • 3rd - Pink Purity Heart - Angel cosmic christ spirit heart.
  • 4th - Green Creative Genius Heart - Artistic creative beautiful fun poetic heart.
  • 5th - Yellow Freedom Heart - balancing clarity Cosmic Christ freedom God love heart.
  • 6th - Orange Joyful Heart - happiness magical spirit heart.
  • 7th - Violet I AM my Ascended Master Being Heart - Pioneering shape shifter, teacher, visionary heart.
  • 8th - Aqua - Self Kindness Heart - peace serenity self respecting truth heart.
  • 9th - Indigo Blue Humanity Heart - Father Mother reconnecting truth heart.

I just love how the words really get to the core of what each heart represents to me, when doing the meditation I really felt shifting happen in my head and in my heart, I felt energies leave that no longer where part of this manifestation to which I AM.

I truly feel a deep gratitude to you both for creating such a beautiful thing. Very simple but works so profoundly. My resonate key was nature of course, I just love crickets, they always lift my frequency in my heart and open me to a place of purity and peace...

I will continue to work with these temples, I was thinking a great way to work with these temples also is with the tapping technique, saying how you felt before and the belief behind how you where feeling, then your new heart temple for the new earth heart of being, I will try it today and let you know how it goes, hope you both have a wonderful blessed day and much kindness from my heart... Much love always. ~! Shi'Ra'Ta'Na L'Funday of The First Light, Eagle Heights, Australia

Trust in Love Spiritual Workshop Video

Dear Simeon... Part 1 was so valuable and I went over it twice to ground the information... the content had such clarity threading a path through the intricacies of relationship that teach us "who we are." At a stroke, that understanding can as one poet put it, dissolve our "disordered drawer of borrowed knives"...

...the art work was really beautiful and also the music and I was lulled into a meditative state with the sweet blur of Karen Ani'Ra melodious tones...

So I send blessings and gratitude to you both , especially for the time you spent Simeon in reworking the presentation which was inspired, much easier to handle... I shall go back to it, especially Pt 1 often so it becomes an instinctive understanding ... thank you, thank you, thank you. In the One Heart. ~ Paula Kapp, AUSTRALIA

Hi Simeon... the workshop was superb with very helpful and empowering exercises and insights. You and Karen did an incredible job! Thank you so much! I did work on coloring in my hearts, just allowing what came to me intuitively and it felt really wonderful. I didn't realize until that part was complete and I'd put away my colored pencils and crayons that my whole physical heart area was buzzing and greatly expanded.

Perhaps my favorite part was sending out the heart energies that we'd aligned with (our 9 heart temples) to others. I sent them to the entire cosmos, and felt another beautiful shift take place for all Beings...

I also loved the stunning and profound geometry that Raymond designed. There's an entire wisdom in that one graphic alone...

So, thank you, thank you!! I believe this workshop is a great tool to moving into heart space... and training ourselves how to hold that space and return to it again easily, when and if needed!

(Folllowing day) ...an update about the dimensions of the heart. I've done a little research and working also with my angels discerned that there are actually 12 dimensions of the heart. As I reviewed your outline of the 9 Heart Dimensions, I realized where there wasn't necessarily a flaw, but a need to extend/expand...

As I tuned into these hearts, I realized that we don't yet have the experiential knowledge or vocabulary to describe the qualities of these heart dimensions. They are so much more refined and far more vast than we can comprehend...

Anyway, I wanted to pass that along, if that's something you wish to explore for yourself and/or share with others. I think it gives a more complete picture. So just adding onto the great work you already did!!! ~ Many blessings of love. Christine, CA, USA

Trust in Love Spiritual Workshop Video

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