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Regenesis H2Oau
with N-state Spirit Gold

Regenesis H2Oau w-Spirit Gold - N-state M-state

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This alchemically created water has a Heaven/Aether - Earth/Matter memory-circuit imprinted within it. It also has n-state (non-atomic) gold in solution.

Regenesis H2Oau with Spirit Gold - N-state M-state GoldThis n-state gold is truly "Spirit Gold." The n-state Spirit Gold is detectable in the water through some means of scientific measurement, but defies detection with others.

It's only "partially" present on the physical plane. It is non-atomic because it has not yet formed a full physical atomic structure.

Yet it is also more than just a vibrational pattern as well. It is an aetheric form of alchemical gold that has made its home within a matrix of pure water.

Spirit Gold imparts its own unique flavor to the water as well. The presence of n-state Spirit Gold imparts a slight lemony taste to the water. Other noble elements have other unique "flavors" that they impart to the water too.

M-state (monoatomic) gold has one of its three "prongs" in the Heaven/Aether realm and the other two prongs in the Earth/Matter realm.

The n-state Spirit Gold conversely has two of its three prongs in the Heaven/Aether and the one remaining prong in the Earth/Matter realm. You can see this dynamic and the different directional energy flows that they create graphically depicted in the image below.

N-state and M-state Noble Metals Graphic

The primary Heaven-Earth bridge holds the memory of the original connection between the infinite aether and all living matter such as the cells in plants, animals and humans. The n-state Spirit Gold is enhanced by, and also reinforces, the Heaven/Aether - Earth/Matter memory circuit.

The n-state Spirit Gold in solution within the aetherically charged water imparts similar benefits as m-state gold and then some, but without the potential dangers.

The Spirit Gold derives its field of intelligence from the Divine Aether or Ain Soph. The aetherically charged water the Spirit Gold is in solution with is also directly connected to Divine Aether drawing upon its limitless supply of energy.

These two together help living matter to re-establish its original memory circuit which provides easy access to the infinite energy and intelligence of the Divine Aether.

This is the state that originally existed in the "prima matra" or pristine first-matter condition of the Earth." This original state of the Earth was what has been commonly referred to as the "Garden of Eden." This is a vibrational state in nature that has easy access to the infinite energy system and Divine Intelligence in its unrestricted state.

Regenesis H2Oau is therefore not simply a structured and/or energized water as is commonly being sold. This water is made using a very complex alchemical process that employs some elements of Tesla technology and which took many years to develop and perfect (see additional reading links below).

It is a two stage process wherein the n-state Spirit Gold is created in a concentrated form, then that is diluted in more pure distilled water and charged with different equipment that imprints the Heaven/Aether-Earth/Matter memory circuit within the water and allows it to self-charge from the infinite Divine Aether.

Regenesis H2Oau w-Spirit Gold - N-state M-state

Order Regenesis H2Oau

When you get a bottle of Regenesis H2Oau you can open the lid and squeeze the bottle slightly so the water rises to the opening and then touch it with your fingertip.

You will receive a shock as the water discharges the aetheric charge it has stored. If you then recap the bottle and leave it set quietly for awhile you can then repeat this again. This can be repeated many times, the water keeps recharging itself!

Regenesis H2Oau is offered for experimental purposes. It has not been approved by the FDA for human consumption or anything else. It can be used in a number of different ways and of course you can conduct your own unique experiments in energy science, consciousness transformation, health and well-being with it too.

Some ways Regenesis H2Oau can be experimentally used include:

  • Application to the skin.
  • Drinking the water.***
  • Meditating with the water.
  • Using the water in a radionics machine to send its energetic matrix to self or others.
  • Placing the water in a bio-resonance machine that can pickup its energy signature and send it directly into the body with electrodes.
  • Placing the water in a "substance circuit" used with a bio-circuit
  • Carrying or wearing the water in a sealed vial on your person.
  • Placing the water in crystal healing grids, healing wands or devices.
  • Charging crystals with the water.
  • Giving the water to animals.
  • Watering plants with it.
  • Making other elixirs or essences using the water as a base.
  • Making a homeopathic with the water at various different dilutions.
  • Adding small amounts of the water into lakes, rivers, streams etc to help re-instate the Heaven-Earth bridge in Earth's natural waters.

Your imagination is the only limit!

Regenesis H2Oau w-Spirit Gold - N-state M-state

Order Regenesis H2Oau

There is also a broader global vision for making this water available on a donational basis throughout the world. Sales of Regensis H2Oau help support the manifestation of this larger global vision and project. Read more...

*** If you make the decision to actually drink the Regenesis H2Oau water please understand you do so of your own choice for experimental purposes only because the FDA has not approved this water for human consumption or anything else.

Further Reading

Regenesis H2Oau w-Spirit Gold - N-state M-state

Order Regenesis H2Oau

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