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Highly Esoteric Discussion
on Regenesis H2Oau

 Regenesis H2Oau w-Spirit Gold - N-state M-stateThe Regenesis H2Oau water is imprinted with an aetheric memory circuit that can re-align living substance to the infinite intelligence it issued forth from.

The n-state Spirit Gold in the water is "descended" from the Divine Aether or Ain Soph. It is an aetheric molecule that has one of three prongs anchored into the matter realm of the Earth via the water.

My kindred Maia Alaula Kamala brought through the following from Thoth on this water and the alchemical process used to create it:

"This process creates a resonance field between the hyper-0 in the water and the Ain Sophic aether (universal aether). The "hyper-0" is a unique micro-molecule in H2O that stimulates the M-STRA molecule in the human being. Since the human body is largely water, the true magical effects of water on the body come from the hyper-0 field generated by that molecule "dancing" with the M-STRA's field.

What Pajevyia'Ria is creating with her water and gold is the mostly finely attuned form to the aether matrix that is now available to the general public."

To fully understand what is being related here you must also know a bit about the M-STRA Molecule. This is an aetheric molecule which is not anchored in the matter realm of the Earth but which has strong harmonic resonance with our DNA. It is essentially a higher dimensional subtle energy dynamic within our DNA. The M-STRA can be seen from one perspective to be a double octahedron in terms of its geometric form.

Maia Alaula Kamala writes the following on the M-STRA Molecule:

Thoth: the M-STRA Molecule is the Divine Seed. It is in constant quantum state so it is not to be found at any ONE point in the body.. .it is all places at once and no place specifically...

The molecule of the M-STRA is a membrane composed of n-state (non-atomic) substance. It is the purest of ethereal-based crystal. It is so sensitive to all dimensional fields that it lives constantly in all of them...

...The human body is not receiving the full spectrum program from the God Channel. Yet to re-align to the full spectrum of this channel is something that can be instantly achieved by re-directing the signal back to the M-STRA...sending to the M-STRA molecule the light code language it is waiting to receive from the DNA.

The Earth presently contains a cap on its frequency. This is placed by the lunar-solar magnetic shells of the planet and determined by the evolutionary stage of this solar system. Thus when a being within the fields of the Earth is able to receive the full spectrum program from the God Channel it is received within the “full spectrum” of the Earth's allowed frequency capacity. Even with this limitation, one may inhabit a body that can be continually renewed to live for thousands of years in perfect health.

There are foods and elixirs, energy capacitors (devices - the Ark of the Covenant was a capacitor) and techniques which can place one into the M-Transfer zone..."M-Transfer" being the path through which the human Being (all aspects of that being from physical to non-physical) freely transfers DNA information in full spectrum Light Language to the M-STRA molecule. The M-STRA in turn answers and re-directs the consciousness of the body intelligence to it's path. It is liken to two whales many miles apart communing by sending signals of vibration through the great body of the ocean currents.

For further information on the M-STRA Molecule read my article entitled "M-STRA - the Divine Molecule" and see the following listing of search results on the M-STRA Molecule on Maia's Spirit Mythos web site.

So herein we are being given a higher understanding of how the Regenesis H2Oau water with the n-state Spirit Gold in it has a specific resonance field that is activating its "hyper-0" micro-molecule so that it may dance with the M-STRA molecule in our body.

This creates a condition whereby our DNA may start communicating with the M-STRA molecule in the full spectrum language of light. This in turn then allows us to achieve the maximum frequency potential possible within the Earth's current spectrum.

The n-state Spirit Gold also contributes its own dynamics into this equation by injecting its unique frequencies into the full spectrum light communication taking place between the DNA and M-STRA. As I have stated in the related article "Discussion on M-state and N-state Noble Metals" the frequencies of the m-state and also n-state gold work within the central nervous system and their effects can include psycho-spiritual enhancement, intuition, psychic sensitivity, re-connection of neural pathways, enhanced memory, reasoning, mental acuity, hemispherical brain balancing, heart-brain balancing, increased intelligence and awareness.

However, there is much more than this that is within the potential of the n-state gold frequency signature being injected into the full spectrum light communication taking place between our DNA and the M-STRA Molecule. This is a quantum reality dynamic. As such you will quickly manifest what you hold in your feelings and mind. The potential for converting the entire physical body to a full spectrum light vehicle is very real indeed.

I have used monoatomics in various forms in the past. There always seemed to be a ceiling on their activity, like they could take me so far and that was it. I did not understand back then about the difference between m-state and n-state. I did not know that n-state even existed for that matter.

There is a nearly unlimited Divine Intelligence governing the activity of the n-state materials. There is no standard program which is born of the Earth with pre-determined metes and bounds in terms of what is possible regarding how the n-state may respond to your unique vibrational matrix.

M-state can open you up where your own energy manifests what is held in thought and feeling quite profoundly. Yet the activity of the m-state itself is rather immutable. It is going to be active within your bio-system according to its internal programming and that is it, there is very little variance to adjust for a unique interaction with various bio-fields.

With n-state materials the Intelligence of the Divine Aether is the program that operates the vibrational matrix of non-atomic substance. Being non-atomic it does not have to play by the rules of matter on Earth.

With m-state we see the rules being bent quite a bit, but the rules are still present in many ways. With n-state you are dealing with something that is not at all bound by the rules of the Earth's matter realms. The n-state material is simply paying you a grand visit from much more liberated realms.

You therefore have the Heaven-Earth exchange freely flowing once again with n-state materials. How that will manifest within anyone's experience is going to be highly dependent upon exactly what Divine Intelligence initiates for your benefit. It is going to be a perfect vibrational match every time is the point.

The ego-mind may have difficulty accepting this concept. I can only say that I know deeply within my being that it is true based on my own experience. I also know that the information Thoth has given to Maia Alaula Kamala indicates much the same thing. Maia had not yet even experienced the water when she received that information. Nor had I told her all that was going on in my own experience yet.

I was also just given the following information from my own cosmic higher-dimensional sources regarding the activity of the following noble metals in their n-state form. This information esoterically expands upon what I related in this regard in the article "Discussion on M-state and N-state Noble Metals." Because this activity is of a much subtler essence it will be more profoundly manifest in using the subtler form of the n-state noble metals.

Gold: solar ray activity within the 12 strand DNA which activates the potential of higher mind within the human physical brain and body structure and which integrates the various dimensional aspects of individuated being.

Platinum: platinum ray activity within the light body which unifies dimensional aspects taking them beyond individuated being to integrate with All That Is. This activity increases quantum communication at the speed of light between physical cells of the nervous, sensory and perceptual systems.

Rhodium: this n-state material initiates and activates the "Chariot of Divine Fire" in the cells as a multi-dimensional matrix. Activity is thus not focused on one dimension of the cellular matrix, but rather on the entire dimensional spectrum of it simultaneously. This Divine Fire transmission emanates from the Original Fire which gave birth to the universe.

Iridium: the activity of this n-state material is connected to the chronos functions of the universe and activates the capacity to process higher-dimensional time functions within the DNA and the light body. This elicits re-spatialization of the linearity matrix within the brain-mind complex wherein the mind is seen to be in the entire body with the brain positioned as a central processor.

Palladium: in its n-state form this material amplifies the non-local nature of inter-connectedness of all things within the light body and translates this non-locality amplification into the physical sensory organs. This results in all sensory capacities being expanded towards their ultimate potential which is unbounded by space-time.

Keep in mind that there is a nearly unlimited Divine Intelligence present governing the activity of n-state materials so they are not encapsulated in a fixed way of working. Therefore you might expect to see a large degree of variation. The above information is only to give you a general sense of what type of activity each of these n-state materials has a natural tendency to elicit.

Because of the very liberated nature of the n-state materials they can each wander into the territory of the others very easily. They are not physical, so they have much greater latitude for expression than do m-state or physical atoms.

Its rather like when we have an OBE (out of body experience) and we are able to move around more freely and not be bound by all the normal laws of nature on Earth. You could in a sense therefore think of n-state materials as being "out of body" atoms whereas m-state atoms are more like atoms in a deep meditation experience!

 Regenesis H2Oau w-Spirit Gold - N-state M-state  

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