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A Global Vision & Project
for Peace and Happiness on Earth

Regenesis H2Oau has demonstrated to me and others that it can bring an individual to a greater place of balance and inner peace. I have searched for a long time to find something that had the ability to assist human beings with accomplishing this and which did not require some sort of expertise or acumen in spiritual techniques and practices.

The alchemists who have created this amazing water have witnessed this type of transformation taking place for people who were not consciously working on themselves to that end. My own experience indicates much the same thus far. The observed activity would certainly seem to indicate that Divine Intelligence and energy can accomplish bringing us to a living expression of our true nature without our limited ego's assistance!

If this is true, then it would be a very wonderful thing indeed to be able to make this water widely available to anyone who wanted it on the planet. I have been seeing how this could promote a more balanced and peaceful humanity and in turn play a significant role in helping to bring world peace into fruition more quickly and gracefully.

I recently (late December 2010) received a transmission on how this potential project nested into another focus I am developing called Inner Peace = World Peace Foundation. The name of this focus is self explanatory, but you can read much more about it on the new Inner Peace = World Peace Foundation's website.

The alchemists who create this water are in alignment with this project as it has always been mostly an altruistic effort for them. The spiritual intelligence associated with the Regenesis H2Oau does not lend itself very well to standard commercial operations. The water 'wants' to be made available to everyone and the planet more freely.

The project as currently envisioned involves creating numerous "Peace Water Sanctuaries" in numerous locations on the Earth. The water would then be made by local people who were trained to do so and it could be distributed from each Peace Water Sanctuary to the people of that general area without the problems and expense involved in shipping overseas. The water would be made and distributed by specially trained volunteers on a donational basis only.

In order to obtain enough funding for a project of this nature there are a few steps that need to be taken as follows, all of which will require some funding to accomplish as well.

1) Formation of a non-profit foundation that can be the vehicle for the project. This is going to be the Inner Peace = World Peace Foundation.

2) Scientific analysis, study and documentation of the water and its effects on human brain wave patterns, right-left hemispherical brain synchronization, heart rate variability (HRV - heart-brain balance), epigenetic influences and other bio-indicators of physiological states of inner balance and harmony which equate as a consciousness in the same balanced and peaceful state.

3) Obtaining the grants and donations necessary to procure the resources necessary to build the worldwide Peace Water Sanctuaries, supply them with equipment and supplies and train volunteers.

The transmission I received indicated that current sales of the water will take this project to its intended destiny if I stay aligned to the larger vision, which is easy for me because that is where my whole being resides!

As part of the initial scientific study, collecting information from people who can currently finance their own experiments with Regenesis H2Oau is quite important. This information will help me to properly target and design future studies that have proper scientific credentials.

Therefore if you are being guided and inspired to participate in this project or in the Inner Peace = World Peace Foundation in other ways, please contact me and let me know what your unique participation will be.

The official scientific studies will enable the foundation to better obtain grant money as well as private donations. It will also deepen people's understanding and thus belief in what is truly possible as a result of Divine Intelligence operating freely within their body and being once again.

Additionally, Inner Peace = World Peace Foundation is dedicated to providing access to other information and resources that has the potential to help individuals achieve deeper and more sustained states of inner peace and happiness as a means to achieving world peace.

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