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Some Experimental Observations
for Regenesis H2Oau

The experimental observations related here are not typical for everyone. Each person is unique and will have their own experience of Regenesis H2Oau.  However, some common themes that have been reported by various people conducting their own experiments with Regenesis H2Oau include:

  • Increased clarity of mind.
  • Increased spiritual awareness.
  • Increased sense of inner peace.
  • Increased concrete physical/spatial awareness.
  • Increased sense of personal power.
  • Integration of various levels of being.
  • Improved right-left brain balance.
  • Improved heart-mind balance.
  • Behavioral changes towards kindness and gentleness.
  • Greater ability to be understanding, compassionate and loving.
  • Increased psychic sensitivity.
  • Various health conditions have been reported to self-correct.

The FDA has not approved these statements or the Regenesis H2Oau product.

 Regenesis H2Oau w-Spirit Gold - N-state M-state  

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