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M-state and N-state Noble Metals

Back in the late 80's and early 90's David Hudson made his discovery of monoatomic noble metal elements and how to extract and/or create them public knowledge. Much has been learned since. There is also a great deal of mis-information and mis-understanding around these m-state elements as well.

Each of the monoatomic or m-state noble metals has its own unique action in relationship to a human body and consciousness. This information alone could fill a book or two, however, some simple common keynotes for each of the m-state noble metals are:

Gold: central nervous system, psycho-spiritual enhancement, intuition, psychic sensitivity, re-connection of neural pathways, memory, reasoning, mental acuity, brain balancing, heart-brain balancing, intelligence and awareness.

Platinum: increases cellular frequencies, enables smoother physical transitions related to Earth's electromagnetic field fluctuations and celestial energy changes.

Iridium: central nervous system below the brain stem, increases metabolism.

Rhodium: central nervous system mostly above the brain stem, supports physical healing, being researched for treating cancer.

Palladium: vision, reparation, regeneration of sensory tissues and structures.

Ruthenium: thyroid, thymus, adenoid, DNA

Cobalt: not recommended - easily converts back to its metallic state.

Copper: not recommended - easily converts back to its metallic state.

Silver: not recommended - easily converts back to its metallic state.

For a listing of higher level m-state, and especially n-state activities see the related article "Highly Esoteric Discussion on Regenesis H2Oau".

Please note that while cobalt, copper and silver m-state noble metals are not generally recommended due to the ease by which they convert back to metallic elements in the human body, ALL of the monoatomic (m-state) noble metal elements have this same potential problem in varying degrees.

Monoatomic gold is the most stable when it is created properly. These potential problems exist both during the alchemical processes used to create the m-state metals and also when taking them internally within the human body.

NOTE: from this point forward all text that appears in italics represents n-state information and the standard non-italicized text represents m-state information. I did this so you can more easily see the comparison being made and go through the article on subsequent passes reading just n-state or m-state information if you wish.

The n-state noble elements are not derived in the same manner although they are more than capable of delivering the same benefits and more. The n-state noble metals therefore do not have any of the same type of chemical alchemy processes involved in creating them.

Alchemically creating m-state materials requires a chemistry lab that is specially equipped. Breaking ALL the metal-metal bonds is critical, and making sure that you have eliminated all impurities and residuals from the chemical conversion processes is also very important.

N-state materials are created using nothing more than a special energetic process and a noble metal electrode. The electrode never touches the water. Nothing is added chemically to the pure distilled water that is used as a base. There are no colloidal minerals in the water, it starts out with zero total dissolved solids in it until the n-state form of the noble metal starts forming in the water out of the aether.

The only thing that ever touches the distilled water is the extremely potent high-energy charge passing through the noble metal electrode as the electrical charge arcs across an air gap into the water. The electrical charge is NOT depositing noble metal from the electrode into the water either.

This has been proven by weighing the electrode. After years of use it has not changed weight. It is therefore not giving up any of its metallic atoms to the process. I have been guided to coin the term "n-state" (non-atomic) to describe the signature elements that form in the water as a result of this process.

M-state (mono-atomic) materials are one step removed from solid matter normally found in the Earth. Through the alchemical processes that create them they become "ascended" in their energy configuration so they are partially located in the aether at the same time they are in the Earth or matter realm.

N-state materials are two steps removed from solid matter in the Earth. In fact, they have not come into being through a process of alchemical conversion from one form of matter to another that is less dense and more energetic.

They have rather come into existence from the Divine Aether, having been coaxed into coalescing within the medium of water. The aether has an affinity for water because it is its denser counterpart. The n-state noble metals can be seeded in their higher crystalline forms within the medium of water under the right conditions.

You can see the difference in n-state and m-state materials depicted graphically in the image below:

M-state and N-State Noble Metals Graphic

The n-state materials exist at the same level of reality as does our 12 strand DNA. The n-state materials are thus quite well suited for energizing and activating the 12 strand DNA which has not fully taken form in our physical bodies in a way where it can be detected scientifically.

The presence of the n-state can be detected by monitoring the total dissolved solids (TDS) in the distilled water as the energetic process of creating it progresses. When the TDS reaches 6,000 ppm the process is ended.

The experimental results that have been experienced with the n-state water are very similar to what people experience with m-state materials without the dangers mentioned above.

Additional dangers exist with m-state due to the possibility of various metal chlorides forming in the body. Another hazard is that the m-state can at times partially revert back to the normal metallic state which then results in heavy metal depositions in the body that can damage the liver and kidneys.

The n-state materials cannot be detected with laser spectography as can the m-state materials. Their presence is currently known scientifically only by the fact that the total dissolved solids in the distilled water increases as a result of the process.

Additionally, on a more subjective level, the water takes on a distinct taste which is unique to each n-state noble metal (gold tastes a bit like lemon). As well, the experiences which people have when they experiment and try drinking the water with n-state materials in solution (not approved by the FDA for human consumption)  match up fairly well to what people experimenting with m-state also report experiencing.

However, because the n-state is being brought into manifestation from the Divine Aether, it is not limited in its intelligent action in the same way that m-state is which was brought into being from the Earth.

M-state materials if not approached carefully have the capacity to burn away the protective membranes in the chakras very quickly. This can lead to many problems for an individual that is not yet prepared spiritually in their consciousness for the additional psychic sensitivity that ensues.

This is possible because the m-state is still part of a limited program of intelligence. It has its fixed way of working, its program, and that is it. If you take more of it than you need it cannot make an adjustment, it simply applies the program with more vigor. This is how everything born of the Earth currently works. This includes herbs, minerals and vitamins. This is why most things can be overdone.

With n-state materials there is a far greater degree of Divine Intelligence working. The program of intelligence that n-state materials work with is not subject to the same limitations, it is able to self-adjust.

As you work with the Regenesis H2Oau, you will find that your awareness of the whole process also becomes intimately inter-connected with the Divine Intelligence. YOU become more Divinely intelligent and aware consciously!

Your intuition becomes inter-connected with the expanded state of Divine Intelligence present within the water. That level of intelligence knows perfectly what is needed and accomplishes it.

This is why it is not possible to tell you exactly what to expect. It is different  depending on what the Divine Intelligence operating within this matrix is wishing to accomplish.

You might wisely ask: "well isn't everything Divine Intelligence?" It is, but there have been restrictions placed on Divine Intelligence within the domain of our Earth for a specific purpose. This is a large topic unto itself, but one good look around and it is obvious that this is true.

The n-state gold in Regenesis H2Oau is intimately coupled with the Divine Intelligence that has been allowed a much fuller presence within the water through the vibrational imprinting of the original Divine Aether memory circuit. It is now time that we update the limited programs of the Earth, and this is one very graceful means of doing so.

In terms of what you might experience as a result of experimenting with Regenesis H2Oau please read the related article "Some Experimental Observations for Regenesis H2Oau".

 Regenesis H2Oau w-Spirit Gold - N-state M-state  

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