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The Development of Regenesis H2Oau

 The development of the technology required to make Regenesis H2Oau took many years. Equally as laborious was the acquisition of the knowledge of how to create n-state Spirit Gold and to aetherically charge water with the Spirit Gold in solution.

The creator of this amazing technology and the water it produces started the journey many years ago in conjunction with the discovery of two ancient ruins sites in very remote and rather inaccessible areas of the desert southwest.

One of these sites has a pyramid which is of tooled rock that is somewhat different in color from the surrounding rock. This is a step-pyramid with seven steps on it. It is about 35 feet tall and 60 feet at the base. The other site is referred to as the Temple of the Ancients.

One of these two sites has glyph inscriptions on it that are a combination of Hebrew and Egyptian. These inscriptions were deciphered by Hebrew, Egyptian and Native American scholars working together. The inscriptions were speaking of a "Chamber of Heavenly Fire."

This chamber was found and the inside of it was covered in fulgurite, which is a type of glass formed when lightning strikes rock or sand. There was evidence that a lightning rod had originally been present extending down from the top of the structure into the "Chamber of Heavenly Fire."

On the walls of this chamber were more inscriptions and glyphs. The glyphs depicted a large bowl of water under the tip of the lightning rod. The inscriptions were giving instructions for those who were using this facility to return there nine times, once every ninety years, to attain immortal life.

This would mean that the people who were using this facility were capable of living at least 810 years at the time! Evidence is also present which indicates these sites may considerably predate historical Egypt.

This discovery launched the creator of Regenesis H2Oau into a many year long path of discovery with numerous synchronistic and magical connections along the way. This journey took her to many different people including Tesla geniuses, electrical engineers, shamans, angels and spirits.

Angelic guidance was prominent in the whole process and when certain pieces of the puzzle had been acquired the hard-earned way, the remaining critical pieces were provided through spirit communications. The journey also involved some rather high intrigue at times, although I am not at liberty to divulge those portions of the story.

The creator now lives with her whole family in a remote high altitude region of southern Colorado in a very rustic setting. The energy and the air there are clean and thus the environment for creating this very special water are optimal.

 Regenesis H2Oau w-Spirit Gold - N-state M-state  

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