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The Alchemical Creation Process
of Regenesis H2Oau

Plasma EnergyThere is a multi-stage process involved in creating Regenesis H2Oau. The first stages involved the creation of the equipment itself. The equipment involves the use of Tesla type technologies. The equipment used is not something that Tesla ever designed or built. However, it does employ elements of Tesla technology within it.

In the equipment that charges the water and imprints the Heaven/Aether-Earth/Matter memory circuit there is a liquid that is used as part of the electrical power circuitry. This liquid is very difficult to make and is critical to the equipment working properly. This liquid conditions the electrical charge being used in various ways.

This liquid is the result of another multi-stage process that starts with collecting some very specific ingredients and raw materials from nature, some of which are extremely rare and hard to find. These are then processed by hand in several different alchemical processes.

Once the liquid has been harvested from these processes it is placed into a cell in the equipment that serves as a battery but it also imparts a specific energy pattern and vibration to the electrical energy it produces.

The equipment is very sensitive to the energy around it and the operator must be in a very positive and high state of mind and emotion or the equipment will immediately breakdown and no longer work.

Should this occur the rebuilding operation takes several days, so it is ultra-critical that the operator prepare themselves properly in consciousness prior to turning the equipment on. This is one reason why this water must be made on a small scale.

Pure Gold ElectrodePure distilled water is used to create the n-state Spirit Gold without any additives. There is a very powerful electrical field generated through the equipment (different equipment than described above) which is then arced into the water across an air gap via a pure gold electrode.

The very high potency energy charge passes through the metallic gold electrode. This electrode acts as a crystalline seed matrix and the element of gold starts to take form vibrationally in the electrical arc.

The n-state aetheric form of the gold has an affinity for water which is the counterpart to the aether in physical form. Therefore as the high-potency electrical arc passes into the water containing the gold seed matrix energy, the n-state Spirit Gold is born from the aether within the water, literally out of thin air!

It is important to understand that the n-state gold is NOT being deposited from the metallic gold electrode. The gold electrode has been used many times over many years and is NOT losing any weight. The n-state gold is therefore a pure manifestation straight from the Divine Aether!

This n-state Spirit Gold is produced to a strength of 6,000 parts per million, so it is very highly concentrated. This n-state gold concentrate is then diluted with more distilled water for use as Regenesis H2Oau.

This solution is then subjected to the equipment described previously to be highly aetherically charged and to have the Heaven/Aether - Earth/Matter memory circuit imprinted within it.

This process also involves the use of a very powerful electrical charge arcing into the water. This electrical charge is designed so as to replicate the Heavenly Fire we know as lightning.

Lightning - Heavenly Fire of Divine AlchemyLightning strikes rip open a pathway between the Divine Aether and the Earth and have been used by the ancients to effect similar alchemical processes. You can read a bit more about this in the article "The Development of Regenesis H2Oau."

Its also important to understand that while standard electricity is being used to generate the power used in these alchemical processes, the actual electrical charges that are being arced into the water in both portions of the alchemical process have been conditioned in ways that changes their nature significantly.

It is not possible to create this water by simply amplifying electrical house current and charging water with it. The electrical charge has to have the proper frequency matrix, polarity and pulsations within it, and be of a specific type which is not quite the same as the electricity used normally.

Wild Untamable ElectricityIn fact, the electricity produced will not follow a standard conductor, it is wild and very difficult to tame and direct. It will pass right through a high-voltage power line insulator as if it didn't exist!


 Regenesis H2Oau w-Spirit Gold - N-state M-state  

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