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Karen Ani'Ra Nartoomid

Karen Ani'Ra Edwards

Who I Am

Now that I am married to Simeon and have changed my name finally, my full legal name is Karen Mary Devereux Nartoomid. I am a mother of three sons (14, 23, 26), and was married previously for 27 years. I am a career nurse and I have been training in and using alternative and spiritual healing modalities for over 10 years. I use these both in the hospital and with family, friends and clients.

I am a very sensitive and caring person (Cancer double Scorpio). I always knew from childhood that I wanted to help people to feel better.

This is what led me into my nursing career following in the footsteps of my Mum and Aunt, and I am still an active nurse today. However, now I like to empower my patients and fellow colleagues to realise the power that they hold in themselves to effect their own health and well-being.

I work in busy NHS hospitals but I always manage to find the time to connect at a deeper more meaningful level with those people that are ready to hear that snippet of wisdom that will be relevant for them to make a shift in their consciousness.

And if its too busy for talking with and comforting my patients at length, then I hold the intention I AM the Light and Oneness Love, and then I remain a presence of peace and calm so I can be a beacon home to others. Quite a challenge at times. But I don't try to be anything I am not.

Most Important Things in My Life

Living from a place of truth, finding the truth of who I really am, why am I here, and what my purpose is. Being true to myself, honouring my feelings and thoughts and having the courage to express them in a compassionate way. Speaking and relating from my heart, this is my true essence and nature, what comes most naturally to me.

The Greatest Challenges I Have Faced in Life

Breaking free from a strict Catholic upbringing. I once did not have any strong thoughts or opinions of my own, I was trained to just always want to do the right thing according to the Catholic religion. I had to become strongly anchored in my own truth and then be true to myself to leave that faith.

Breaking free from my marriage of 30 years. I found myself in the role of being both the major breadwinner and the mother of my 3 children, as well as being in a supportive role to my husband and the businesses he attempted to start and run.

As a part of this marriage I went through numerous transitions as a result of our moving repeatedly. This was not easy for me as a Cancerian who likes solid roots and a stable home!

I came to realize I was not being appreciated or honored when I joined a spiritual order and received a great deal of judgment and harrasment from my husband who felt threatened by my attempts to find the real me.

I have also faced many physical challenges and pain with some difficult pregnancies and childbirths as well as a shoulder surgery.

I have also been faced with the challenge of sharing a house with my former husband due to financial constraints we both currently face. I have learned a great deal from this arrangement and as a result my transition from my former marriage has now been resulting in the development of a much deeper friendship and heart connection with my former husband that we ever had previously.

These challenges have not been easy to cope with, but I am a better person today for having done so from a place of love.

Most Important to Ascension and Transformation

The transformation of self. Taking time for self, acknowledging that I/we matter. Holding the right balance of all aspects of self. Taking a holistic approach to care of the body, mind and spirit. Staying healthy to create and live within a happier world.

I believe that Ascension is an inside job, thus inner dialogue helps for a deeper realisation of ourselves. Being true to who are not trying to be something we are not—authenticity.

My Conscious Spiritual Journey

After I started a Spiritual Healing course in 2003 and I began having dream awareness, it was information from dream time that guided me to the esoteric order that I am still a part of. This led me on my exploration of discovery and realization that there was much more to life than I had been brought up to believe.

I had been regularly attending the Roman Catholic church and helping with the children's liturgy groups. As I became more aware of my own inner growth and connection to the Divine, I found that I was less inclined to want to attend church. I disliked the power struggles amongst parishioners and I did not wish to take sides. I stopped attending around 2005.

After that I began looking at areas of my life that had been limiting my energy and noting the repeating thought patterns and repeat cycles of debt.

I have since attended many courses and I have read much information on how to heal and empower myself. I have now come to trust in myself, love myself, and not judge or have any expectations of myself.

I am now quite the happy go lucky sort of person on the exterior. However, inside of me there is such an amazing depth that I am still exploring.

I feel such deep love for the people around me, my family, friends, work colleagues, and patients. It's not something I can easily describe in words. I simply know it and feel it very deeply. This helps me to be open-hearted and receptive in giving and receiving unconditional love.

My Deepest Desires and Dedications
for Serving Others

I aspire to be like Florence Nightingale who contributed to the nursing profession as part of her legacy. She exemplifies a degree of courage and fearlessness that is rare in any era. She showed that it is possible to honour our spiritual vision and integrate it with the highest standards of nursing practice - to "walk our talk." I have embraced this vision through my career in nursing for over 35 years.

True healing comes from within. I therefore recognize that as a nurse I can can only facilitate the true deeper level healing of others to the degree I have accomplished that in myself. I desire deeply to continue clearing myself as a vessel of love and healing for others.

In 2003 I thus embarked upon a journey of exploration through various pathways of information and courses to facilitate deeper healing of myself. This was to augment what I have learned and healed already in the initiations of life as a nurse... learning to touch people in their hour of greatest need with unconditional love to tend to their beautiful spirit as well as their body.

As a result of my expanding service dedication I have been learning how to assist and guide others in whatever way is most practical to move them into the source of their own healing ability. This involves helping them shift from a limiting belief system to one that supports movement to full potential of their whole self.

I am dedicated to serving the Love-Light as I bridge between my practical applications of nursing in the traditional medical sense and bring forth greater wisdom and knowledge I have gained through life experience as well as complementary and alternative healing practices.

What I Would Most Like
to See Change in the World

I would like to see people:

  • Behave with childlike wonder to become more aware of the world around them.
  • Take time to see the beauty and magic around them.
  • Behave in a kind and caring way with each other. To nurture others rather than judge.
  • Look for the similarities and commonalities they have with others rather than highlight the differences.
  • Come together to support new ways for working with the environment.
  • Implement global social justice, which means regardless of your race, gender, age, ability or national origin, that you are truly given the opportunity to fulfil your potential in life and are treated with equal dignity.
  • Exemplify spiritual wholeness and fulfilment. There is a great loneliness of spirit, and increase in depression, we have been trying to live as if we ourselves somehow don’t matter.
  • Find connection with each other, with themselves and nature, to truly feel alive.

Spiritual Practices and Courses

To help me in my own inner realisations and to increase my skills in assisting and facilitating healing and Ascension for others, I have engaged the Spiritual Practices and Courses listed below, as well as the initiations of life as a Nurse with an intention to truly be an Angel of Mercy!

  • Reflexology diploma - 2003
  • Spiritual Healing - 2003
  • Dream awareness commenced - 2004
  • Initiated into Esoteric Order - 2004
    (achieved 2nd degree 2011)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) - 2006
  • Various Reiki attunments - 2007-2009
  • Ascension Workshops - 2006
  • Astrology Classes - various times
  • Facilitator training for “Be The Change” - 2008
    (Pachamama Alliance)
  • NES Nutri-Energetics Foundational Training - 2009
  • Spiritual Pilgrimage to Machu Picchu Peru - 2009
  • James Tyberonn Metatronic Keys: Level 1-2 - 2010 (online)
  • Mayan Astrology Workshop w/Certification - 2010
  • Spiritual Journey to Egypt, Sowing New Age Seeds - 2011
  • Mayan Astrology Workshop w/Certification - 2011
  • Parenting Course - 2011
  • Foundation Level Kinesiology - 2011
  • Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry - 2011
  • Mayan Astrology Workshop w/Certification - 01/2012
  • Creative Kinesiology, Way of The Tracker - 2011/2012
    Course was a Gateway into 2012/2013, professional certification.
  • Mayan Astrology Workshop w/Certification - 09/2012

Be at peace and shine your light from within!

Love Your Life,
Karen Ani'Ra Nartoomid
Cornwall, UK

Karen Ani'Ra Edwards on Facebook

Heart-Sharing about Karen Ani'Ra
by Simeon Chi'Ra

I have known Karen Ani'Ra, who is now my wife, in a close personal way since late April 2011. She has been in my overall life experience since about 2006 when she began following the work my kindred Maia and I were doing together at the time.

Karen Ani'Ra has only been on a conscious path of awakening for about 11 years. However, the energy I experience with her has been that of a very evolved being who has developed some considerable depth, strength and spiritual qualities as a human being.

Karen Ani'Ra's energy is a unique combination of the Divine Mother in the Earth (Cancer) and a Priestess of the Veil (double Scorpio). Her commitment to her work as a nurse goes far beyond what that career requires. She is truly an Angel of Mercy to not only the patients under her care, but the other staff members as well.

She has not allowed the enormous stresses and demands of 37 years as a nurse harden her heart or her being in any way. She has not become calloused to survive as a nurse. Instead she has turned to love. She expresses love for others in that demanding environment in a highly spiritual, fluent and unusual way.

People whom she touches hearts with in her hospital wards not only receive the physical care of a highly skilled nurse, they also receive the guidance, healing and love of a highly evolved and adept Priestess of the Veil. At times they are even embraced by Mother Divine through her.

Karen Ani'Ra possesses two extraordinary personal qualities. The first of these is her ability to adhere closely to the Law of Love no matter what is taking place. I have seen how she always comes right to center in Oneness Love when their is an opportunity offered. She is 100% in doing this with me in our relationship too.

Second of these qualities is her authenticity. It would be difficult to find a person more authentic and real than Karen Ani'Ra is. Her nature is reserved, yet you will always know the real Karen once you interact with her. There are no layers of veneer or pretenses to peel off.

Her heart is right out there for all to see and feel. To be this authentic requires a lot of inner strength within yourself, and a very high degree of acceptance of who you really are as a human being.

Because of her unique strength in this regard, when you interact and exchange energy with Karen Ani'Ra, you will also be given a gift of going to the next level of knowing and accepting who you really are too!

I am truly delighted and proud to be able to share Karen Ani'Ra with you and begin a new phase of my planetary service work with her. She brings a wonderful grounding, stability and solidity to my work in the Earth.

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