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About Cosmic Consciousness Online

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Cosmic Consciousness Online (CCO) is an online subsidiary of Cosmic Nexus, a web of interconnectedness for spirituality, business and community.

Cosmic Nexus is primarily dedicated to conscious business, facilitating unity consciousness and oneness on Earth, and developing a community of unity as a physical means to ground this consciousness.

Our Staff

Owner/Founder (shown with his soul mate & wife Karen)

Simeon Chi'Ra & Karen Ani'RaSimeon Nartoomid: Cosmic Consciousness Online is a vehicle I have created as a direct expression of my 25+ years of experience exploring the Cosmic Plane of Awareness - I have made it a full time endeavor! Cosmic Consciousness Online offers the awareness, insights, knowledge and wisdom I have gleaned through my experiences and work through all these years. I am a modern day mystic and future visionary first and foremost.

I am also competent in the real world. I have various certifications and two ordinations as follows: Usui Reiki, Johrei Healing, ThetaHealing®, Bio-Tuning Sound Healing with Dr. Jeffrey Thompson D.C. of the Center for Neuroacoustic Research, Human BioAcoustics Sound Healing and Vocal Analaysis by Dr. Sharry Edwards of Sound Health, Voyage to Heart Intelligence 1:1 Provider by Institute of HeartMath®, Spiritual Healer and Earth Steward (S.H.E.S) Minister, ordained Liberal Priest with 17 lines of apostolic succession and an Associate in Divinity.

I have been a self-employed entrepreneur for most of my adult life. I co-founded, ran, served and worked through the Spirit Heart Sanctuary 501(c)(3) nonprofit church ministry for 16 years with my former wife, partner and still dear kindred and friend Maia Chrystine Nartoomid. I am still an Officer and Director of Spirit Heart Sanctuary and handle the business, financial nd IT affairs of the organization.

I am knowledgeable, experienced and reasonably competent in internet technologies. I am a self-taught programmer in several internet based programming languages. I currently handle all the IT for Cosmic Nexus, Cosmic Consciousness Online and Spirit Heart Sanctuary.

I have been dedicated for over 18 years to bringing higher principles of consciousness into integration with business practices and life as part of the creation of a new paradigm, the New Earth of our dreams. I am a future visionary in this and many other regards.

Director of Marketing

Dugan Selkirk - Director of MarketingDugan Selkirk: I began working with Simeon and the plane of cosmic awareness in December of 2010. I immediately and strongly resonated with the work, it was for me ‘the next level’ that I am always looking for!

We quickly connected as friends! Since then I have been a part of almost every webinar and power date event Simeon has organized. I have been anchoring these new consciousness frequencies into the planetary grid where I live. I have experienced significant shifts in my personal life directly and indirectly from the work that we are doing.

My post-secondary education was in professional writing and economics at the University of Victoria. I worked my way through university working in publishing and marketing, managing a vacation rental company on Vancouver Island. We were one of the early companies to utilize the internet to drive significant traffic into a ‘brick and mortar’ business.

After university I started a marketing company with my partner which primarily serves private post-secondary educational institutions. Our relative success in this endeavor allowed us to invest time and energy into our true passions, which for me is helping spiritually awaked entrepreneurs scale up their businesses online.

I am currently working my way through the Applied Technology continuing studies program at UBC and the Google Adwords Certification program. I am a Google Engage agency. I have completed Google’s Analytics University. I am have completed courses in media buying, social media marketing, conversion path optimization, multivariate testing, copy writing etc.

I am an avid yogi, I have studied the major world religions and many spiritual traditions. I am a Level II Heart Resonance Energy practitioner.

I have always been a very spiritual person. Some of my earliest memories are playing in the forest and feeling a connection to the divine in the trees. This has at times been both a blessing and a challenge! I have often felt disconnected from the people around me and have had to try to ‘fit in’! I am now at a point in my life where I can ‘own’ my connection to the SOURCE and feel connected to humanity. I have experienced moments of pure bliss in my life and many struggles as well!

For me the opportunity to incorporate my career skill set with my spiritual and personal development is the most exciting opportunity of my life! I invite you to join us on this incredible path of transformation of ourselves and our planet!

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